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This tools allowed me to rough the outside and inside of a beautiful piece of VERY figured walnut.
The Ci1 is also my go-to tool for acrylics and Tru-Stone, cuts my penmaking time in half for these materials, and leaves a finish that's ready for MicroMesh. I have some great conventional grind tools, but recently find myself reaching for the carbides first. I have one built by another creeker, and I am just moderately pleased with it and I rarely use it.
I had the pleasure of assisting Craft Supply in their booth during a local woodworking show. I also looked at the Ci1 but could not bring myself to spending $125+ so off to the world wide web I went and I found a guy in Virginia that makes them using the same carbide cutter for under $50 INCLUDING shipping.
For the past 30 years, Tools-Plus has committed itself to carrying the best hand tools, power tools, woodworking machinery, and accessories like the Easy Wood Tools 3505 Pro Easy Hollower #3 Carbide Lathe Turning Tool above. Easy Wood Tools proprietary carbide cutters are razor-sharp for an exceptional finish off the screw.
Because we get such good deals, we must reserve the right to limit quantities from time to time.
The Easy Rougher will effortlessly hog away massive amounts of material for any woodturning process without the need for sharpening.

The design of this tool allows the Easy Finisher to effortlessly cut from the center of a bowl out to the rim or from the rim to the center!
Please note: The Mini and Mid size Finishers each come with the Ci3 Round carbide cutter tip. The Easy Detailer has been designed for the primary purpose of doing the small intricate work and cutting final details on your projects such as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work. These mini tools feature all of the same benefits and qualities as their full size parents.
You will find these tools invaluable for those smaller more intricate turnings, such as pens roughing, finishing and detail work.
They are designed to effortlessly remove massive amounts of material on any woodturning project without the need for sharpening. Now the Easy Hollower makes hollowing and undercutting bowl rims easy and fun for everyone. They are also very handy for cutting chuck tenons and making inside reverse angle cuts for inside chucking bowls with dovetail jaws.
The tools are designed with support directly beneath the cutting edge transferring the cutting pressure downward allowing the lathe to take the pressure that normally would go to your hands and body when roughing.Our goal here at EWT is to step back and take a fresh look at the methods we use in woodturning. The Pro Easy Hollower #3 has a full curved neck and a longer handle to reach into the most difficult hollow forms with ease.

We have made every effort to eliminate the parts of woodturning that decrease our enjoyment: No Sharpening! As with all Easy Wood Tools, when the cutter eventually dulls, just loosen the retaining screw and rotate cutter, then re-tighten the screw.
Simply advance the tool slowly into the work piece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left. I'm at work at the moment and can't remember the name of the supplier but I'll look it up tonight if any one is interested. You will find these tools invaluable for those smaller more intricate turnings, such as pens, ornaments and smaller bowls, but they are ideal for roughing, finishing and detail work. Most widely known for their families of carbide cutter woodturning tools, they also produce faceplates and smocks for the woodturning community. The Easy Chuck is the first product from Easy Wood Tools in the woodturning chuck arena. From first appearances, the Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck body  looks very similar to the mid sized body chucks available from many  other manufacturers located throughout the world. The EWT chuck is  packaged nicely in a sturdy high gloss black box adorned with the  EWT logos and colors.

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