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1 Comment Designer Patrick Kerti has put this gorgeous sofa together using reclaimed wood flooring and re-used bike tubes for upholstery. A sofa that you can build with a fold out seat perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets.
If you would have asked me even a few months ago about building your own sofa, I would have said, it's not worth it.  Considering the high cost of foam (upwards of $50 a yard) and the cost of fabric (at least $10 a yard for an upholstery weight) I just couldn't see the economics of building your own sofa. And by the time we were done, both Lydia and I were making plans to build our own sofas.  Also pictured reclaimed wood carts.
It is after all made from a standard camping pad.  And did anyone notice the little hinges on the front seams? Now wrap the back that is not covered in plywood with the burlap and staple in place on the bottom edge.
Now the back was the most difficult part – certainly not impossible, but I thought was the most difficult part of sewing. The pillows I sewed for this sofa are square box cushions measuring 36? wide x 4? deep x 18? tall. I've always wanted to build a couch because it's been really hard to find furiture that fits into my awkwardly shaped living room. This is a great touch to any garden, and you can use any style depending on the style of chairs you choose.
If you have a wood pile, or access to a cut down tree, all this takes is cutting an armful of logs to the same length. This tutorial from Shelterness is a cute idea for making easy garden stools from tree trunks. Unique DIY garden furniture, for the cost of some up-cycled materials and a little elbow grease.
At the time, it felt like the sky was falling, but now, after six months of strict conservative management, combined with physical therapy and supplementation, we’re finally coming out the other side. Dogs don’t understand they can get hurt again, they just understand they feel better now. I wanted something with carpet for traction and foldable, so that it could be stored under the bed, if desired and to make it easy to transport. There are a lot of cool and useful things that everyone wants to have but doesn’t have them high up in the priority list in order to spend money on it.
You’ll need to worry about finding some spare time on your hands, materials that you can find pretty much anywhere and some simple crafting tools.
The ideas that we are going to show you today are a great way to recycle old stuff such as wooden pallets which are very easy to find, in fact, you might even have a couple of these in your garage or backyard since they come packed with larger home appliances such as the fridge or the oven. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. I’m a food editor living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband, Joe, our baby girl, Ainsley, and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I am SO not a crafty person but this looks easy enough for me to at least make the attempt Yours turned out absolutely gorgeous! Madison, I recycle old pallets all the time watch for the curly maple and other hardwoods for your next project Some even will have Mahogany depending on the country of origin. Really enjoyed the article and when I showed my wife the picture of your finished pallet coffee table she expressed how much she liked it. I’m going to show you step-by-step how easy it is to make new covers for those faded, time-worn, covered in bird poop and who knows what else, outdoor cushions! I prefer to use stripes or something with a geometric pattern to make cutting a straight line easier. I also like to use colors that are naturally found in nature for a more cohesive look. Next you’ll want to lay out your cushion so that folded over, the fabric covers the cushion from top to bottom.
Next you’ll need to put your cover back on the cushion (still inside out) and pin your two corner seams. The stripe is so classic, though and it is really easy to sew with, so I’m  happy with how it turned out! I stuck with the same color scheme as last year because it matches my awesome recycled plastic (what?!) outdoor rug which I’ll share with my deck makeover.

This is only part one  of my sew-easy outdoor cushion lesson.  I kick it up a notch with my settee cushion covers in my entry foyer courtyard thing-a-ma-jig.
This is an easy and fast bench to create for any outdoor space and nice because it is easily adjusted to fit different size cushions. This is the toughest of our five projects, so if it isn’t in your skill range, we have more! Using lumber from the home improvement yard, or better yet, recycle wood pallet slats, connect the chairs on both sides along the seat base.
Simply stack cinder or cement blocks (Can you get recycled ones from your local Habitat for Humanity Store?). No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. The best part was that I (well, not me like personally, but my amazing G-pa) was able to scavenge the materials for this project from local building projects and leftovers from when they built the lake house, so it was less than $10.
If you’re not concerned about being able to fold and store the ramp, you could also use metal bracer bars instead of gate hooks, for a sturdier ramp.
Even though I have this snazzy little ramp ready, I still have to teach fearful Felix to use it.
My dachshund would never use a ramp, but if I ever get another one, I’ll start out using a ramp like this. If Felix’s standard timeline for learning follows, we should have mastered this by 2017. I’ve been picking him up and putting him on it, then making him walk the rest of the way. Blog articles may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written consent of Jodi Chick.
Always consult your vet before offering your pet a new food, as not all foods are suitable for all dogs.
The cool thing about these ideas that we are going to show you in this collection of 23 Incredible DIY Projects From Pallet Wood is that they are very simple. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. Michaels and Hobby Lobby stress me out and I let my mom make 90% of the decorating decisions in our home.
We started by sanding down two pallets that my mom got from her company’s distribution center with a hand sander loaned to us by my brother-in-law, Jake.
After sanding the pallets we stained both of them with Minwax stain in Red Oak color that we purchased at Home Depot.
After the stain had dried completely, we finished things up with three coats of polyurethane. Finally, we used large screws and a hand drill to fasten one pallet on top of the second pallet.
I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, followed (in no particular order) by my family, coffee, cooking, a good sweat session at the gym, Instagram, early mornings, fall and football.
We are going to start finishing our basement this summer, and I will definitely keep this in mind. I’m in the market for a trunk-style coffee table, and it will probably much cheaper if I buy something I end up staining myself. I really wanted to use the geometric fabric I used on the pillow for the cushions, but there were only two yards left  on the bolt. I think it is so great if we can repurpose and reuse, it saves money and keeps things from the landfill. Sometimes for me, it’s dragging out the machine that deters me from starting a sewing project.
There are so many choices when you are choosing fabric to make your own…a blessing and a curse!
I had a hard time finding replacements that weren’t so expensive…this is a really simple alternative!
It is easy however, to build these great DIY garden furniture pieces to add a unique element to your yard.

This one takes a little cutting of lumber, but still a pretty easy project for anyone willing to get their hands dirty.
The theory is that while the hurt knee is healing, the other knee picks up the slack and is then susceptible to a tear as well. Wouldn’t that just be the worst? Fe could probably handle the couch without a step, but this high bed gives ME anxiety, so it’s worth it just so I quit panicking. I am having exactly the same amount of luck teaching Fe to use the ramp as I am teaching him to use the new steps. Depending on how tall your bed is and how far Bailie can comfortably manouever you might wait for next week when I share our PAINFULLY easy stairs. I taught my puppy to do all the ramps and fun agility things, it just takes lots of treats and a little yanking. This was my first time using a hand sander and it totally made the whole process go a lot faster than doing it by hand with pieces of sand paper. We used Minwax Semi-Gloss Fast Drying Polyurethane and waited four to five hours between coats.
After the pallets were secured into a single coffee table, we put 4-inch casters (rolling wheels) on the bottom of the coffee table.
I bought it when I had an in-ground pool at my old house and needed lots of furniture to fill the space around it. I have new cushions now (because I afraid to make them), but next time I need (or want a new look) I have super directions that look easy enough for me to tackle! If you look at the bench, you will see how the basic assembly process goes, but here’s a quick step by step.
You can create one by covering a piece of foam from the craft store with fabric, or try finding a a€?last of it’s kinda€? garden cushion on clearance (or thrift store!) and lay it flat. For the rest of us, we will be screwing scrap wood shims to the surface until we can create a level surface to secure a wood table top to. To make a similar DIY Dog Ramp from 100% new materials, would be around $60-$70, depending on the type of wood you choose. You can download the sketch I worked from here. Just by looking at the images featuring the ideas, you’ll be able to get a clue about what you need to do in order to achieve that result. My mom, who is equally obsessed with Houzz and other design sites found a post that suggested a beautiful coffee table could be made fairly inexpensively by using pallets.
In one weekend and for about $75 we made our own pallet coffee table that not only looks great but is extremely durable and guy-proof!
After we put on the final coat, we let it dry longer to make sure it was really set up well. We purchased four casters from Home Depot, two of which have locking wheels in case we want to keep the coffee table in one spot.
It was incredibly gratifying to make a coffee table that looked like something I would have paid good money for at the store. I didn’t do a great job of taking step-by-step photos of how we made our table, but I do have a few shots to show you that should give you an idea of how easy it is.
After leaving the stain on for about 5 minutes, my mom followed me and wiped off the excess stain. I’m not a huge fan of small crafts that I will eventually just toss in the trash, but making furniture? However, now that we own a home I have started to read a few more home design blogs and have become obsessed with Houzz.
We love being able to roll our coffee table around and move it closer to the couch as needed.

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