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I don't want to be a doubter, but I'm pretty sure this is fake, it just sounds too out there. Register today and join in on the discussion or jump over to the main part of the site to read thousands of case files.
Battlefield 4 Scout Elite, or Steyr Scout Elite, is a bolt action sniper rifle used by the Recon class. The Scout Elite compares well to other bolt action sniper rifles in the game, and is very similar to the L96 and the Russian SV98. Since we’re talking about a video game rather than real life, rate of fire IS absolutely a relevant factor. The Jackdaw was a brig captained by the pirate-turned-Assassin Edward Kenway, which he obtained with the help of Adewale, during his time in the West Indies. Before Kenway's captaincy, the ship was known as El Dorado, and formed a part of the Spanish Treasure Fleet.
Following this, the pair secured a crew by freeing other prisoners from their Spanish captors, and set their sights on a brig within the fleet, El Dorado. Soon after, it was used to transport Kenway to Cat Island to plunder a plantation, and eventually followed a Spanish Man O' War, El Arca del Maestro, through the Bahamas to its moorings at Great Inagua. However, the Pirate Republic was suffering from disease, prompting Kenway to outfit the Jackdaw with a diving bell in search for medicines. Kenway managed to make his way back to Great Inagua, where Adewale and Mary Read had taken the Jackdaw from Rackham. Along the way, the Jackdaw chased Hornigold's ship, the Benjamin, through a fog bank before Kenway assassinated his former friend, clearing the way to the Observatory. Shortly thereafter, the vessel returned again to Tulum, where Edward allied himself with the Assassins and received three targets: Woodes Rogers, Laureano Torres, and Roberts. The ship then carried her captain back to Havana, where Edward discovered Torres was already on his way to the Observatory. In 1722, Edward, Jennifer, and the crew left Great Inagua and sailed the Jackdaw to Bristol in the United Kingdom, stopping on the island of Azores along the way.
Two days later, Edward used the Jackdaw as an auxiliary when he was about to kill Matthew Hague. Soon after, Edward donated the Jackdaw to the Assassin Brotherhood,[3] though he kept her wheel in the basement hidden below his mansion in London and it was used as part of a mechanism for opening a secret exit.[4] It is unknown what happened to the rest of Jackdaw in the intervening years, but at some point prior to 1735, the brig returned to the West Indies and sank off the coast of Hispaniola due to unknown circumstances. At her strongest, the Jackdaw possessed a sizable amount of iron-plating reinforcement across her hull, which provided ample protection in combat against a number of Men O' War.
She was also equipped with a diving bell for exploration of various underwater wrecks, as well as a whaling rowboat and harpoons, which allowed Edward to hunt for local sea life. While the Jackdaw did not participate in any major historical battles of the era, she still had more than her fair share of legendary combat.
When the Jackdaw was owned by the Spanish Navy, it was the only military-class ship with swivel guns and fire barrels, and also to have cannons on the main deck.
Like many other references to the Assassin Order involving avians, a jackdaw is a small, black bird belonging to the crow family.

Darby McDevitt mentioned the Jackdaw's name was also a reference to the fable of the Eagle and the Jackdaw, which is recited during the "Delirium" memory. The Jackdaw initially flew a plain black flag, then a generic pirate flag for most of its time under Kenway's command. At elite level, most of the Jackdaw's equipment, including the swivel guns, broadside, and mortars, were plated gold. After defeating all legendary ships, the Jackdaw gained a charge attack, allowing her to inflict greater damage on an enemy ship. The Jackdaw's sail positioning did not extend horizontally as far as the other brigs encountered in the West Indies, resembling the positioning of a frigate more closely.
The Jackdaw and the Aquila feature cannons on the top deck, even though placing them there in reality would likely cause a ship to sink. The Pokemon Company International is not responsible for the content of any linked website that is not operated by The Pokemon Company International.
Armed to the teeth with the latest in technology, this is the new face of the British soldier. And if he looks a little familiar, it's probably because you've seen something very similar in the Star Wars movies. TechnologyA  -A  and is part of a A?1billion-a-year programme to update battlefield equipment. The rest of the kit, as worn by a soldier from the Royal Anglian Regiment, is already in use and features camouflage specifically created for the conditions of Afghanistan. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The Scout Elite in Battlefield 4 is a lightweight and fast firing bolt action sniper rifle that’s good at short to medium ranges. Velocity is THE determining factor in travel time(the actual term, since you want to go there), with the other variable being distance.
It allows you to pan with closer enemies and will probably give you quicker target acquisition. But in videogames, sniping doesn’t only have to be medium-long range, some people just whip out a RDS or low-zoom sight and just run around taking shots at people (LIKE ME, at least in BF3) So this weapon could be situated with this style of gameplay or just people doing challenges and getting masteries on your weapons (like YouTubers).
So the writers of this article may just be referring to shooting at hip-fire, as you pull the bolt back immediately after firing. Subsequently, Kenway used the pirates he freed to escape from the fleet under the cover of a hurricane.
Kenway then infiltrated the island, killed the French Templar Julien du Casse and took both the ship and the island.
Shortly after, the ship took its first fort, located at Punta Guarico, and made sail for Kingston. Kenway soon set sail again, returning to Kingston before continuing on to Principe, where Roberts had gone into hiding.
In turn, the Templar revealed Roberts' location in Principe, where the Jackdaw sailed next.

Near the Bristol Channel, the black flag of the Jackdaw was bought down, folded and placed carefully inside a chest in the captain's cabin.
The former pirate imprisoned Hague in the captain's cabin of his ship, the Charlotte, after which the Jackdaw’s crew tossed Edward barrels of tar which he could use to set alight Hague's ship. Accompanying this, the Jackdaw was armed with forty-six broadside cannons, four chaser cannons, and two swivel guns. Her masts featured pedal-activated lifts and hooks to allow for both ascension and descent. Coincidentally, the color of the bird's feathers themselves could also be a reference to piracy often being symbolized by black.
After Edward defended the Assassins from a Spanish raid, the flag changed to include the Assassin insignia around the skull. The elite hull upgrade also included liberal gold and iron plating on the ship's hull and deck.
Sailors that joined Edward hailed from a variety of places, including Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, and several countries in Africa, among others.
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It replaces two previous designsA  -A  a 40-year-old four-colour combination better suited to European woodland conditions and a lighter pattern for the desert.
The Steyr Scout and Steyr Elite are both bolt-action rifles, with the Scout having a bi-pod in the barrel housing and the Elite having an adjustable chin rest. While El Dorado managed to successfully navigate the natural disaster, the remaining ships sank during the pursuit.
However, Edward was interrupted by Sir Robert Walpole, who wanted to make peace between the Assassin and the Templar. Further, she could hold 160 fire barrels, deployed four at a time, 25 volleys of heated shot, and 20 mortar rounds, and was equipped with an iron-plated naval ram.
Gun is fine as well, though weapon is far from the most accurate descriptor, but that’s a whole other argument entirely. The Lewis Sharpshooter is semi-automatic and said to be accurate up to 2,500ftA  -A  ideal for mountain warfare. Also, since you’ve served in the United States Army and got real experience in the battlefields out there, is BF4 realistic?
The SA80, standard issue since 1976, uses lighter rounds which were found to lose effectiveness at distances of more than 1,000ft. You can see here that his reptilian cheek bones are coming through his skin in this shot.Michelle Obama a reptilian?

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