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In Part 26, we started to review the differences between the original exterior replacement door and this second door.
One of the issues with the first replacement door was the threshold; the threshold is the metal part at the base of the door that people step on when they go through the door. With door #2 (sounds a lot like from the Let’s Make A Deal game show, doesn’t it?
Third, in the glass insert within the door, there is no fibre tear as there was with the first door. The other type of plugs were on the outside. You may recall our significant disdain for these in the outside cladding of the first door.
Speaking of Mike and Adam, in our next article we will review the differences with their installation approach and how they addressed the deficiencies with the first replacement door’s installation. You asked where can someone purchase the interior plugs that were used with the first replacement door used on the inside frames. Otherwise, you might try any building supply store, say Lowes or Home Depot through whom you can order these doors.
Geeeesh, I feel your pain … but by reading about our experiences with our replacement front door I guess you already know that. Personally, I would go back to the door manufacturer directly and ask them, explaining the door model you have to see if they can not only sell to you directly but also what guidance they might have for installing the threshold extension or possibly, yuk, having to replace the existing threshold with the least damage to the door frame, etc. Hello Do you have any idea whom makes a aluminum threshold mill finish that is 38” in length and is 12” wide?

The 1st Edition was recognized by The Toronto Star on April 09, 2009 in their Personal Bailout Survival Tips series.
The 2nd Edition was part of a CBC News' The National news segment on March 2, 2010 in which Dan was interviewed.
First, it was not one but two pieces, which is OK as long as the support underneath the threshold. Of interest, when the first door was being removed we noticed that the fibre tear was gone. Rather than individual plugs for each screw hole, entire strips were used on the horizontal and vertical glass insert border. These were white that were hand painted black (to match the black outside cladding) that looked like … well, you know what.
First the interior plugs which were used on the inside frames around the glass inserts of door #1. Now, as for where to purchase threshold extensions, you should first check that your threshold can use an extension without major rework of the base of the door frame.
This should include the major building materials supply retailers (HD, Lowes) as well as the local speciality stores in your area. It’s important (as we have come to learn) for you to know as much as possible about replacement doors so you can be a more informed consumer if you ever need to or want to have a exterior replacement door for your home. Here is the expanded threshold, or threshold extension, being added to the main threshold of the first replacement door.

Compare to the picture below where you see the black horizontal cladding in front of the side areas. First the interior plugs which were used on the  inside frames around the glass inserts of door #1.
This had the preferred visual effect of having a more finished look to the glass inset borders.
These white plugs (that we, the home owner, were left to use) were used to cover the screws that held the glass inserts in the door. Using this black cladded horizontal piece at least makes the entire for look more stable and substantial (whether it does or not add to the structural integrity I don’t know. These white plugs (that we, the home owner, were left to use) were used to cover the screws that held the glass inserts in the door. If it did not, I would hope a simple phone call to the manufacturer (directly or via the installers) should get you what you need. Notice first the screw hold in the lower glass insert border which were then to be covered individually by the packaged plugs shows in the second picture below. The installers, Mike and Adam, were able to secure the door frame beneath the black exterior cladding such that no exterior plugs were needed.

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