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Another question, does the drain for the shower have to be centered in the foot print of the shower? The idea is to maintain flexibility in the water supply and drain connections so that movement will not result in fractures.
To our friends and family who came and helped on on many endless weekends especially when we had no heat in the winter months… you know who you are… Elijah (who came practically every weekend for two months straight and helping to move us! Built a floating wall to be moveable for the front window and partitions…who knew proportions are so difficult took us two builds before it was perfect.
More of that darn pink stuff–insulation, insulation and sealing it all up neat and tidy!

Please continue to scroll down through the past weeks for more dramatic before and after shots. We wanted to hold off as long as we could just focusing and working on the projects at hand, framing, insulating and later making desk from the left over scrap wood. I would like to install a walk-in shower in the basement bathroom however I'm having a hard time figuring out how to install a shower floor (shower pan) while keeping the concept of a floating wall.
As to the rest of it, my sense is that you want a solid base for the pan, but one that is not rigidly attached to the walls.
You’ll see many DYI projects that were always checked with our general contractor Lewitt Construction with Ed and his team who came to the rescue after construction costs were increasing and made sure everything was done right!

But drywall proved to be too difficult to do on our own so we needed to wait until friends were available to help.
I've included some pictures of what I currently have as well as a sketch showing how I would like the shower to be oriented. Ed was available at all times of the day even answer text in the evening when his portion of the project was complete.  Further Lewitt Construction was still available and always in touch.

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