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This beautiful piece of mission furniture can be made by anyone who has a few good tools and knows how to use them. The top and bottom boards should have the corners cut to clear the posts as shown in the drawing.
Before gluing any of the parts together, see that they all fit and go together perfectly square.
After the china cabinet is all assembled it should be thoroughly gone over with fine sandpaper before any finish is applied. Quarter sawed oak is the best wood to use, as it is easy to work and looks best when finished. The back board should have the corners rounded as shown and be fastened to the top board with screws through from the bottom side. When putting the frame together, glue should be used on the joints, as it makes them much stiffer. The cost is very moderate and if you are convenient to a mill a great amount of labor can be saved by ordering the pieces ready cut to length, squared, and sanded.

The top board should be finished on both sides and the bottom one on the upper side only and be sure to get the best side up.
The posts, side, and front pieces should be glued and assembled, then the top and bottom boards put in place to hold the frame square when the clamps are put on. Clamp them together, being careful to have them of the right length, and the ends square. They rest on small blocks which are fastened to the cleats, or if desired, small holes can be drilled and pins used instead. Be careful to get the frame together perfectly square, or it will be hard to fit the doors and the glass. The mortises can be laid out and cut, or they can be left until the tenons are all made and then marked and cut directly from each tenon. Leave dry for about 24 hours, then scrape all the surplus glue from about the joints as the finish will not take when there is any glue. Trim the bottom, as shown in the detail drawing, and then lay out the mortises for the front and back rails.

When it is complete, go over the whole carefully with fine sandpaper and remove all rough spots. The end pieces are fitted and finished in a similar manner except that the inside edge is rabbeted for the glass as shown. Fasten the top and bottom boards to the frame by means of screws through cleats as shown in the drawing. Scrape all the surplus glue from about the joints, as stain will not take when there is any glue. In all cases the screws should be run through the cleats into the framing so the heads will not show.

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