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The series of photos below this paragraph shows you how to use the jig to find and draw center on the end of a dowel piece. At the time I started using SketchUp there weren’t very many woodworkers using the program.
In addition to teaching others how to use SketchUp, I draw woodworking projects and create plans that others will use to build the pieces. Here is Bruce a Guest Writer to my blog and I am having him pick his favorite shows of the Router Workshop then write about what he has experienced while watching the show. In the remainder of the show Rick reviews the lesson learned and then demonstrates an easy way to make your own molding for the bottom of a mirror in his case but this same process could be used in many applications that I can think of. This is a great new look for the many uses of the router because now we can create 3D models for the Jigs and Fixtures at a reasonable price. As part of the introduction series Bob and Rick discuss router safety and constructing a simple box. Bob demonstrates the proper fence to use, how to construct one for yourself and isolating the bearing on the route bit. Master Bob then routs the rabbits required to assemble your box using a simple homemade push-block and of course everything fits perfect. Bob then proceeds to demonstrate a very unique and interesting way to cut the lid off the box and at the same time forming a lip that meshes with the bottom and completing a perfect six sided box for any variety of treasures.
I can’t forget to mention Bob’s fine adjusting tool that every woodworker shouldn’t be without. Rick wraps things up with a review of the different setups for this project and safety precautions that should always be observed.
Well today we are going to give you all the basic description of each of the Jigs and Fixture lessons. My name is Bruce Beatty I’m just a couple of years away from retirement from my position as Training Officer with our local fire department in Orangeville, Ontario. I was fortunate enough to have Rick ask me for a brief synopsis of each of the new jig videos. Rick provides an explanation regarding brass setup bars, how and where to use them for a variety of applications. In this video Rick demonstrate drilling holes accurately with the router, creating your drilling pattern and the proper use of guide bushings.
AS the title indicates Rick discusses creating a reversible pattern for making a left and right identical part. This video is all about creating a reliable accurate pattern, in a very simple jig so you can make repeatable holes where ever you may require them.
Rick demonstrates using your router to make perfectly aligned joints, with a variety of methods to produce the results you’re looking for.
Thanks Bruce…we just missed Lesson 8 which is showing the construction of a wood bending fixture.
For those of you that are having trouble signing up because you are already members watch this video below. I am thinking of making the jigs and fixture course into three categories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Well the drip feed course is a 4 week course with new content being delivered once every 5 days.
If you are not interested in owning the High Res Videos but might be interested in owning a rare piece of the Router Workshop history then this is the time to purchase this offer. This FD costs $35.00 plus shipping to your door and includes the first season of the Router Workshop at no charge. I have been thinking about using or recycling one of our old computers and installing it into the workshop.

I want to use my box calculator found at this link to make the custom material list for any computer case dimensions.
Table Woodworking Plans – Build Any Style Table end table or even a changing table for on finding and using your table woodworking plans. Following is an assortment of free woodworking plans that you can use to make baby furniture – cribs, highchairs and changing tables.
Learn woodworking specifications for building an infant changing table, toddler changer, or even adding furniture to a nursery with a baby dresser plan.. These free woodworking plans will help you build or design your next kids With that in mind we set about building a baby changing table that would provide a strong. A woodworker won't get far without a solid workbench of some kind with a vise made for woodworking.
Catch every step of the action as Gary Rogowski crafts a cherry trestle table in Plans & Projects . Michael Pekovich shows you how to build a traditional hanging tool cabinet with Plans & Projects . We have tested the file by printing it on the existing high end 3D printers and can’t wait to see how the low cost printer makes the model from the same file.
Here is an update the jig can also be used to check the 90 degree corners of your newly constructed boxes.
Please note that Bruce is also a talented model artist with Goggle’s Sketchup modeling package. Next he demonstrates making your own doweling so that you can match materials you are using in your project.
Yes you draw the project piece then convert to 3D print file and create the model out of plastic. If you are interested helping to create a series of jigs and fixture 3D models please comment with your email address and I will contact you directly.
I am having him pick his favorite shows of the Router Workshop then write about what he has experienced while watching the show. Using a table mounted router the old master (Bob) discusses the components of a simple box and joinery used to construct the same. He then demonstrate the proper mounting of the bit in the router and the easy method of setting bit heights and finding centre on your work piece.
Yes, instead of me rambling on about why you should buy this E-Class I have decided to get Bruce Beatty a fellow woodworker give me his first impressions of the entire course. This is a simple fixture that is used to make wood bent project pieces…So with these descriptions from Bruce hopefully it will help you decide to join the Jigs and Fixture E-Class. We would be featuring the show that uses a specific jig and or fixture then develop the video on how the jig and or fixture was constructed.
The first one we outline will be the beginner level, which will be done once I see an interest. The content starts to be delivered once you sign up with topic one being delivered immediately after signing up.
We have purchased a limited edition of these FD and once they are sold we will not produce any more of this type. The Router Workshop was released July 1st, 1995 on many TV networks in North America and season one was the first on the market. We have been discussing ways to create a positive airflow through a wooden outside protective case. Then add the bathroom vent fan use to create the positive airflow through the wooden holding box. Since I met jessica dating with that guy enjoying candle dinner romanticly last week, I find a biggest, yet cruel truth of my.

I started tutoring others in how to use it and when Google bought the program and made the free version available, it really took off. With it you can create nice drawings to present to your client and use the same drawing to create the plans you’ll use in the shop to build the project. They use the “KISS” method the majority of the time which is great for us novice router users.
This time he adds a clock and makes a very distinctive desk or table clock which anyone could use or sell. As we are all aware, doweling is available in a limited number of materials and quite often not a consistent diameter. Now there is a method to use the 3D models to make the router more efficient and cost effective. Please note that this show also has a free box calculator, which is used to make custom material lists. He also explains why you should use a brass bushing to take up excess space around your bit for safety sake as well as when you should be using a safety start pin. We have priced this at $2.00 per lesson and once signed up you have the account for the life of this website. Another bit of trivia, the first season is the only season with 14 shows, the rest of the series has 13 shows per season.
Woodworking plans entertainment center allows you to including bonus section on drawer construction Table Saw Safety. Results 1 xv of 79 The best survival of the fittest of how to articles project plans videos and tips on Tables from the nearly trusted generator of woodworking and furniture.
I purchased the program before there was a free version available and justified it as another power tool for my shop. For several years I’ve also been drawing plans for Fine Woodworking’s Digital Plans Library. This post is checking to see if anyone is currently drawing 3D models and using them in their woodworking projects?
I used to work out of a single car garage until 5 years ago when I built a free standing 24 x36 shop.
The first step in building the portable shop table featured in these free woodworking plans is to build the base of the table. I discovered early on that SketchUp makes the time I spend in the shop much more effective. I create less waste and I have a clearer idea of what I need to do at each step of the project.
I do one-on-one training both live and online with desktop sharing software as well as teaching classes in the local community education program. If you download these plans, you can build directly from them or use modify the SketchUp model to suit your needs and build from that.
As far as routers I have 2 Porter Cables, 1 Dewalt and a Ridgid palm router, with a Jessem router table top and a homemade base cabinet.
Garrett Hacks shows you how to make a beautiful splay legged table indium our latest give up plan download.
Http ok woodworking p my pace by step sheds Plans Doghouse Basic Dust Bin Shed Elegant Picnic Table Farm fine woodworking table plans. When I am working on a project of my own a nice perspective drawing is much easier for my wife to read that 2D drawings which would be just fine for my own use.

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