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101 PalletsRecycle wooden pallet furniture designs ideas and diy projects for garden, sofa, chairs, coffee tables, headboard, shelves, outdoor decor, bench, bed frame uses.
Nightstand is used in most of the house, which is also known as the bed side table to place different things over it.
Some of the people add drawers in the DIY nightstands to have some space to place things in it. And then on the fourth row, I used only 9 pieces of wood, continuing with the stair step effect on what would be the top of the basket.
That’s how I did the first and last pieces of the fifth row, but all of the other pieces in that row are moved over so that only half of the wood piece is resting on the pieces below. I did a total of 10 rows, with each subsequent row using one less wood piece that the row before it.  And rows 5 through 10 were all done in the way described above, where the first and last wood piece were sitting askew, and all of the tiles in between were moved over so that only half was resting on the wood beneath it.
With that side of the basket finished, I flipped it over, and started work on the other side of the basket.  I did it in the very same way, and since the first row was already in place (both halves of the basket shared Row 1), that meant that I started with Row 2 and added a total of 9 rows to this side of the basket.
And then I was ready to add the coco liner (I bought one called a Replacement Coco Liner from Home Depot, which basically looked like a flat circle, and just cut it down to fit) and flowers, and then hang my basket in the tree. I love the way it looks from the side, with the hint of color from the flowers peeking through. So easy!  And cheap!  And pretty darn fun to make.  Those are my favorite kinds of projects, especially when you can work on them outside in gorgeous weather.
Your post is so fortuitous … I’ve just been surfing the web for a DIY idea for a housewarming gift and this is perfect, not to mention gorgeous!
I made this yesterday and the good news is through its design it has enough of a flat bottom to sit perfectly level. I COULD NOT believe you in a post few days ago when you said once this house is leveled it will be full steam ahead!!!

Just showed my DH the planter, his first comments were that since you used the end grain of the wood it will eventually crack and split like crazy. You can make one door of this pallet nightstand and inside it, can create one or more portions.
On the upper surface of pallet nightstand, there is much space to place coffee cup, table lamp, mobile phone, and alarm clock, glass of water, reading material, medicines and desktop intercom. But the modern DIY pallet nightstands are prepared in smaller shape and they can be placed next to the bed to place different things like alarm clock, mobile phones, medicine of patients, desktop intercom and table lamp at the night time.
Cutting and sanding the 137 pieces was a bit tedious, but the basket came together relatively quickly and is a great statement piece on the patio. The plan of DIY pallet nightstand makes it easy to complete it at home with the use of pallet wood with some skills and experience. The pallet wood nightstand in French, Spanish and Italian style, one drawer is added with it and the lower cabinet with huge storage space is added in the pallet furniture. The lower portion with huge storage capacity in the DIY nightstand can help you to rest all other materials in it. We have multi sized and colored pallet wood furniture ideas and pallet furniture plans for outdoor and indoor decoration. You are just too good not to get recognition and rewards, in addition to the reverence you get from your readers! This plan of Pallet wood nightstand can be made at home comfortably and it will take some time to complete.
Try to make the upper surface of the DIY nightstand plain and smooth by using of equal width pallet woods. This pallet nightstand can be prepared at home and there are some skilled persons, who prepare it and sell to other people at the affordable rates.

You need some pallet woods and other necessary tools and equipments to complete this beautiful project. On the outer side of the drawers or the door, add handle to pull the drawers or door out easily. The pallet furniture prepared by other skilled person may also involve with the shipping charges. Pallet nightstand provides you support during the night time to place your things over it and you get the things without moving down from the bed. LOL) Today, I open up your blog and ‘ta da’ there is a beautiful basket of flowers!
Make the structure of the DIY pallet nightstand and use the pallet woods over the platform, which will make it earlier and raise the whole pallet nightstand on it.
After completing this project by pallet woods, you should apply coat of clear satin poly or paint over it to give it the new and bright look to the pallet furniture. Before making the pallet nightstand, measure the space in the bedroom, where you are going to place this pallet wood nightstand. When I was screwing in the hook the piece of wood cracked and eventually broke which caused the whole thing to fall and break off the entire top portion from the weight of it falling upside down. Again I love this piece of work!!!Reply Peggy saysMarch 10, 2012 at 3 h 20 min I would love to buy this table (without the casters if possible).
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