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Pre-hung doors are built into 2x8 jambs, allowing easy installation into pre-determined rough openings. Gorgeous sliding barn door by Real Carriage Door Company on a Carriage House featuring box rail by Real Sliding Hardware. Real Sliding HardwareHello, Unfortunately our customer painted these door onsite, so I don't have any information on the paint.
This exterior sliding pocket doors has a special advantage which can allow you to save your house space especially for a small house. The function of this wooden sliding door is also the same like the previous glass sliding door. Real Carriage Door CompanyHello,These particular doors are not air sealed because they are located on a breezeway between the driveway and the backyard.
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Exterior doors for barn homes serve two primary purposes: they allow passage from the outdoors in (or vise versa), and they keep the elements at bay.
These doors are all on barn homes, however, as you’ll see from the photos, barn style homes come in many shapes, sizes and architectural styles. Over size sliding barn doors protect this mountain style barn home from harsh winter weather.
This is a unique double door system consisting of one set of folding exterior glass doors with two sliding barn doors for esthetics and added weather protection.
If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form. Yankee Barn Homes will be exhibiting at the Log & Timber Home Show in Lake George, NY on May 13-15.
Please join us Friday, June 3rd for a fact-finding day with opportunities to tour the factory, speak with our design staff and get answers to your questions about our homes, the design process, costs and more. Door is operational once plumbed and secured to opening, only needs latch installed (which is not due to shipping). Commonly, this kind of door is applied in back part of the house to connect the house to the pool or the garden.

With double glass doors will give your house additional light and it is simple to open in a direction. Exterior glass sliding doors is perfect choice for a house with wonderful scenery in the outside. However, there are ways to reduce the gaps between the back of the door and the wall including using perimeter door sweeps and an astragal.
While the sliding barn door is indeed very popular (as it should be), there are certainly many other types of doors to be found here. This home manages the front door scale beautifully with an in-set arched double door entry.
Building our reputation on entry doors we grew into a company that builds every door your project requires.
Some of exterior glass siding doors are set to open in a direction or two directions-right and left. But the effect by installing this wooden exterior sliding door is it does not allow you to see the scenery outside of the house. Another option is to use the sliding doors as an architectural installment and install a set of sliding glass doors within the jamb as shown in the attached photo.
The appearance of the barn home door is equally important to the job it performs and, fortunately, there are many style choices when it comes to choosing the barn door look that’s right for your home. I think I’m looking for a gambrel roof style, because I need to have a partial upstairs with as much room as possible.
As you browse through our photo album you will soon discover we’ve tackled nearly everything imaginable.
This door features our standard 2x6 White Pine frame which has half lapped joints glued, screwed and doweled. Glass sliding doors can come with frame surround the door, other doors come without frame but only with thick glass and knobs on it. I plans to redecorating the front with French style like the first picture you’ve provided here.
We would be happy to discuss your project and find a solution that would be just right for you.

At Yankee Barn Homes, we have built homes utilizing barn doors of all types and styles for well over forty years. I need the main floor to be large enough to have an office, a kitchen, public restrooms that are handicapped accessible, and enough open space to hold a ceremony for 150-170 people, or that same amount seated at tables for receptions and celebrations. If you have a vision that requires a special approach we can help you achieve it, we are the door people. It could increase fresh atmosphere in the house to help recharge the power when the owner feel exhausted. This exterior sliding door has doubled paned of glass so you will not hear any annoy sound from the outside. Numerous materials can be found in this sliding door type, such as wood, glass, metal, plywood, etc. With glass material on the half part and others material in any color on the lower part of the doors give this sliding barn door modern touch.
I hope to have a large sliding barn door that would open to allow for bigger groups to attend on the outdoor patio. Other materials and styles of sliding door also interesting to be selected; it is based on the house need of this exterior door.
Waterproof sliding door is important when the storm comes, and this feature also available on this sliding French door. It is up to you to select them; they have benefits which allow you to have natural scenery, additional light, good air circulation, and other features in your house. Any color can be chosen based on your desire such as: white, dark brown, and black for the door frame. But they also have effect which will need more space on the wall, easy to be scratched and smashed.

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