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The Shabby NestIf you click on the green 'more info' link below the photo or on the photo itself if there is no 'more info' link, it will take you to a page that has a link to the online source for this item. It is a beautiful, classic console table that is perfect for your living room area, hall, bedroom or office space. Console table featuring sturdy, durable and long-lasting wooden construction two drawers and one shelve.
With a bombe-style silhouette and 5 drawers, this hand-painted green and cream chest offers a touch of organic glamour to your decor.
On this page I am going to not only discuss this custom inlayed table, but continue the topics of Inlays and Inlaying by taking a closer look at what is involved with hardwood inlays. Custom black cherry table with inlayed tiger maple and black walnut 'Stars' shown front view. There is one large star on the bottom shelf, four medium sized stars across the front folding leaf section, and four smaller stars inlayed in the four corners of the top. If you take nothing else away from this website, just remember this, Cherry should never be stained! Custom hardwood black cherry table with inlayed tiger maple and black walnut 'Stars' shown top view. As I've mentioned with regard to inlays, the usual goal in the finished inlay is for an imperceptible gap between the surface and the inlay.
The four inlayed stars across the front leaf folding leaf of this custom table are particularly unusual.
Rather than being hand planed flush with the surface, these inlays are actually in relief, standing above the surface of the table. In this way these 3-dimensional hardwood inlays were designed to strikingly catch the light. This mechanism holds the table leaf up and out, extending the surface of the tabletop if required.

Like all of my work, the joints of the custom table are mortised and tenoned together and then pinned (doweled). Custom hardwood end table with underside view showing hidden shelf mechanism and faceted dowel ends. However, in the instance of this custom end table, the client chose to have each 'star' inlay created of highly-figured contrasting hardwoods. Finer detail of handcut black walnut and tiger maple wood inlay 'stars' being glued up for custom hardwood end table. Suffice to say that the outline of the inlay must be scribed on the surface of the wood in order to begin the inletting process. From here the entire shelf, inlays and all, is simply finished in the same fashion as the rest of the pieces which make up this custom end table. Detail of finished custom black cherry hardwood end table with handcut curly maple and black walnut star-shaped inlays. Cherry wood is a solid and hard wood which is not liable to scratch and perfect for all kinds of your interior furniture. I bought two of these (bright orange and lime green) with the inserts to organize my jewelry and replace my old, large cherry wood jewelery chest.
Beautiful kitchen with the Island designed in a deep rich wood finish in contrast to the tan colored kitchen cabinetry. 5 Drawer Flat File Cabinet (Stackable) available in Oak, Clean Stain Grade Maple, Cherry, or Quarter Sawn White Oak. Golden Cherry on Beech Veneer Mayline Corsica 3 Drawer Lateral Wood Filing Cabinet for Desk by Mayline.
Copeland Furniture 4-BER-35 Berkeley Rolling File Finish: Cognac Cherry by Copeland Furniture. This piece of equipment can play the role of a console for TV and other types of media equipment.

Each of the four inlays has been individually faceted so that their centers stand about a quarter inch high. These incredibly small pieces required me to first design and build a custom 'jig' for sawing them out.
After cutting the pieces each inlay was carefully glued together in preparation for the 'inletting process' into the wood. These small pieces are particularly difficult to cut accurately, but if they are not cut accurately, you will immediately see the gaps during glue-up. The processes of scribing the inlay outline, cutting the recess that will hold the inlay in its bed, and securing the inlay, are similar enough to creating metal inlays that I have not included it here.
Here the largest of the star inlays on the bottom shelf has been completely levelled with the shelf's surface.
What’s more, this material ensures an intensive and remarkable color which ranges from dark reddish to even blond.
You may search your favorites – from among cherry wood file cabinets that I included in a huge collection down below.
Copeland Furniture 4-BER-35 A fusion of Arts & Crafts and Asian design, the Berkeley Bedroom is both sophisticated and practical. They are nice and quite functional additions to the room which can be used for display and storage depending on the needs. At this point a very sharp hand plane is used to trim the star down flush with the surface.

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