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This tools allowed me to rough the outside and inside of a beautiful piece of VERY figured walnut. The Ci1 is also my go-to tool for acrylics and Tru-Stone, cuts my penmaking time in half for these materials, and leaves a finish that's ready for MicroMesh.
I have some great conventional grind tools, but recently find myself reaching for the carbides first.
I have one built by another creeker, and I am just moderately pleased with it and I rarely use it. I had the pleasure of assisting Craft Supply in their booth during a local woodworking show. I also looked at the Ci1 but could not bring myself to spending $125+ so off to the world wide web I went and I found a guy in Virginia that makes them using the same carbide cutter for under $50 INCLUDING shipping. The NOVA DVR 2024 is a unique lathe which provides an unparalleled versatility, power and capability to your Wood Turning. With a very low speed of 100rpm up to an incredibly high speed of 5,000rpm, the NOVA 2024 is the perfect solution for a wide variety of projects from small pens to large bowls and platters. Long reach toolslides, designed to take advantage for the extra capacity the NOVA lathes offer. Swivel head: 360 degree swivel and lock at any position, plus detent locating positions at 0, 22, 4 and 90 degree.

Duracon composite, reinforced with stranded glass fibres for extremely long life in tough conditions.
Body made from precision machined 1045 High Tensile Steel, with a polished self metal finish to allow for closer tolerances. Recommended for power workholding on lathes from 350mm (14 inch) to 508mm (20 inch) diameter swing. This means all accessory jaws in the range fit all the chucks in the range, including older chuck models, giving you the ultimate flexibility. NOVA chuck, you can be confident that whether you want to move up or down the range, any accessories you have invested in will Fit. Our carbide inserts are made in the USA and we are pleased to offer you a tool that is 100 percent made in America. If you own one of our existing Easy Roughers, you well know by now that we deliver even more than we advertise, as hard as is was for you to believe before your first purchase. Like the other Easy tools, the Easy Finishers are designed to be used with the tool rest set so that when the tool is held level the top of the cutter is on center.
Finisher to effortlessly cut from the center of a bowl out to the rim OR from the rim to the center! The Easy Finisher utilizes the same carbide cutter technology as the Easy Rougher that reduces strain and fatigue, improves productivity, and virtually eliminates sharpening.

We promise this tool will open up a whole new level of design possibilities for your craft and it will exceed your expectations. These tools were designed for the primary purpose of doing the small intricate work and cutting final details on your projects such as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work. The Easy Detailers are engineered to cut going straight in employing just the nose of the tool. For safety reasons, avoid plunging the tool so deep into the work at once to the depth you would have both sides of the cutter in contact with the wood too greatly at the same time. Each diamond-shaped Easy Detailer cutter is engineered to fit all size Detailer tools in our current product line. The Easy Finisher has a round carbide cutter perfect for doing the inside work on smaller bowls and for larger coves on spindle work.
In use, the long edge is intended to perform as a "control surface" and serve to be in contact with the wood just behind the cut; much like a bevel is being rubbed. I'm at work at the moment and can't remember the name of the supplier but I'll look it up tonight if any one is interested.

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