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Acacia wood, from which this wooden elephant sculpture is made, is a genus of shrubs and trees found mainly in hotter areas of the world such as South America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Teak wood carved elephant with incredible detail and wood gain details.  Check out the design on the toe nails! Our products are not replicas or mass-produced, they embody real craftsmanship and culture in every piece.
If so, you are more than likely to find yourself enthusiastic over this stunning acacia wood elephant sculpture from John Lewis.

The attractive wood has long been used in sculpture whilst the leaves and flowers have been taken for use in food, medicines, perfumes and rituals. Condition is not perfect as there is a chip to one black corner and a few minor nicks to the peach glass circles. The simple style of the sculpture adds character to the piece whilst its rough outline contributes to the air of modern design. It’s claimed that Acacia wood was even used in the construction of the Ark of the Covenant.

It’s perfect for placement on a desk, table, shelf or countertop and will bring the natural world right into the home.

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