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Before you throw out all your paper rolls, why not take a look at these amazing craft ideas and turn them into something special. October 21, 2010 19 Comments When Christmas rolls around this year, I’m going to be 39 weeks pregnant. This photo wreath is made very simply, by cutting out circles of scrapbook paper and black and white photos and adhering them to a styrofoam wreath. These note cards are simple to make using Martha Stewart‘s Punch Around the Page series of craft punches. The original post give suggestions for making the bag into a gift by stuffing it with themed items.
A collection of 2 each holiday ornaments for the young grandchildren (1)Christmas letters to Santa in small jars with the year on fronta€¦great to read in the future, (2)dough handprint Santa ornaments, (3)Snowman handprints on round glitter filled ball ornaments. The other gift each will receive (x16) is a custom made safe bank made with antique post office box doors. WIth so many to buy for, I wanted to personalize and teach the value of giving our time and energy to others instead of just money for someone else’s work. I am passionate about creating fun, meaningful, and educational experiences for my two young daughters as I inspire them to be lifelong learners who live fully (and frugally). As rudimentary as pixel art may seem, you can make some pretty cool pictures with it, like this video game inspired art by user thecorrupted.
This pixel art mash up video by user AzureNotes contains over 300 examples of great pixel art! You can advertise other servers, Sno, but only if someone asks, or if you're also sharing content with us.
Then I used a sturdy pair of scissors to cut out any flat side panels from the milk jug plastic. If you have really little kids then you could cut them simple shapes to scribble colors on like hearts or flowers or circles etc, or even the letters of their name. My five year old did a lovely large wild flower panel on one of the irregular shaped large side pieces that I had cut from one of the milk jugs, and my six year old made a collection of candies and treats that reminded me a lot of the illustrations from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.
We hung them in the window for the light to shine through like little stained glass decorations using teeny suction cups from the Dollar Tree. My older daughter also used paper clips to make a long dangling display from her candy treat decorations, and I couldn’t resist making a couple myself too. As well as our window decorations we also made some hanging butterflies with more of the milk jug plastic and some beads and pipe cleaners. Again, if you have younger kids, you could just cut out a butterfly shape and let them scribble their colors all over, or if you have older kids then they might prefer to draw their own butterflies or trace a more anatomically accurate butterfly to color. I have included a pdf print out of three different anatomically correct butterflies that I drew a while back for a different art project, so anyone that wants to trace one can do so.
I printed out these butterflies, cut them out and taped them to another piece of paper with a piece of milk jug plastic taped over the top, with the slightly textured side face up. Then when they were done I drew the intricate black details with a fine line permanent marker for them. Twist the bent end of the pipe cleaner and thread on a couple of the beads to one side to make the butterfly abdomen and thorax, then put your plastic milk jug wings in between the two bits of pipe cleaner and twist them together to keep the wings in place above the beaded body. Make as many as you like and use the bare length of pipe cleaner on the opposite side of the wings to the beaded body to tie some string and hang your butterflies. Lindsey Boardman loves to share the messy art and crafting fun projects she concocts with the help of her two young daughters, her "filth wizards." She documents this fun on her personal blog Filth Wizardry. Not sure how it would go but if you cut the edge of the ilk jug and then did the butterfly the wings would be beautifully curved. What would happen if you tried to bake these would it turn out like shrink plastic or would it burn up I wonder? L items You tin find out more of these mythologic forest bound books at the ASKIDA Etsy Wooden table salt Cellar vacuous out axerophthol log section and make an by hand.
Alright, depending on how big you want your killer clown to be, determines the size of your clowns head.
Here you will draw a small circle fro the clowns nose and then add the wrinkle lines that sit on top of the nose itself. I purposely draw the two eyes to look different to add more scar or evil to this clowns face.

I probably won’t be doing much at all at that point (aside from complaining and writing on my blog). They’re all relatively inexpensive, and you have plenty of time to make them for everyone on your list. I saw this photo on another blog (with no credit or link given) and scoured the internet for an hour trying to find the original. They’re tiny, so they might not be as appropriate for an adult, but they are cute nonetheless.
The original tutorial uses scrapbook paper, but I think they’d also be wonderful made with photos.
Beads Unlimited has a full tutorial and also sells a full kit of supplies for making this particular necklace. The author says that her grandmother makes them for all of the grandchildren, and that they line up at the microwave in the evenings to warm them.
Stores are already starting to put out their Christmas supplies, and you should be able to find a variety of glass balls and other ornament-making supplies. Felt is really easy to work with if you have some felt glue, and these ornaments remind me of ones made of less fragile glass. Who wouldn’t love to have one of these hanging book shelves to hang next to their bed or in a favorite reading spot?
According to the original tutorial, you just roll them in Elmer’s glue and Diamond Dust. I’m doing some homemade things for Christmas, too, including several crochet, knit and sewn items. I added a bag with a wine opener and a few starter corks for their collection, and a set of handmade wineglass charms. I found some lovely designer lamps with tortoise shells (sell for almost $500)a€¦then gave kudos to my sulfate tortoise who helped by providing a quick loan of his– lovely carapace from which to make a mold which was then filled with fine plaster, dried, sealed and antiqued. They are never too old for an extra cozy blanket on the bed or in the ottoman beside the sofa. I found 16 sequentially numbered doors (with working combinations) and built the wooden boxes around them, sanded, stained and lacquered.
Check out our advanced tutorials and come play with us on our free server.One of the easiest ways to get your creative juices flowing in Minecraft is pixel art.
The best thing about pixel art is that you don't need any artistic talent to make cool stuff, but that doesn't mean some very creative people haven't applied their talents to the art.
My two girls are five and six years old, so they were fine to draw their own pictures and cut out their own shapes. Once they had drawn the things they wanted, they cut them out using kid’s safety scissors and hole punched a little hole to hang them from. These were to hang on a mobile for our baby that has since just arrived, but you could hang them anywhere. Lastly you just need to thread both pipe cleaner ends through the bead that you have chosen for the head and then trim the ends to be the right length for antennae and curl them with your fingers. Hopefully these two projects will serve as inspiration for many more ideas and lots more decorative fun!
We made butterfly gardens by putting grass or moss in the bottom of clear containers and then putting the butterflies inside. Ive made a few things atomic number 85 my schools woodshop and here are type A few other things to a fault view rate subscribe.
That very same feature is what gave me the idea to do this tutorial on “"strong>how to draw killer clowns", step by step. You can choose to leave your killer clown bald, or with a full head of hair, that is up to you. You will really want to take your time here because the shape of the face makes the expression a whole lot more powerful.
Draw in the mouth which is nothing more then a set of long narrow looking teeth that look so evil, you get scared or freaked out just bony looking at them. Because you make it yourself, you can use kid-friendly or adult-friendly fabrics and tie it into the decor in the room where it will hang.
We have a wild collection of magnets from our travels as a family (beginning with our honeymoon), but some people like to keep their magnets neat and organized.

I just ordered some buckwheat hulls from an Etsy shop and I love the idea of those bed warmers.
To begin, think of your blocks as colors in a painting and place them on a flat vertical surface (depending on the desired effect). I just wish people would spend more time creating their own pieces instead of replicating old 8-bit characters, although it is always nice to see some pokemon. You can cut it easily with scissors, use hole punches on it, stick it with hot glue and best of all you can draw on it with permanent markers with great results due to it being semi-opaque and mildly textured on one side.
Just make sure that you draw on the mildly textured side of the plastic (the outer side of the milk jug) as this will hold the colors better than the smooth side. Then we pulled the colored butterflies off the paper they were taped to and cut them out with scissors. I’ve been wondering what to do with those gallon jugs since it was a habit collecting them for my winter sowing (now a past pastime).
You can make a miscellanea of things using recycled wood including planters tables headboards and There’s no cease to what you throne serve with recycled wood. Not only is the clowns in the movie incredibly scary, but I found that clown tattoos drawn to look just as evil as the ones in the horror flick are somewhat popular. You will then draw the narrow shape of the long chin, and then draw out the outlined shape of the clowns hair.
Next draw the wrinkle or crease lines for the brows that will also add expressive evilness to your killer clown. But if you choose to draw the clown you see here, start sketching out the side hair caps and be sure to draw them in a way to look crazy.
When you are done draw the wrinkle lines on the forehead and then begin erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Color him in, or print out the finished image and take it down to your local tattoo parlor to get this face inked on your body. 24 magnetic tins were bought from the craft store (on $1 sale each), and I included chalk and a marker to label both sides as wished. Inside: assorted gift cards (Coffee shop, Bookstore, Pizza, Fast Foods, Houseware store and a nicer restaurant). The more blocks you use, the more detail you can create, this is why video game art works so well on the small scale.If you want to make 8, 16, or 32-bit pixel art, simply find your favorite picture in said genre and copy it block by block into your game. All the left over bits just went right back in the recycling bin where the jugs had come from in the first place. The other great thing about this plastic is that it is transparent enough that you can trace pictures through it, so my two had fun tracing their favorite cartoon characters from the fronts of their books. There is a ton of guys that get this image tattooed on their bodies and where they are placed is totally random. The spice racks can be mounted either way on a wall or door or even under a cabinet if desired. All you need for the body are a few random beads and a pipe cleaner that has been bent in half. I love the way this drawing came out because it has that evil look, and the void stare makes you think that this guy is going to come after you at any moment. The great thing about this lesson is that you can alter the image of the clown's face to look anyway you like.
All you have to do is draw the mouth differently, or change the ways the eyes look, it's all up to you. But, you can even follow the exact lesson the way it is here verbatim and also end up with a rockin sketch of a killer clown. I have to bounce on out of here because there is a lot more work in my direction which means there is some more art coming your way.

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