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This segment over the years has evolved from home-made wood doors to steel doors to fiberglass doors.
An outdoor shed typically has to endure more hazards than a typical home entry door and survive much harsher weather conditions due to the exposed nature of its application. Shed Doors-N- More has a fiberglass door specifically designed for the outdoor storage shed and at affordable cost.Storage sheds normally houses gardening equipment, recreational vehicles, tools and items that can easily damage or destroy a door.
However, with Shed Doors -N- More's fiberglass doors, the damages that normally occur with these items are prevented with our durable fiberglass door. Wood doors can easily be cracked, split or warped whereas steel doors are subject to dinging, denting and rusting.

Shed Doors -N- More's fiberglass doors are immune to all the destructive forces associated with wood and steel doors.
Storage sheds are typically designed without protective features normally associated with entry doors. There are no storm doors, eves, overhangs, awnings or any protective features to guard the door against the weather elements. Shed Doors -N- More's fiberglass doors resist all the elements associated with harsh weather conditions. Only occasional cleaning and painting are necessary to restore the beauty of a shed door.A storage shed is no longer just a place to store gardening equipment, it is an item that adds beauty and value to your property with a functional purpose.

Storage sheds have evolved from drab storage buildings to artful units in numerous shapes and sizes. Single door, double door, multiple door entries are common in today’s storage shed industry along with elegant amenities such as copulas, vinyl windows and composite siding are common as well.

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