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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hugo Element was introduced in February 2009, as an aromatic aquatic masculine fragrance and fronted by Irish actor and model Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Then, when I tested Hugo Element it gave me the impression of a clean, well-behaved scent and nothing more.
Hugo Element begins on a strong note of calone (a synthetic molecule employed for delivering an olfactory impression of marine and ozone accords) and a hint of citruses, added for balancing the composition.
As a fragrance that is part of the Hugo label, Hugo Element is enclosed in a flask that re-interprets the theme of a common object. The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. A­If you looked up gold on the periodic table, this is the informationA­ you'd likely find.
Some periodic tables include the electron configuration (arrangement of electrons) in a corner of the block or below the name of the element. Click here or on the image above to see a larger, more detailed version of the periodic table.
A­Within the table, A­the elements are arranged by increasing atomic number, as you'll recall. The electrons of A­the outermost energy levels are the restless ones that participate in chemical reactions. It is a well-known element because of its radioactive properties which are used in nuclear reactor powered by nuclear fission.

Uranium was first discovered by German chemist martin Heinrich Klaproth in 1749 when he was heat treating Minerals. The description on the official website mentions that “Hugo Element is designed for the urban traveler who just knows how to navigate the city and where to find its creative elements” and with that in mind I was exactly sure of the composition.
It is the perfect example of a perfume that it does what is supposed to do, without offering something in the department innovation. Then, as the scent advances quickly into the mid development phase, it turns spicy, thanks to a good dose of ginger and coriander. This time it is an oxygen bottle, made from transparent glass and adorned with the name of the fragrance printed vertically in red. In addition, some periodic tables thoughtfully include colored symbols to indicate whether the element is a solid, liquid or gas at standard temperature (25 degrees C or 77 degrees F) and colored backgrounds to indicate the type of element (alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, nonmetals, noble gases and so on).
If you placed all of the elements in order of increasing atomic number, the periodic table would span more than one tidy sheet of standard paper.
So as each new period begins, there are elements that have similar chemical properties -- those with one outer electron, those with two, three and so on. We know that this element is very sought after as source of power by many countries wanting to shift from oil and fossil fuel based economies. The mid development lasts for about 2 or 3 hours, after which it is replaced with a powerful trail of cedarwood, obviously the dominant note of the dry down and the other listed ingredient for this phase, which is musk. Each row is called a period and indicates the energy levels or shells occupied by the electrons around the nucleus of that element (see How Atoms Work). That's why chemist Glenn Seaborg suggested pulling out the lanthanoids and actinoids and placing them below the table to make it more compact.

Mendeleyev couldn't have predicted this periodic nature because he didn't know about atomic structure.
The first pure sample of Uranium metal was produced in 1841 by Eugene-Melchior Peligot an analytical chemist who was heat treating Uranium tetrachloride. Uranium ore is the main source of uranium even though with the discovery of how wide spread it is in the Earth’s crust and scientist are looking for inexpensive ways to process it from the soil. For example, the first energy level can only hold two electrons max, so hydrogen and helium occupy period 1. Demand for Uranium outside its more mundane uses as a window dye was initiated by the discovery of its fissile nuclear properties by Enrico Fermi. In the meanwhile Uranium ore can be found in mines in Canada, Russia, and in Sub-Saharan Africa. There's some overlap between the orbitals of one energy level and those of the one below it. This is because Uranium can be found in topsoil anywhere on the planet as well as in the mantle. Fermi would go on to lead the Manhattan Project in 1942 that lead to the creation of nuclear weapons and reactors.
Scientist even theorize that the natural decay of Uranium and other radioactive elements is what heats the Earth’s core and mantle causing convection currents in the magma and creating plate tectonics.

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