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First, he got a piece of double track (the kind that’s attached to the top of mirrored sliding closet doors) and separated it in half- so instead of two tracks, there was only one track. Great idea, perfect answer to a narrow hallway that my current door opens into, with the door gone, hallway gains an inch or so, and the door knob that’s always catching pockets and ripping pants would be gone! Hey Juleen, I’m totally planning this project for my office, would you mind sharing a few more details? Thank you for sharing – we have been looking for a barn door for our closet – will be doing this instead! I am remodeling my bathroom right now and I was trying to explain to my husband what I wanted for a door.
If you used a heavy piece of crown molding turned upside down to receive the hardware setup, the top would be really unusual, and still come out far enough to clear the door frame.
We haven’t tried this just yet, but I will be either ordering the $30 from Amazon or the $80 from the other site. I enjoy writing and taking pictures, and adding pages to this place whenever inspiration strikes.
Our unique Bypass Barn Door Hardware system allows you to utilize barn door hardware even in tight spaces. The standard system uniquely allows you to retrofit onto existing tracks to simply add a door and is adjustable for different door widths. We’ll definitely be trying it out here at TLC when we get around to working on our master bathroom door project!

I found a kit at Home Depot specifically for this purpose and with the premade door it was all less than $60. We have since put in a double pair of french doors ($20 each from the habitat reuse store) that i frosted with window film ($18 from lowes) and i now finally have bathroom doors!!! Not sure if the price is lower than the double track (split) but it was definately less than commerical sliding door hardware.
We used an inexpensive flat door, then covered both sides by designing and installing a laminate flooring.
We’re about to move into a rental house that we hope to be in for the next few years while my fiance and I get married and finish grad school.
You can even hide the upper hardware track if you want by offsetting a second piece of finished wood an inch and a half down, finished the same as the piece that is holding the track but perhaps not quite as thick dimensionally. I really love that look and wanted one for our hallway, but barn door hardware is expensive, man! I have home depot and Lowe’s here where I live, and I’d LOVE to know how you did this!!
The house is adorable, but definitely on the small side, and the closets in both bedrooms have no doors. My dad is doing a project like this for me, but we can’t seem to locate the double track piece.

All of the closet door tracks I find seem to include a bottom track that they tell you to use, and I was worried about how much weight the top tracks will hold.
Me too! But check it out, I received an email from a sweet gal named Brier this week, and she and her hubby figured out an easy way to get the look for less. I tried to justify spending twice what we paid for the door itself on the hardware, but that didn’t fly. Luckily for us, my husband is a genius! I have painted the wood support beam the same color as the wall and it just about disappeared.
Anything that opens out in the room would take up too much precious floor space and I wasn’t really thrilled about just hanging up curtains to cover them.
He’s a construction guy who bought the house and completely gutted and rebuilt it, so maybe he would even do it for us if we bought the materials!

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