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The Timberline® Extended Tenon Door Bits are an effective way to produce stile& rail architectural doors with authentic mortise-and-tenon joinery. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This bit system is designed to build doors with true mortise and tenon structure that will last a lifetime. Thanks to Infinity Cutting Tools, there has never been an easier way to make your own interior and exterior doors.
You can also purchase our packages that includes our Entry and Passage Door Raised Panel Router Bits and a handy wooden storage case. A true, finely constructed door will bear the mark of a perfect joint: Clean, exact and well-crafted, the CMT Rail and Stile Sets are the perfect pair.
By Involving Home 28 CommentsCheck out Making the Peninsula Trim – Part 1 for the beginning of this here story. Anyway, we decided that we’d make the trim square to the counter, then the shoe molding around the floor could cover up the gap.
We used one of the large panels from Ikea for the back of the panel then screwed the rails and stiles in from behind.
So once we had the rails, stiles, and baseboards screwed onto the panel, we spray painted with Rustoleum Primer then Rustoleum Blossom White (see my previous post about white paints to match Ikea cabinets). We spray painted and attached the corbels after painting the panel, then attached the whole panel to the cabinets by screwing through the cabinets into the panel from behind.

I would have preferred to use white shoe molding, but previous owners had used pre-finished oak all around the rest of the baseboards, so we stuck with that to be consistent. I really like the way this turned out, and yes, we spend waaay too much time covering up defects, which is actually what brought me to your blog. Matched cove and bead style bits come fully assembled, so you can get to work making beautiful rail and stile joints.
These heavy duty matched rail and stile router bit sets will allow you to make architectural doors that will fit your needs perfectly.
I’m blaming our wonderfully unlevel existing floors from the previous owners for making me forget. The router bit we used was not an exact match, but giving it some detail rather than leaving the edges square made it coordinate a lot better. They were a little more than I wanted to spend at about $23 a pop, but the detail was exactly what I was looking for. Since the baseboard sits on top of the panel, I used a couple coats of joint compound and patched up the seam on the side where connects with the panel, primed, and painted it. I mitered it to a 45 degree angle and did the same with the baseboard on the wall so that they met up (almost) seamlessly, then caulked and painted. If I had a camp I would make an wooden outside door, but I'd have a big old porch over it. Mill a tenon of any length simply by unscrewing the top cutter and bearing of the rail bit from the lower cutter and shank.

Choose the style of CMT Rail and Stile set that best suits your needs and create smooth perfect joints in hard and soft woods with accuracy and speed. Since the counters are level and the floors are not level, it took a little bit of trial and error to figure out how to hide this. They are actually made from Urethane, which according to them is about the density of pine.
You can’t really see it with the door in the way, and I can only see the seam if I get on my hands and knees and look for it. So did your countertop not really NEED the brackets because it doesn’t extend beyond 12″? Are we the only ones who spend half of our renovating energy just trying to hide imperfections? If the baseboard would have fit under the door, I would have wrapped it under into the toe kick, but since it was too tall, I had to improvise. Includes coping cutter, stick cutter, wrenches, wood storage case, and FREE instructional DVD.

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