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Envelop Desk is a unique work table designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber for Herman Miller.
In designer’s words, “All those hours at work, you move, your chair moves, the desk stays put. 5000 Series furniture is what cost-conscious businesses look to when they want a freestanding metal desk product and don't want to sacrifice quality. Best bet is to get yourself a nice lazyboy and mod up something so a little table slides over with the keyboard and mouse. Yes, they're expensive and you pay a premium for them but they're infinitely adjustable to get them just as you want them.
El escritorio Envelop y la silla Setu reciben los premios al Mejor producto del aA±o otorgado por la revista Interior Design. El diseA±o nA­tido y armonioso de Envelop se adapta a todo tipo de necesidades: ya sea un escritorio independiente en el hogar, en una oficina, o dentro de un sistema de paneles.
El difunto Bill Stumpf y su socio diseA±ador, Jeff Weber, han sido los responsables de muchos de los avances creativos que dieron lugar a nuestras soluciones mA?s innovadoras.
Mientras trabajaban en el desarrollo de la silla Embody, comenzaron a repensar el concepto completo de un escritorio.

Thanks to Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber who designed the Envelop Desk, it was specially designed to help you, your chair, your desk, and technology all collaborate in harmony together. The surface or tabletop of the desk sits on a sliding channel and moves to and fro as you move your chair. A variety of desks and attaching components help you create hardworking and stylish configurations, open plan or private offices. Most office chairs are made for dainty little ladies, and my ass wants to slide right off of it because it's too short. Incluso en una silla de trabajo ergonA?mica, es posible que se arquee, agache o incline a medida que su cuerpo se mueve para mantener la vista centrada en el monitor.
Pensaron en el pequeA±o universo que encapsula a los oficinistas, un "paquete" compuesto por tres partes: silla, superficie, entorno. The Envelop Desk basically injects harmony between you and your workspace, where it will merge a sleek, simple look with ergonomics. That means you don’t have to reach for the keyboard and mouse when you recline the chair a little bit as the tabletop also comes forward with you. At first glance, it does not look as though it has much tech and thought put into it, but when you peel past the superficial layers of thought, you might just realize that this is the ultimate gear for hardcore tech users and gamers where a work chair is concerned.With a sliding, flexible support structure, it will envelop your body whenever you work, encouraging movement in the process.

Used on its own or wrapped in systems panels, 5000 Series furniture is a great common-sense design value.
El diseA±o exclusivo con inclinaciA?n a siete grados de Envelop le permite mantener el monitor a una distancia y A?ngulo A?ptimos. Juntos, diseA±aron la silla Embody, la primera silla de trabajo con beneficios para la salud. Not only that, this desk will offer an ideal alignment of a user’s eyes and posture with their monitor, delivering optimal ergonomic comfort. Coupled with the Embody chair designed by the same designer, the Envelop Desk creates a comfortable work environment.
El escritorio estA? disponible con patas estA?ndar de altura ajustable con pasadores o con altura ajustable para estar sentado o de pie y puede soportar varias posturas saludables tanto sentado como de pie. De este modo, sus ojos siguen enfocados y el cuerpo se alinea en una variedad de posturas cA?modas y saludables.

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