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Double French Doors Exterior was a great idea for those of you who want the look of beautiful exterior doors.
Double French Doors Exterior gives the role perfectly for your home as your home display centers from the outside as well as giving the role of liaison between outdoors and indoors. Exterior French Doors Double can be designed with some style of sliding or folding, among others. The features that you combine on this door is the key, as well as screen, next to the lights. Please note: as each type of replacement door is different, it is highly recommended that you pay close attention to the installation instructions included with your door.
We currently don’t have an exterior door video, so we strongly recommend watching this interior door installation video as it is nearly the same with the exclusion of 2 steps.
NOTE: This step may be skipped if the exterior door being installed does not have any exterior molding (casing or trim on the exterior face of the door) pre-installed. Another way of sealing the door sill instead of caulking is to use a self adhesive door sill guard. Starting on the hinge side of the door, screw in the Quick Door Hanger bracket located behind the TOP door hinge.
Now check the reveal (spacing between the door and door jamb) around the top of the door all the way to the top bracket on the latch side of the door. If the entry door being installed is a very large or is a very heavy door, additional reinforcement may be desired. Remove the center screws from each of the 3 hinges and replace them with long screws that reaches all the way into the wall stud (about 2″ or longer screws). If you pre-drilled the door’s exterior brick molding in step 1, you can now add finishing screws to the molding to help secure it to the building. Before you go out and purchase your new pre-hung entry door measure the height, width, and depth of the door you’re replacing, write them down and have that info handy when you’re shopping for a pre-hung unit. After accurately measuring the rough opening and purchasing a pre-hung unit, it’s time to remove the old entry door. We offer doors manufactured from fiberglass and steel, which often come in white and do not need to be finished unless you want to paint them. Tiny House Design is Part 6 of a 6 part series by Andrew Odom on his transition from conventional living to the Tiny House movement. There is a little known secret to tiny house design or small space living that is well hidden and kept within the cloisters of some stale fortune cookie in New York's Chinatown so that we tiny folk don't appear to be as disorganized and messy as we sometimes are.
Small spaces get messier and more disorganized much faster and much more chaotic than a larger space.
In fact, the rate of messiness is probably proportional to the actual square footage of the space.
I have actually come across people who live in larger homes that have stand up safes, wall safes, lockable filing cabinets, and the like. I have often wondered what my mother kept in her two-drawer, metal, lockable filing cabinet. Perhaps one of the most innovative, space-saving, abstract tiny house design and decorating ideas I have seen is the use of cabinet toe kicks as drawers. You can't argue the convenience and space-saving ability of boxes - fabric or hard-sided - in your tiny house design and organization. Perhaps the most effective aspect though is that they can be used one-at-the-time and kept wherever you have room or you can purchase one of those laminate stacker organizer and turn an otherwise useless 32" wide space into a functioning dresser. The logical path to eliminating the need for library space would be to get digital copies of all books - new and old - and then only purchase eBooks. Whatever the size of your tiny house, small home, apartment, RV, or even Yurt, there's one spot that is seen first by everyone (including yourself) that enters your home: the entryway.
Your landing strip (as it is affectionately called) in your tiny house design doesn't have to be big or expensive or filled with clunky furniture. These seven tips above are in no way the full list of innovative ways to keep clutter clear, utilize storage, and even add style to your small space. Andrew Odom is a content contributor, author, designer, community manager, neo-homesteader, and dreamer.
Door and Window Center located in Chatsworth, CA has been serving the community for many years. The glass Panel in the door frame which can be limited with made of fiberglass, wood, even steel. This is done so that the door can be placed into the building’s opening with the exterior door molding still attached. These types of self adhesive sills have a polyurethane seal in the adhesive that will properly seal the bottom of the door BETTER than using sealing caulk.
You can either caulk the face of the molding that will be going up against the exterior of the building, or you can caulk the exterior of the building around the door opening. From the inside of the building, using a hammer, hammer each of the 6 brackets back to their original shape from STEP 3.
Screw in the top Quick Door Hanger bracket, making sure that the reveal is the same on the top of the door and to the top bracket.
If it is desired to reinforce the door with shims, shim the top of the door, shim just above or below the latch stop, and shim as close as possible to the hinges. Using Minimum Expanding Spray Foam Insulation, fill in the crack between the door jamb and the wall.
I had a bathroom door that I had hung using the old shim method, and no matter what, I couldn’t get it right. Hinges are already installed; the lockset and deadbolts holes are pre-bored for standard types of hardware. If you have a single 36” wide entry door, new unit should also be built around a similar size door.
Cut away any silicone from the brickmould and remove the interior trim on the perimeter of the doorframe. This is to make sure it will fit and to see if you will need to replace the sill support to the bottom of the doorframe.
If your new wooden unit is unfinished, you need to immediately put a coat of stain or paint on all exposed edges.
Since the front door is a major contributor to your home’s curb appeal, it’s worth the effort to do it right.

If you want more options, consider our collection of unique entranceways available through our Spend Less Express program. I sometimes wonder if a lesser-known mathematician didn't come up with a formula that reads J2 + C3 ÷ Xft2 = messiness where J=junk and C=chaos. I don't have much time on the water but I do love the use of space, the warm colors typically used, and the compact feeling live aboard boats provide. We have found that it holds our 8.5"x11" paperwork, a few backup DVDs, some irreplaceable photos, and a USB stick or two, and slides nicely right under our bed. Imagine how disappointed I was when she opened it one day for me to reveal, not folders of secret covert operations or original Coke-Cola stock certificates, but rather receipts from medical bills, the warranties to her kitchen appliances, and other less impressive things. So for our own tiny house design and organization we opted instead to digitize a number of documents, shred the originals, and purchase a small filing flex folder that again would slide under our bed. I first saw this used by builder Dee Williams in her kitchen for Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith. You can usually find a fabric storage box for less than $6 at places like Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Homegoods, etc. But if you're like me there are a few stragglers that either aren't available in electronic format or they have a bit of undeniable nostalgia to them. They are only the tip of the iceberg and perhaps a jumping off point for you to customize your own space in a way that solves the earlier math equation and makes an organization genius of you for all your friends to applaud.
In his spare time he typically dons a tin foil hat and sets out to reveal the real culprit behind the Scooby Doo mystery. Many color choices aims to facilitate you to specify color choice according to your wishes. Install without the hard work of shimming and no nailing through the door jamb, leaving no nail holes to patch! I followed the instructions as I saw them in the video and twenty minutes later the door was hung plumb and trimmed. Some doors will have bracing that holds them square during the installation process, do not remove this bracing until door has been installed. The brackets have a clearance hole in them, make sure when installing these 3 brackets that this clearance hole lines up directly behind the center screw in each of the hinges (you will be installing a long screw through the hinge and through this clearance hole in STEP 12). You may want to place the new door into the opening to check that the sub sill is high enough for the door to open.
Then caulk a wavy line down the middle to insure that the exterior door will be properly sealed at the bottom from leaking.
When using this door sill guard, simply place on the floor and run it up each side of the wall 3″. Caulking will insure that once the door is in place, no water or air will leak around the door, causing rotting of the door jamb and wall do to weathering. Take note of what reference notch the level line drawn on the wall happens to pass through. NOTE: If you decide to install shims, you will need to nail through the door jamb, through the shims, and into the wall stud.
The Quick Door Hanger brackets have a clearance hole for the screw to pass through, if the brackets where placed directly behind the hinges. Always wear safety goggles and any other protective gear suggested by the manufacturer; and if possible have an extra set of hands to help you out if you get into a jam. Use a pry bar to remove the trim and try to do as little damage as possible, since you will re-install the trim later.
Place the shims behind the hinges, place shims at the strike plate and opposite the hinges on the other side. To do this properly you must remove the door from the frame so you can thoroughly seal the door, to top and bottom especially. Any of the 98 doors from “Finest Doors” are available to you at our stores within 2 to 5 weeks of placing the order.
So it makes for no surprise that recently I have been smitten with the use of baskets and pulleys as a way to store things you need access to but want to do something different.
Typically you have to cross the room (dripping along the way), pull one out, and then rush back to the tub mat.
Because the riser space has to be there anyway to properly elevate your kitchen cabinets, why not use the otherwise wasted space to create out-of-sight and out-of-mind drawers? They work perfect for our daughter who at two-years old has a lot of clothes that simply don't want to stay on a hanger, don't hang right anyway, fold into nothing x nothing, etc.
And if the door is framed properly you have a trim stud, king stud, header, and cripples - all perfect support for a shelf. Once you enter you drop (your keys), toss (the mail), kick off (your shoes), and even throw (your jacket). A 48-page guide to color choice, use of light and windows, organizational ideas, and clever storage solutions, as well as top tiny tips for decorating, How To Decorate is an easy read yet a powerful resource to get your creative juices flowing and return to you creative control in your home. However, those of you who want a modern look while still giving a natural look and friendly with nature. Specify color according to your personality as well as combine with the colors of the walls of your home.
Side lights to add to the look of the door aim the more beautiful and provide a door as the main road enters your home. You may also want to consider pre-drilling the door’s exterior brick molding so that you can add finishing screws to the molding after the door has been installed. Place the other 3 brackets on the other side of the door across from the hinge side brackets. If it is not, glue and screw a thin piece of treated wood down to the sub sill to raise the door to the needed height. NOTE: After the installation is complete, caulk the crack on the door where the exterior brick molding meets the door jamb and caulk where the jamb meets the sill.
Screw in the next 2 brackets on the hinge side of the door while pulling or pushing the door jamb left or right so that level line goes through the exact same reference notch as the first bracket. If the reveal is too small or too large, simply pull or push the door jamb until the reveal has the desired gap, then screw in the bracket. Normally I’m skeptical with how easy everything looks in the how-to videos, but for $5, I gave it a shot. This project will take about 4 hours to complete, based on the type of entry door and level of your experience.

If you are concerned about leaving marks while prying the trim off the doorframe place a shim between the wall’s surface and the pry bar. If the old sill support no longer meets the interior floor, due to new flooring, or if its structural integrity is questionable, replace it.
You can enhance your home’s curb appeal with a front entry door that is also a personal statement made from wood, fiberglass, steel or iron at the Guaranteed Lowest Price. With a system like the one onboard this boat (pictured above) you could simply loosen the rope, let the basket come down, grab a towel, and send your storage flying back to the sky! It has 19 pockets, expands to 15", holds legal size paper, and even has a protective flap with handle - all with much less space. With a little creativity you can even purchase a push to open latch so you don't have to constantly bend over to see what is in the drawer. Perhaps the easiest way to create an over-the-door shelf is to nail a ledger board to the header, screw your shelf board down into the ledger, perhaps add a couple of 45 degree angle brackets and you instantly have a shelf to support those "must not get rid of" books. For these installation instructions you will be using a package of The Quick Door Hanger interior door brackets, which are available at most Home Depot locations. I am a DIY guy and previous attempt in hanging an occasional door would take me a couple of hours. An additional packet of 6 brackets may also be needed if the door being installed is very tall, very wide, or has a sidelight. Also caulk the crack around the outside of the door molding where the molding meets the exterior wall. Using the same reference notch for all 3 of these brackets ensures that the door will be perfectly level and plumb based on the drawn line. If after all the brackets are installed, the reveal is not perfect, simply reverse the bracket screw and move the jamb to the desired location then re-tighten. NOTE: Make sure when screwing in the 3 long screws that you do not tighten to much or it will begin to pull the door jamb in toward the wall. This can be a one-person job, but we recommend you get some one to help you remove the old entry door, put the new unit in place and hold it as you make adjustments. Place these additional 6 brackets; 3 along the top of the door jamb and the remaining brackets on each side of the door in addition to the first 3 brackets on each side.
To prevent this pulling in of the jamb, you can place shims or a piece of wood between the door jamb and the wall stud where the screw will go through. NOTE: Use minimum expansion foam (specifically for doors and windows), regular expansion foam can add pressure and bow the door jamb as it dries, creating a bad reveal.
It took about an hour, but that was mostly because I’m slow and wanted to make sure it was perfect before I put up the molding. The shims help keep the door in position and prevent the frame from bowing out when the jamb is nailed in place into the wall studs. I might take off another door that I had hung last year just to make sure it’s done right. If your home uses thicker framing, like 2”x6”s you will want to talk to a partner at our store to find your best options.
Once the jamb is set and plumb, place a couple of screws into the left and right side of the doorjamb to hold the unit in place, starting on the hinges’ side.
The construction of your home’s walls can be a factor in these measurements, with materials such as sheathing, drywall, plaster, and siding. Precise measurements are needed and standard jambs may need to be extended to meet the requirements of your home. You should be able to pull a single sheet of paper without tearing it from under the door when it’s closed. If the door doesn’t shut smoothly and securely, double check to make sure the jamb is level and plumb, if not make adjustments with shims until it is. There is even a little place for pictures which could easily double as a place for notes to teachers, letters to go to the post office, etc. Don’t make the beginner’s mistake of measuring the height and width of the existing finished opening, and compare those against the new pre-hung unit. Before starting to install the new unit, check the framing to make sure it’s adequately covered with either tarpaper (in the case of older houses) or building paper. When you’re ready to fully attach the entry door, the manufacturer will have included several extra long screws with the pre-hung unit. Once you have the interior casing off, you can measure what is referred to as the “rough opening.” This is the size of the opening the entry door and its jamb fit into, from trimmer to trimmer (the vertical framing supports) as well as header to the sill. It’s always best to replace the old stuff with new when doing a project like this, so wrap the trimmers with a new sheet of building paper before moving on.
Replace one or 2 of the screws used to attach the hinge to the doorjamb with these longer screws to firmly secure the jamb to the framing. As a rule, measure at each side and the middle, both horizontal and vertically of the opening an use the smallest measurement, to get the most accurate measurements.
It is best to leave ?” in height and ?” in width between the outside dimensions of your new pre-hung door and the rough opening so you have room to shim and square your new unit. After that use finishing nails or drive screws underneath the weather-stripping to secure the jamb to the framing. If the door is directly exposed to the elements you will want to nail the Drip Edge along the top of the brickmould to keep rain and wet from seeping down the doorframe. Insulate the frame in place between the jamb and framing material with minimally expanding foam.
In some cases, you or the previous owner may have put down tile, hardwood or laminate flooring, which can shorten the height of the rough opening. It cannot be stressed enough that this insulating foam is not a substitute for proper waterproofing.
Basically, you need to evaluate these measurements against the standard measurements of the new pre-hung entry door. Run paintable caulk along the siding outside and the brickmould to prevent moisture from getting in. You need to measure the outside of the new unit’s exterior casing against the masonry opening.

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