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This trio of black floating wall shelves are modern, sleek and great for showing off your style. Floating Wall shelf with 3 Drawers: Buy Fabindia Floating Wall shelf with 3 Drawers Online in India. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our international site accepts payments in US Dollars and allows shipping to locations outside India.
Made using mango wood, this floating wall shelf offer a spacious top to be display decor' items or books while the drawers offer you storage space.
Fabindia prides itself in using pure hardwood for all its furniture and supplements this with quality MDF wherever necessary for the benefit of the product. While we do our best to ensure that all wood used by us is treated to eradicate insect infestations and to control moisture content, we do find that a small percentage of our hardwood furniture can show traces of infestations.We stand committed to giving our customers the best quality.
This piece of furniture has been made of natural wood grown in cultivated forests and hand crafted in India. The Pacco floating drawer benefits from the same shelf storage capabilities, providing a useful storage place for favourite books, a vase of flowers or a place to keep your mobile, but the shelf has the added benefit of a concealed drawer.
For example, if you don’t want a cumbersome bedside table, then the drawer works well as a contemporary bedside shelf. The Pacco floating shelf was designed by Samuel Ansbacher and is handmade from solid birch plywood.
We’ve been on the lookout for a stylish and practical side or occasional table recently, but some of the options available are frankly rather underwhelming. Designed and made in France by Drugeot Labo, the angular design of the glycine side table gives it a distinctive and contemporary look. The table is made from oak and the space under the top provides a useful area where magazines or books can be stored (just slot them in).
As well as being functional for use in a living room or hallway, the table would also make a great bedside table. Originally designed by Henry Massonnet and now made by Branex Design, the stools are created from polypropylene and available in a lovely choice of colours. As well as being handy as an extra seat, the stools can double up as small tables too – perfect for using as contemporary bedside table or a place to pop a drink at a party.
Made from deep purple glass, with a wonderfully glossy finish, the bedside cabinet features three drawers with contrasting clear glass sparkly handles. Danish and Scandinavian style furniture, with its simple lines and distinctive style, continues to be a popular choice in interior design.
This cute little single drawer cabinet is made in Danish style from Indian sheesham wood and stained in a teak colour.
This modern gloss finish bedside table provides the look and style of a gloss finish, but without some of the usual limitations. The drawers are finished in a lovely burgandy gloss finish, but the surround of the bedside table is in larch.
The table is part of the modular bedroom range at Space2, which also has pieces in black gloss, but you can easily use it as a standalone piece on its own. The two drawers are finished off with long silver handles and the whole piece measures 51.2cm by 50cm by 44cm in size.

One of the fundamentals in decorating the interior is managing to create a perfect storage space where you can display your books, decorative figures or framed pictures. These  white wall to wall floating shelves with perfect design work as a great decorative element and as  organized storage places as well. The big size in combination with the simple and yet sleek design of this black floating shelve provide this interior with organized and sleek modern appearance. The open cube design of this bright yellow floating shelve works as a super contemporary decorative element on the wall. The advanced and creative design of these modern floating shelves provide the walls with contemporary addition and create a modern and chic outlook of the walls. The corner floating shelves can work for creating a modern and unique ambiance in your living room.
The creative design and modern style of this floating shelf can act as a great decorative element and can create  a great statement on the wall by providing it with modern and urban note. The bold structure of the floating cube shelves looks really sophisticated and with super contemporary and modern nature.
The industrial nature in combination with the reclaimed wood  material of this super creative and modern floating shelves will provide your living room with super bold and dramatic accent.
The sleek and modern design of these simple and yet charming and modern floating shelves will surely provide your living room with great decorative element and modern accent.
The two different colors of these floating shelves breaks through the monotone wall and creates a great statement on the wall. These simple and yet amazing and charming wooden floating shelves from Ikea may provide your living room with super modern and contemporary ambiance. The reclaimed wood floating shelf works as a great decorative element and provides the wall with bold and dramatic decorative accent. These small and yet modern corner floating shelves can really work for creating a unique and bold decorative element on the wall. This is a really amazing way to decorate your wall with super creative and extremely modern floating cube shelves with amazing and charming design.
Whether you're dining with family or friends, or even by yourself, you always have to make it a point to enjoy every meal. These wooden wall shelves appear to float on your walls as they display your treasured items.
The techniques used are a combination of traditional carpentry along with contemporary techniques. Its size makes it  ideal for using in small rooms or hallways, where you don’t have loads of space for a big piece of furniture, but could do with a shelf or drawer for storing little things. If you need somewhere in your hall to store keys, but don’t want keys left out in view hanging on a key rack, the drawer could be mounted on the wall and used as a key drawer. Then we found the glycine side table, which is most definitely not underwhelming and ideally suited to a contemporary home. There’s also a small drawer included and room on top to display favourite home accessories, stand a lamp or keep free for occasional needs. If you love purple and want to make a statement, then this Serina glass bedside table is guaranteed to do just that. This means that everytime you put something on the top of the bedside table, or touch it, you won’t leave behind fingermarks, as you would with a fully glossy finish.

Decorative floating shelves are perfect  thing which is especially designed to appear like they are attached to the wall. The corner floating shelves can also provide you with extra space of the wall for other decorative elements. The floating book shelves will add a super contemporary and unique accent on the walls and beautify the interior.
A floating shelves with a design like this can work as a great focal point and beautify the walls in your living room.
Everyone will find something for themselves.Hundreds of photos and instructions from the best architects. This is because it is a wall mounted shelf with a hidden drawer concealed within it, making it perfect shelf to be used alone or being combined with several shelves to configure a unit.
However, it is extremely rare that the structural integrity of any of our furniture product in knowingly compromised.
Well, gone are the days when shelf systems are characteristically piled with magazines or books that appear disorganized and messy. The floating shelves are a great addition to every room and can help you to both decorate the place and enhance the aesthetics of the interior.
Nowadays, it is the time when you can get a shelf system that is not only offering a great functionality, but also an attractive appearance. Floating shelves are an outcome of the modern and advance furniture and shelving design with a one basic purpose, to help you create modern and contemporary home. As the solution to such a condition, a floating shelf is the best option due to its ability to create more pleasing appearance and improve the usability. Moreover, the decorative look that this shelf creates will eventually add a higher aesthetic value to any room where this shelf is installed.
We are going to present you a showcase of 15  Modern Floating Shelves Design which may beautify your living room. So, using a floating drawer shelf, you will get both functionality as well as aesthetical value.Nowadays, you can use this shelf to display your family photos, small sculptures and pieces of artwork. When you organized these things into a floating shelf, your room can appear more prestigious and elegant. To make it more creative, you can add decorative frames in your family photos, or add artistic candles. Well, a floating shelf is always a visually pleasing organization where you can display a stylish organization in your home or office. I have seen many offices use this type of shelving as the part of their interior decoration. Notice that this shelf can also hold stationary supplies and other little things that have a habit of disappearing in desk drawers. Well, when chosen selectively and placed strategically, the floating drawer shelf can be a perfect storage solution for home and office.
So, if organizing files, paperwork, bills, photos, books or magazine is boring enough for you, and then you ought to try this floating style of shelf.

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