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Rough Openings In normal wall framing rough openings for windows will be found on a separate sheet called the window schedule.
The 2511 Series Pocket Door Frame is tested to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. In addition to basic carpentry and drywall tools, you’ll need a circular saw to cut the framing lumber, a drill to drive screws and a power miter box to cut new trim. We chose hinged double doors for our closet because they’re sturdier and less troublesome than bifold doors. Use only fluorescent lights in closet and confirm the electrical box location with your local electrical inspector.
CUT 2x4s to fit between the walls for the top and bottom plates and mark the position of the studs, door openings and intersecting wall on both (Fig.
CUT studs to fit snugly between the top and bottom plates and toe-screw them to the plates according to the plan. NAIL together the 2x4 headers with 16d nails, set them on top of the trimmers, and nail them to the studs.
Use a stud finder to locate and mark the framing members where the new wall butts into the existing walls and ceiling.

If you plan to add closet lights, locate an electrical box that can provide a power source and plan the cable route.
With the plates installed, completing the walls is a simple matter of measuring for and cutting the studs, door trimmers and cripples to fit. Pick straight lumber for the studs and trimmers and cut up crooked lumber for the short cripples. CENTER the door jamb in the opening and wedge it tight by sliding in a pair of shims at each top corner. This guy carries the biggest headers, fourteen studs at a time, just don't ask him to get on top of the wall plate. Sliding patio doors are usually 2" lower so you could hold the header down on the studs to the correct height.
To qualify as commercial grade, hardware must successfully complete 100,000 opening and closing cycles at the maximum stated weight capacity. You gain tons of storage space by stealing a few feet from a room and building a new closet, complete with double doors.
If your room is carpeted, roll the carpet back out of the way and pry up the tackless strips (wear leather gloves—the barbs on tackless strips are wickedly sharp).
If you’re unsure how to do this, call a licensed electrician to help you wire and install the lights.

Finally you’ll have room enough for that mound of shoes, the clothes packed on closet rods and the pile of boxes.  In this article, we’ll show you how to build a closet like this, concentrating on framing simple walls and hanging double doors.
You probably don’t need a building permit for the closet, but if you add closet lighting you’ll need an electrical permit. Protect hardwood, tile and vinyl floors by taping down two layers of heavy kraft paper plus a layer of thin plywood or hardboard. Locate the ceiling joists with a stud finder or by rapping with your knuckle, then mark them where they cross the top plate. Use perfectly straight 2x4s when you plumb up from the bottom plate to mark the ceiling (Photo 3).
Be precise—mistakes here will cause crooked walls that will haunt you when it comes time to install the doors. Attach the studs to the walls with construction adhesive and toggles or by nailing to an existing stud.
Adjust the closet dimensions to avoid conflicts with electrical boxes, heat ducts and windows.

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