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Apply pipe dope to the free end of each elbow and fit the elbows onto the straight PVC pipe.
Install your towel rack by screwing a screw through the holes in the flanges into the wall. Plastic totes are commonly used to contain clutter, but using multiple plastic totes can also create clutter.
There seems to be no end to the creative genius found in making useful structures from PVC. This poolside towel rack or towel tree is made of PVC pipe, which won't corrode when it comes in contact with chlorine from the pool. Glue the 31-inch main post into the center opening of the connector, using the same method. Most bathrooms have chrome-covered plastic towel bars that look cheap but are not wallet-friendly.

Apply the pipe dope and fit one end of each elbow into the smaller side of each PVC flange. You may or may not need anchors or nylon screws depending on the weight of your towel rack (and towels) and the type of wall finish you have. Make sure the caps and connectors fit snugly on the end of the pipe and that the slip "T's" fit over the pipe and spin easily. Paint PVC glue on the inside of the cap, covering an area from the edge to about half an inch inside.
You can build your own towel rack out of PVC pipe and save yourself money while personalizing your bathroom.
Paint glue on the outside of the 17-inch pipe, starting at the edge and covering about half an inch. You can choose any dimension of pipe you like and that your wall will support -- just make sure that all the parts are the same size so they fit together.

This free-standing towel tree has a base, a main post, one non-moving towel bar and five towel bars that move in a complete circle around the main post. Use PVC cement on most of the connections, but you'll want to leave a few strategically uncemented to easily put the rack away when you close down the pool. The slip "T" will slide down the 12-inch post until it reaches the non-moving "T" connector.

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