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According to his Web site, Moore graduated from the Chicago School of Violin Making (watch our video tour of the school) and makes instruments professionally. Jeff Baenen's box, My Nightmares and Dreams, captured the attention of many Fine Woodworking editors. Katherine Tipton's spiky-haired Surfer Poker Box captured several votes from the California contingent on our staff. ElegantMany boxes made us chuckle, but we were blown away by the beauty and careful craftsmanship of others.
ArronNZ designed a refined box with simple lines to take advantage of an exquisite piece of English walnut burl veneer.
Jeff Guthrie's skillful Jewelry Box with a bent-laminated lid captured the attention of others.
The viral voteMany boxes drew the attention of Web surfers and the online woodworking community. Gary Kemper, of Lumberjocks, designed an intricate box for his wife's cross-stitch supplies and raked in more than 23 comments. Danser, by David Knipfer, drew tremendous popular support with hundreds of recommendations and 20 comments.

Mixed mediaWe are Fine Woodworking, so the bulk of the submissions obviously were made of wood. Tim Cozzens built his elegant Throw Me a Curve gift box from aluminum with tamo ash and pommele sapele veneer. Bob Edenhofer made this Cylinder Jewelry Box with black walnut and bird's-eye maple along with pommele sapele and bubinga veneer. Sandtazam writes: While being a beautiful piece, it would have been nice to at least see the inside of this project. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Securely fasten wooden tops to your desks and occasional tables, while also allowing for seasonal wood movement. Our figure-8 fasteners are an ideal way of attaching wooden tops to your desks and tables, while also allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction of the wood. Bunk beds making room for daisy PDF Download bunk beds making room for daisy PDFKids rooms bunk beds making room for daisy.
Diy wooden pallet projects DIY Download diy wooden pallet projects PDFdiy wooden pallet projects Character of aged Ellen Price Wood makes for interesting DIY scrap wood projects.

Plans for wooden jewelry boxes DIY Download plans for wooden jewelry boxes PDFIn part single of 7 one cut the coved.
If we missed any of your favorites in this round-up, please give them a shout-out below.
Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere.
Thanks to their flat bearing surfaces and circular ends, the figure-eight clips can easily pivot in their recesses when the top moves, which helps to prevent splitting. Installation is easy—simply use a Forstner bit or router to create a small recess for each fastener.

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