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Floating shelves are one of furniture types that could give a distinct touch to your home interior. This set of 3 decorative "U" wall shelves makes space utilization easy, and frame your treasured memories. With its contemporary walnut finish, they are the ideal accent for any living space.
These wooden wall shelves appear to float on your walls as they display your treasured items. The type of the shelf is very good to be a storage spot and home accessory as it is hanged on the walls.

In addition, they usually love combining some colorful furniture with the paints of the walls. With variety of floating shelf designs, it makes you get difficulties to decide the best floating shelf to your house. Colorful floating shelves with bright colors such as yellow, purple, red, orange, pink, and blue are being the right shelf as most of the teens also like modern furniture. When you want to store only books and home accessories, it is better to choose opened floating shelves.

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