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High visability is the key to a successful marketing plan and nothing is more visable than a quality Log Structure. Browse portable building floor plan options for our full line of prefab commercial modular buildings.
Pac-Van offers standard and custom modular retail buildings that are portable and cost-effective.
SAN DIEGO AREA COMMERCIAL DRAFTSMAN FOR ALL COMMERCIAL DRAFTING & TENANT IMPROVEMENT CONSTRUCTION PLANS & BLUEPRINTS. The San Diego Design Group serves the greater San Diego area offering Premium Building & Interior Design services for all Commercial Tenant Improvement projects.
PHP FormMail Generator - A free tool to create ready-to-use web email forms with file upload, auto-response email, and dependent dropdowns. I would like to thank you and your company for the work you did to make our family room addition become a reality. Although a kennel is built primarily for the comfort, health and convenience of dogs, it should also be designed for easy cleaning and labor efficiency. One of the most important considerations in building a kennel is that it be easy to clean and maintain.
Wood flooring or walls should be avoided because of splinters, and because wood floors are almost impossible to clean and disinfect thoroughly.
For efficiency in cleaning and maintenance, concrete and concrete block construction is generally recommended.
This plan for a kennel incorporates kennel designs and equipment uses we have found to be the most efficient and practical. The original design has ten 4 x 6 feet interior pens but it is to be extended to include and additional ten 4 x 6 feet pens and ten 6 x 6 feet pens. A door that can be utilized by both caretaker and dog is positioned to one side of the inside pen outer wall and is directly in line with the pen door that leads to the center hall.
When an inside pen is cleaned, the wooden resting platform or whelping box is removed so that the area can be washed. The run floors are concrete and they slope downwards at a slope of ½" per foot for easy cleaning. Beyond the trough a 36-inch buffer zone of crushed limestone surrounding kennel runs to minimize the growth of vegetation to help prevent insects and rodents from nesting close to the kennel.
To provide your self by Getting an idea inside the event that It is one thing a person actually wish to accomplish, or even one thing you are able to perform, commence by watching. When it comes to building your new church, whether it's a large or small congregation, we can handle your construction project. WE ALSO OFFER COMPLETE DRAFTING FOR AS BUILT SITE PLANS & FLOOR PLANS IN THE GREATER SAN DIEGO AREA. After giving you our ideas, desires and wants, your staff did an excellent job drawing up the blueprints needed for the building permit. Preliminary planning is necessary to determine the right location and size of the kennel building, size and number of inside pens and outside runs, drainage, building materials, proximity of neighbors, ventilation, sewage disposal and other factors. It should be away from neighbors who may be bothered by barking dogs, free of zoning laws that would adversely affect the operation, and have good drainage and adequate land for expansion. A practical approach together with sound planning can keep costs to a minimum and result in a facility that will be easy to manage, simple to maintain, and completely adequate for the comfort of the inhabitant.

Walls of this type, with concrete floors and kennel runs, make for a durable and economical commercial kennel structure. On the first floor of this section are restroom facilities for employees, an office, lunch room, a dog-grooming facility, and a feed-mixing area. Lightweight metal frame feed carts on rollers, with plastic bins attached for storage of rations, are used.
If only two or three 25-or 50-pound bags of dry ration are kept at a time, the bags can be emptied into feed carts or other closable containers. Dog food and any other items that will not get wet or be stored under high humidity should not be kept in the washing and grooming area.
This size is wide enough for most activities, yet narrow enough to permit efficient handling of dogs. The larger pens provide more working room and are more adaptable to whelping and multiple housing than are the small pens. Water flows automatically when the water in a bowl drops below the desired level and shuts off when the bowl is full.
Galvanized or aluminum 9-gauge chain-link fencing provides one of the most attractive, long-lasting and relative non-climbable enclosures.
At the end of each run there is a 6 foot fence and outside the fence is a drainage trough that leads to the lagoon.
A person begin operating the idea a lot more than inside your thoughts which maybe this wouldnt finish up being therefore difficult to construct among the issues your self, ought to you experienced a few step-by-step as well as straightforward to adhere to woodworking programs. Attempt to obtain those that a person identify are really clever along with woodworking styles as well as determine when they thoughts In case you notice all of them for a couple of time. I have used MyShedPlans to develop my very own 10×12 storage shed last week for my family members.
In most parts of the country, a south or southeast exposure for runs is preferable to provide winter sun and protection against cold north winds. Concrete makes an excellent run flooring, but it must be well designed and well maintained to avoid cracks, depressions and rough places that are hiding places for insects, rodents and parasite eggs.
The feed carts provide more working space for personnel, are easy to clean and offer less chance of insect and rodent infestation within the food preparation area. The grooming and washing room will have good lighting as well as hot and cold running water, have good ventilation, and be free from drafts.
Inside this wing, 5-feet-4-inch-high partition walls of 4-inch concrete block with grouted tops are used. The slope of the interior pens is to be ¼" per foot towards the outside wall to facilitate cleaning.
The primary purpose of a guard fence is to prevent people and stray animals from coming in contact with the kennel dogs and to prevent a dog that may have gotten out of the kennel run gate from escaping.
I seldom endorse yet another solution but I’m positive you will adore it if you are into woodworking. Dogs will usually chew on wood, unless it is specially protected, and this not only creates an unfavorable appearance, but provides hiding places for bacteria and parasites.
Large covered galvanized or plastic trash cans also work very well for feed storage and can be mounted on wheels. A large amount of dry food should be stored on wooden or steel benches which are 15- to 18-inches off the floor and 15- to 18-inches from the wall for easy cleaning.

Equipment will include a bathtub and drain board that can be used in bathing dogs of all sizes, a grooming table, a cabinet for supplies and equipment, holding pens, and an area for drying dogs. These are high enough to prevent an animal from climbing over into the next stall, but low enough so that common sources of heat, ventilation and light can be utilized. The original design has the walls between the pens chain link fencing, however this is to be changed. Gravel is spread between the end of the limestone and the guard fence for easy maintenance. And the best part is, Anybody can do it effortlessly with Ryan’s straightforward-to-follow directions and full-blown pictures. An epoxy paint is used to seal the new surface providing easy cleaning, which helps protect against disease and parasite infestation. Tin wrapped around the legs of wooden benches aids in keeping insects and rodents from climbing up to the food. The higher initial cost of a concrete and concrete block building is usually offset by lower maintenance costs, ease of cleaning, savings on insurance and general appearance. The entire food storage and preparation area should be free of insects and rodents and easy to keep clean. A wooden drain board covered with a rubber mat also serves as a ramp to help put large dogs in the tub. Except for the foundation and texturing of the walls, all the work was done by my wife Charlene and me. If you want to develop sheds the Simple and More quickly way, than I urge you to get in although its cheap. Available in all shed programs sizes by 8 x 12, 10 x 10, 8 x 16, 10 x 12 Shed Plans….and more!
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