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The Timberline® Extended Tenon Door Bits are an effective way to produce stile& rail architectural doors with authentic mortise-and-tenon joinery.
For over 10 years we work hard to offer our customers premium hardwood interior doors, exterior doors and Fiberglass doors. Today general contractors, builders, architects, designers, carpenters and homeowners trust us to deliver stunning doors at a great value. Our office and showroom will be closed during the holidays, from December 24th 2015 - January 4th, 2016. When walking into a home or place of business, the entry door is the first thing you notice.A  At that moment, a first impression is made a€“ Are you making the statement you want with your current entry door? Most of us walk through a door every day of our lives, but how often do we think about the door itself? The most conventional residential door is made of wood, yet the use of glass, metal and composite doors are not uncommon. David GettsSeattle Home Improvement ExaminerDavid Getts has been in construction since 1979. Feng Shui expert, Laura Carillo, on peace in designThe essence of the house can be manipulated with color, furnishings, texture and lighting. Check out three fruity cocktails to get you in the mood for springIt's finally springtime, and the cold winter months are a thing of the past.
I love looking at hallways, entries and small spaces to figure out how to give them the most punch, both with design and use of space!
Even if you don’t have a large entry (some of these inspiration pictures could seem like large entries compared to yours!), you can use these inspiration photos for ideas for any small rooms.
While my house overall is a fine size for us at 2500 square feet, it isn’t huge and each room is on the small side. As these inspiration pictures show, you can have function, clever and attractive storage, seating, workspaces and a certainly a big dose of personality no matter what size your room is! I LOVE thinking about adding built-ins to benches and bookshelves to storage and charm this time of year. These spaces are beautiful to look at, but what do you do with a really narrow (3 feet) long hallway?
That’s a wonderful idea, Sarah, and if the pieces were smaller it would look stunning. Shelving, furniture pieces and baskets are always a great way to add storage AND cozy character to small spaces. For my privacy notice and full disclosure of blog policies, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, and trademarks, please see my blog policy page! Create a feeling of entry by painting or papering one wall.  This makes the entry space more important and differentiated from the rest of the room.
Hang  one or two pendant or lantern lights to highlight the area, again differentiating the space. Photo Credits:  Domino (1,9) , Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, Kristie Barnett (4,5, 11), No Ordinary Homestead, Veranda, Timberlake Lighting.
Get my special report "Child and Pet Proof Decorating"Free when you subscribe to my email updates! Decor Addiction and tagged console tables, create a foyer, create an entry, decorating, decorating my entry, decorating my foyer, entry, foyer, lamps in foyers, landing strip, mirrors in entry. This is great, practical info on creating a better first impression that is also welcoming. Select an image for your comment (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG): Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A creative yet pragmatic communicator with award-winning experience in narrative storytelling and news production.
Extensive experience in film production, with works featured in regional, national, and international film festivals. Proficiency in handling sensitive matters and communicating diplomatically with people of differing views. Strong skills and experience in research and in communicating through letters, emails, op-eds, social media, and speeches. Supervised support staff of 14, including legal secretaries, paralegals, and general office support.
Consistently maintained Number 1 or 2 ranking for order fulfillment in a team of 32 order pickers. Created a system for finance managers that generated and emailed monthly financial reports and spreadsheets for on-time budget planning.
Review your older jobs and accomplishments to be sure the language still communicates well. For instance, if you are more than 10 years out of school, drop your college activities unless they communicate something unique and amazing.
Imagine this situation: That job you held from 1993 to 1996 was once a significant part of your resume, worthy of five bullet points of accomplishments. Just as emptying your closet of old clothes helps you focus on and build a new wardrobe, eliminating old resume details helps you focus on and build a case for the newest phase of your career. Replace some of the text with concise bullet points if you have chunks of text that are longer than three lines. Replace typefaces such as Times New Roman and Book Antiqua with a sans serif typeface like Trebuchet, and see if you like the difference. Experiment with incorporating a strong left alignment rather than centered headings, to communicate energy rather than formality. College instructors sometimes ask me to recommend a text to use in their business writing classes. I'm pleased to announce a complete new communications curriculum for college instructors.
One of my many favorite learning activities from the curriculum involves revising relationship-busting statements.

If you are a college instructor, you can find about more about the free curriculum and how to receive it.
If you are not a college instructor but want to try your hand at revising the statement above, please do! If you are holding back, thinking Well, it depends, you are with The Gregg Reference Manual.
Good proofreaders catch errors that would embarrass, torment, and diminish us if those errors appeared in print or online.
If you have made certain style decisions on your own—for instance, you use Canadian spelling because you have Canadian clients—let your proofreaders know that.
If you are an expert in your field or industry, you have probably learned a lot of jargon--and you've earned the right to use it. Abbreviations (including acronyms) without definitions or spelled-out versions: CRM, OD, EOM, OFA, ERISA, JCAHO.
To recognize whether a term you want to use is jargon, ask yourself: Do our potential customers or clients, new employees and interns, and senior leaders use this term?
Unless you define or explain it, do not use jargon in any communications outside your expert peer groups: reports to senior management, recommendations to the board, letters to customers, web sites, marketing packets, annual reports, newsletters, grant proposals, user manuals, etc.
When writing to a mixed audience, avoid jargon in the subject line, title, or first sentences. Why it’s bad: Telling customers or other individuals that you disagree with your manager diminishes your manager—and the entire company. Why it’s bad: Similar to Number 1, criticizing a department like legal, information technology, or human resources belittles the company. Why it’s bad: Although admitting inexperience can inspire empathy, it can also diminish your readers’ regard for your company and you. Why it’s bad: Details about your internal processes, especially when processes plod along not focused on customers’ or others’ needs, do nothing to satisfy readers. Why it’s bad: Personal information can embarrass readers and make them feel awkward about how and whether they should respond. Why it’s bad: Pointing out someone’s typo, inconsequential error, or minor imperfection wins no friends. Why it’s bad: It’s impossible to ask such a question in email without endangering a relationship. Why it’s bad—sometimes: The statement is bad if you will struggle to meet that deadline and may even miss it. Instead, ask about the reader’s degree of urgency: “I will be happy to get this information. Utilizing advanced woodworking technology using environmentally conscious products such as FSC certified wood. One thing that's cool about door design is it's easy to mix different materials for function and flair. Hopefully it will enlighten you to consider the materials and process that goes into fabrication. He started his career building one-of-a-kind furniture pieces while studying under famed furniture maker, Tage Frid.
But there is another dimension of organization that you may not have great knowledge about: Feng Shui. I think creating the illusion of an entry within the living room is a great idea (like Helene said), like a hutch or shelf or small bookcase near the entry but actually in the living room. I’ve lived in a 1600 square foot house so I know how hard it is even with less space! I have the same problem and been wondering what to do with our lack of foyer when we move into our first home this month. Proven ability in written and visual communication, with particular expertise in social media.
Eliminate early jobs such as working in a frozen yogurt shop (unless you are applying for a fast-food management position) and acting as a camp counselor (unless you are still in the counseling field). For example, the SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS shown in Tip 1 above includes this list, which might include links to online samples (indicated by underlining): letters, emails, op-eds, social media, and speeches.
Your resume should make you feel pleased, proud, and confident as you move into your future.
Both instructors and students can benefit from the tips on completing the assignment--tips about the purpose of the message, its audience, the communication strategy, and content.
Students first recognize why the instructor statements below are relationship busters.
Don’t be the person about whom the proofreader says, “He insists it be this way despite what the dictionary and style manuals say.” And if you don’t understand a change your proofreader has made, ask questions to understand the correction rather than automatically reject it.
Make proofreading a priority.Proofreading is as essential as planning, writing, formatting, editing, and printing. But I knew that Nordstrom had been open a few days earlier because my daughter told me she had stopped in. Nordstrom did not intend to turn away business from the many travelers who did not know about the old Nordstrom location.
They record too much information--information that no one wants or needs beyond that moment in the meeting. By the time the notes get distributed, none of the information is likely to be relevant.
If your readers get lost at the start of your message, it's you who have lost them--and lost the chance to communicate with them. This list of 10 examples will alert you to statements that can weaken your messages and your business relationships. For instance, if legal takes “forever,” it is either understaffed, incompetent, or uncooperative rather than nimble, competent, and responsive.
It can make readers wonder why your company did not train you before having you do the job, or why you did not learn from your training.

In fact, they make readers doubt your company’s efficiency: Can’t anyone besides your assistant complete a check request? Unless you have a close relationship with your readers, personal details such as health concerns, legal problems, and small or grown children’s struggles do not belong in your communications.
And the cold words on the screen can suggest that you enjoy letting people know about their lost opportunity. Readers appreciate neither the assumption that they know certain things nor the questioning of their motives. That means they will not be able to focus on what they do need, and you won’t get the results you seek.
Making yourself struggle and potentially missing the deadline are both bad—if the other person never communicated a required time limit. If so, you'll be guaranteed to gain a whole new appreciation for what doors do the next time you pass through their space.
After acquiring a degree in Construction Management, he went to work in the commercial construction industry designing high-rise architectural woodwork. They are all really great looking spaces, and the thing I notice that is consistent about them is the lighter wall colors.
But I actually loved the challenge of making the most of my tiny house and I’m determined to do the same in this one! Apply these tips to make your resume fresh and representative of who you are today, with an eye to tomorrow.
Assignments cover explanations, requests, bad-news messages, inquiries, solicitations, messages saying no, complaint resolutions, a range of job-search messages, and other pieces. Instructors can never be sure where students may go wrong with a writing assignment that requires them to imagine themselves communicating on the job.
The course, Business Writing That Builds Relationships, developed out of my long-standing interest in diplomatic, relationship-building messages at work. Proofreading is finding and correcting errors and inconsistencies in documents that are virtual final drafts.
Know that occasionally something will slip by even after several editors and proofreaders have reviewed a document.
Readers are wondering not only Why are the doors locked? They want to know Can I shop today? Yet not providing more information caused readers to assume that they could not shop on a busy Saturday when they were ready to spend money. Jargon is any specialist's language that non-specialists do not use and probably do not understand.
When you must write the same message to specialists and non-specialists (including people in your field who are not yet experts), use jargon. The information might make readers wonder whether you are able to give their needs sufficient attention.
Many people measure the inside jamb of the door and decide that this is the jamb width; this is not always the case.
While the room continues to evolve, I’m still working on what I hope will end up being the BEST use of that room. If I had 2500 square feet with less rooms that might make the house seem bigger, but we have an entry, four bedrooms, an office, a living room and a dining room and family room.
Her interest in our work stems from her experiences working with immigrants on the Mexican border, when she attended college in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Reserve your jargon for use with people who understand and appreciate it--that is, your professional, industry, and company peer groups who are also specialists. However, define it, explain it, spell it out, give examples, and provide visual illustrations. Justifying a delay by explaining that you are very busy at a particular time of year does not reassure readers either.
The lighter walls with pops of color from furniture and accessories is very appealing to me lately.
But when the doors are closed it just looks like a pretty wooden antique to the unsuspecting eye. Avoid calling, pinging, emailing, or standing over your proofreaders while they work—and dissuade others from interrupting them. Because I cringe when I see the phrase “thanks-you notes” in my book Business Writing With Heart, knowing that two proofreaders (including me) carefully reviewed it.
Even a symbol as simple as $$$ must be defined for people who are not your regular readers or specialists in your area. If you are a supervisor who is coaching an employee on eliminating errors, that’s a different story. Before you give a piece to a proofreader for a final review, make sure it has already gone through its rounds of revisions, if necessary. It has a big coat closet, another small square window, and a newer steel door with oval glass, and sidelights. But even these can change the appearance of the door depending on their size, style and metal finish. After all, if you aren’t going to defer to their knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and usage, why use them at all? If you want people to find you on the Internet, use both jargon and general terms so that both experts and non-experts can find you.
The exterior of the house may be framed with a 2”x 4” also, but will have brick, stucco or siding. You only have to control it if you want to communicate with potential clients and customers, investors, sponsors, citizens, senior executives, and others who can help you achieve your goals.

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