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This CMT three-piece router bit set simplifies door construction, making it easy as 1, 2, 3! 3-Piece Entry & Passage Door Making Router Bit Set, In-Stock & Ready to Ship Today! The Timberline® Extended Tenon Door Bits are an effective way to produce stile& rail architectural doors with authentic mortise-and-tenon joinery.
This three-piece set combines the two-piece ogee stile-and-rail cutter set with a cove raised panel bit with a backcutter.
Build entry and interior doors with true mortise and tenon construction for rock-solid joints that last a lifetime.

This Entry and Interior Door System lets the woodworker build doors with true mortise and tenon construction for rock-solid joints that last a lifetime. Milling a tenon of virtually any length is easy: the top cutter and bearing of the rail bit is simply unscrewed from the lower cutter and shank, without removing the bit from the router or changing the height of the cutter!
Set comes in Freuda€™s unique shadow box case that can hang on the wall or mount on the bench to keep bits handy and safe.
Freud's innovative features features enable the top section of the rail bit to be removed allowing you to cut an extended tenon cut in the rail. It is not the only advantage, in fact this is a multifunctional set for door and furniture makers building entry or passage doors and any furniture tenons.

By making matching mortises in the mating stiles, a strong mortise & tenon joint will be created, which is required for making entry and interior door joints.

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