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With an antique drop leaf table, you can fold down your table to a smaller size when you have fewer guests, and when you need it to be larger, the leaves are easy to lift and lock into place. An antique drop leaf dining table is typically made of solid wood, whereas newer tables are typically made with a cheaper core with wood veneers placed on top.
Solid wood is more durable and it is easier to refurbish because you can sand off the old finish and re-stain or paint for a different look.

For an antique design that meets modern standards, an antique cherry drop leaf table already features a dark and fashionable finish.
Round, oval, square, and rectangle antique drop leaf tables are all popular designs, so you can find the shape and size that works best in your dining room. Leaf tables are a convenient compromise between small and large tables, and with the large inventory available on eBay, you can find the perfect table to fit all of your guests.

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