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Please see FREE PDF DUTCH DOOR ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS to see materials list, detailed assembly instructions and PDF Dutch Door Prints with dimensions.
A Dutch door adds rustic charm to any dwelling, but in a horse barn its purpose is practical as well. Screw one heavy-duty hinge into each horizontal board on the door, depending on which side you want the door to open. Set up four sawhorses, two for what will be the lower unit of the door, and two for the top. Upper and lower sections of a Dutch door do not necessarily need to be equal--the ratio can be anything the builder decides.
The styles of horse stall doors that you can build include full-length sliding doors, split doors or half doors.
Our Horse Barn Dutch Doors are constructed of and built to withstand many years of heavy use. Sliding Loft Doors can be custom made to match sliding exterior doors or other decor on your barn.

Since the door is divided in half horizontally and each section opens independently, it makes for a healthy environment by allowing light and ventilation into the stall with the top section open and providing security when the lower section is closed. Clamp with pipe C-clamps 8 inches from both ends, thus drawing the boards tightly together. Place one across the vertical boards with its bottom edge flush with the upper quarter-inch mark, and the other with its top flush with the lower quarter-inch mark. Unscrew the hinges from the door frame, remove the door and set it back on the sawhorses with the dividing line up. Also, opening both sections is a quick and easy way to take the horse out without taking it through the barn.
To find where to later divide the door, measure halfway down from the top of the vertical boards and mark it.
The horse may also feel less confined with the top section open, and yet remain secure in its own stall.
If one board causes them to exceed the horizontal width, remove the excess by cutting it lengthwise to complete a proper fit.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageArmour’s Crossbuck Double Dutch Doors arrive ready to apply paint or stain upon delivery. Continued applications paint or stain will provide the utmost protection and durability for these lumber barn doors.When ordering Armour’s Double Dutch Barn Door, “reversing the fascia” is a free option.
When reversing the fascia, the Crossbuck “x” design appears only when the top of the door is in an open position.
If you intend to leave the bottom of the door closed and the top of the door open for extended periods of time, reversing the fascia may be an appealing option, so the “x” is seen on the top and bottom, a majority of the time.

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