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Just a couple of cutting boards I made for different family members over the last couple months between other projects. This is a substantial cutting board with a sculpted handle that makes the board easy to pick up and a pleasure to hold. These are a couple of cutting boards I made after looking at the beautiful boards made by Scott Lewis and watching his video. Inspired by Scott Lewis on FWW #233, I decided to dive into a cutting board project as a gift for my girlfriend.
That left me with a recess on each piece just large enough for the bearing on my flush trim bit to ride in.

I saw that method of making the curved insets and will try it myself soon.Glad it worked for you.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. My customers often remark that this board is "too nice to use," but I have always found that cutting on one side and saving the other side for show works for me. After cleaning the waste with the flush trim bit, I put the strips in, clamped, glued, and did it all over. I did clean up the strips with a hand plane after the glue ups though instead of the router as suggested in the article.

I made my cutting boards with curley maple, american walnut, yellow wood, purple heart and pudaka. The larger cutting board has outside bands of walnet and measures 11 x 17 in. The prism is walnut, the light beam maple, and the spectrum is Mexican bocote, purpleheart, padouk, Brazillian sandalwood, bloodwood and verawood. Also my curves are a little tight, on subsequent ones I’ll make them a wider radius so bending is a bit easier.

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