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Woodworker: Thomas NordstromInspired by the work of Sam Maloof, Nordstrom built this secretary for a client.
This is a cabinet was inspired from a feature article and video clip in FWW about a secretary that Lonnie Bird built.
The Roentgen Berlin Secretary Cabinet features finely designed marquetry panels and elaborate mechanisms that allow for doors and drawers to be opened automatically at the touch of a button. This close up reveals the incredible craftsmanship that went into making the Roentgen Berlin Secretary Cabinet. King Frederick William II of Prussia commissioned the Roentgen Berlin Secretary Cabinet in the late 1700s. Napoleon Bonaparte marches in triumph through the Brandenburg Gate, a design commissioned by King Frederick William II. Fred Deneke of Arizona sent this along, and an amazing piece of mechanical woodworking it is. This cabinet is from Kunstgewerbemuseum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, and is on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the exhibition Extravagant Inventions: The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens. As you might imagine, the person who commissioned this walnut-veneered masterpiece must have had a bit of money. While we here in the newly-formed United States of America were struggling to feed the army and were making simply elegant but strictly functional wooden furniture, the heads of state over on the continent were still living the good life while most people were slowly starving. The king's greatest contribution to the world of the arts, however, is one that you may be a little more familiar with.
Like so many things created by well-intentioned but tone-deaf leaders, the Gate outlived its builders to provide a quite different context to events. And while the Brandenburg Gate remains as a testament to the fragility of man's design for the world, the Roentgen's masterpiece in wood reminds us of the durability of man's creative genius. Guest Blogs WelcomeGot a viewpoint you would like to share with our online woodworking community?

Here is the Queen anne secretary desk which I made for my daughter.She often asked me to make him a working desk for his study then, when I had some time free, I said myself "Let's go"!This desk is made in white pine and possesses three secrets compartments.
Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. The top crown was frankensteined together from leftover decorative trim from other projects.
This furniture style doesn't match the rest of my house, so I decided to make it for the shop.
They were browsing over my shoulder and all thought this cabinet was amazing, but were dumbfounded when they found out it made for tool storage. No cabinet could be fine enough to house a genuine No.4 Stanley Bedrock, or a new Lie-Nielsen bronze #5. He wins a Professional Cabinet Tablesaw from SawStop for his Lonnie Bird inspired tool chest. A writing cabinet crowned with a chiming clock, it features finely designed marquetry panels and elaborate mechanisms that allow for doors and drawers to be opened automatically at the touch of a button. It was, in fact, the desk of King Frederick William II of Prussia, the well-fed fellow at the right, who ruled during the turbulent years of 1786 to 1797. Frederick William went down in history as incapable of dealing with the political turmoil of the time, but nevertheless, a great friend of the arts.
He commissioned the design and building of The Brandenburg Gate, which was completed in 1791. Fifteen years after its completion, and only nine years after Frederick Williams death, the People's Army of the Republic of France under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte marched through the Gate, spreading the slow but sure death knell for the royalty on the continent.
My wife thinks tool cabinets like these are like hauling lumber in a limousine--you can do it but why would you? Owned by King Frederick William II, the Berlin cabinet is uniquely remarkable for its ornate decoration, mechanical complexity, and sheer size.

In the secretary cabinet above, we see that he clearly had a taste for flair in even something as theoretically simple as a desk. The Tor, as it is known in German, it a focal landmark of Berlin and has been an ironically glorious silent witness to many of the key moments in history: the rise of Nazism in Germany, the Cold War, and German re-unification.
Thank you for taking the time to build such a wonderfully inspiring piece and presenting it to us! Each piece is an exact replica of a Goddard-Townsend secretary, and each piece is made of mahogany with brass escutcheons.
I'm sure his cabinet makers, the Roentgen brothers, appreciated his taste for the extravagantly exceptional, and the money it undoubtedly brought in. Intended by Frederick William as a monument to peace, it represented to many of the time the insensitivity of royalty to the plight of the masses while they, the royals, were enjoying the peak of their power. His specialty is in the area of operations research, specifically those operational issues that confront the majority of the wood products sector. I had a very large piece of figured mahagony (2'x12'), which had a few twists that I worked through.
He previously spent 15 years in research and quality management for two large building products corporations, Temple-Inland Forest Products and Louisiana-Pacific. Ray is the sixth generation of his family to work in the sawmill industry, the Ray Brothers Lumber Company, established in East Texas before the turn of the last century.

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