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You can use this Project Plan template pack (37 page MS Word & 10 MS Excel) to develop your Work Breakdown Structure, Action Item Log, Deliverables List, Gantt Chart, Issue Log, Project Costs, Project Plan (Excel), Project Requirements Checklist, Risk Log, and Roles and Responsibilities matrix. Use this Project Plan template to guide both project execution and project control, document planning assumptions and decisions, facilitate communication among project stakeholders, and document approved scope, cost, and schedule baselines. Thanks to Jon from Authority Website Income who reminded me of the power of using project planning in your business.
If you don’t want to leave your real name in iTunes, but you still want that beer or coffee just email me.
And so today, yeah, I really want to just introduce Spencer and Darcy and get to know them a little bit more, for you to get to know me a little bit more as well. Darcy: Yeah about five years ago, we both went to the same secondary and there’s an organization previously known as Scythe. Spencer: We’re actually both from Kingston and so Darcy moved out here a couple of years ago. Darcy: Yeah he kind of wanted to pursue his career path but it was—there’s not really very many career paths in Kingston because there’s only like a hundred thousand people there.
Spencer: Yeah there’s huge government jobs in Kingston but there’s not much in some of the other industries. Quinn: That’s funny because I thought there was a little bit more involved in that which is it’s great. Quinn: I mean I think this is a really important point because—well certainly in my first business, it was a need that I could foresee that I was part of that I then turned that into a business. Quinn: And that was one of the things when I was just talking to you in the early—when I first met you guys is like, “Well you know what? Spencer: It was interesting because when we met, I was kind of, you know, I felt like I was in a bit of a wrap because I knew that I didn’t have the skill in terms of the technical skill to create this product. Spencer: Darcy got—when I met Darcy, he got a lot of the front-end done and again I don’t really know a whole lot about coding but I guess there’s a front-end and a mid-end and a back-end of pretty much every software.
Quinn: So like got your excited and then you guys started talking and I mean I think the lesson here or the take-away that I get is that the needs of entrepreneur are driven at a pretty deep level.
Darcy: Mine has an interesting start and it has a thank you to my first ex-girlfriend in college, first serious one.
So I was going through school and I was jumping on all different types of competitions, marketing competitions to find ways to lead myself or to prove I was good or something.
Spencer: I think that’s something that we learned through Scythe very much because we had a lot of different people on the team and it was constantly an exercise of trying to get things done. Quinn: I mean I could not agree more I mean one of the strengths I have is that I recognize that I’m –. Spencer: The good news is that we’ve got someone who’s willing to beta-test our product in kind of the wintertime, which is like January to April. Spencer: Yeah this is a professor that we have a really good relationship with and the bad news is we’ve got to produce that in a very short time-frame with no money. What I really believe that most people should do and you guys really badly need—and this is what I do for all of my businesses—is start with a project plan. The cool part about having a project plan is you can start to see okay so we need to complete the front-end fully before we can move on to this other thing.
I started going through the columns and then I completely side-tracked myself but the columns are A, is the tasks that you’ll be working on. Quinn: I’m going to give you guys a spreadsheet that I use as a template and I’m going to put it online for anybody who’s watching or listening and you can just download that spreadsheet.
Quinn: And people just need to realize what important elements are of that, their particular project. Darcy: Say there’s some high-level like month-to-month like high-level concepts on what we’d need to do but not as detailed as that. The business goals and I also encourage you to do personal goals as well separate from the business goals. Darcy: Well yeah, well we kind of realized it because we’re also not like saying, we’re going out, “Can you code a general website?” That would be very common. Over ten years ago I took the plunge and started living the laptop lifestyle with the plan to build in mini-retirements and travel. How You Too Can Make Six Figures Online Passively And Beyond In 2013 sets out the framework for what I think works now. How Do You Design An Awesome Logo For Cheap?- 99Designs Vs Fiverr After having six logos made in six months I share what works. TweetScoop.itProject management and online collaboration services are being quite commonly developed for enterprise use.
With iCoordinator you can create multiple workplaces to coordinate with colleagues online and manage all your created workspaces from a single place.
With iCoordinator you can plan anything from your projects to your daily office activities. Unfortunately, iCoordinator does not provide a free version or something very concrete to test drive the service. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. A Communications Plan is the document which outlines the information to be provided to all project team  to keep them informed of the progress of the project. The Communication Plan is documented prepared during the Planning phase of the project to ensure that the expectations for communication to project team are clearly set.
Posts related to Project Team Communication Plan TemplatePMP Road Map template is an excel file including the PMP 42 process INPUTS, Tools and Techniques and OUTPUTS i prepared this file during my PMP study and it was very useful.
Our ProductsCreate Primavera Schedule With Relationships Excel ToolNew excel tool that allow you to create a complete Primavera schedule along with WBS, duration, and relationships in excel.
As Project Managers, 80% of our time is spent communicating, and the overall success and efficiency of a project are dependent on strong lines of communication. Clearly, Project Managers must continuously manage communications throughout the entire project life-cycle to ensure project success.
Planning Communications Management – the process of developing an appropriate approach and plan for managing project communications based on stakeholders’ information needs and requirements and available organizational assets.
Managing Communications – the process of creating, collecting, distributing, storing, retrieving, and determining the ultimate disposition of project information in accordance with the Communications Management Plan. Controlling Communications – the process of monitoring and controlling communications throughout the entire project lifecycle to ensure the information needs of project stakeholders are met.
The most important pieces of information you’ll be communicating throughout a project is the project status.  A Project Status Report is an interim report that summarizes situations within a project as of a stated period of time. This entry was posted in Project Management on September 25, 2013 by Bridge Technical Talent. About The Bridge BlogBridge Technical Talent is an IT Staffing Firm offering contract, direct hire, and contract to permanent solutions.
The Bridge Blog is our Talent Community's home base for IT trends and insight, career advice, news from our team, and articles by the IT professionals in our network. Sometimes we post here about local events and community news, especially when they relate to our IT education and environmental initiatives.
Hardy 3 min read Tweet Pin It Get out Project Management for Free project management online course free online nowadays with ALISON. For the first few weeks at least, I will be working as a business coach with Spencer and Darcy to help get their business off the ground. Where I help uncover what it takes to build an online business so you can be financially-independent, make a dent in the world, and build a lifestyle of your choice. What will be pretty fun, I think, is to learn a little about your business and discuss what some of the challenges are that you’re currently dealing with so that I’m sure they’re quite common for a lot of people and it’ll be fun to tackling and start making things moving. We didn’t even know we were from the same city and we were at the World Domination Summit which sounds like it’s a bunch of people trying to organize some sort of coalition to take over the world. Somebody that was driven that I knew needed just a little bit of a hand but was obviously going to succeed.
Even though my education is in marketing, I’ve just been driven towards technology the whole way through. It’s gorgeous and it’s something that you definitely want to keep going back to and keep visiting because it’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to. I just had kind of an idea in my head of like this is what it has to be doing and Darcy was like, “Well I think I know what you mean” and he kind of really had the visual aspect and the interactivity aspect happening and he’s like “Well but I don’t know what it needs to do on the back-end.” And I was like, “Oh I think it needs to do this” and we just kind of bounced off each other that way and that was the beginning of this thing. But I knew that this product just needed to be created and that it’s just kind of almost within my grasp.

I first got my entrepreneurial bug I guess when I was running a student painting franchise in Ottawa.
But it’s something that more and more I find myself driven to be that person who thinks of these like crazy, out-there ideas and wants to have those materialize. Coming out of a first-year college and the bad break-ups or whatever reason doesn’t make a difference.
And then I was going in to a degree program and the price was going from like $3,000 a year to nine grand a year, all my expenses and stuff.
It’s interesting that you both recognize that you knew your strengths and you also knew your weaknesses at some level and you’re able to work with that. And at the time you have this huge feeling of like I need to know this, I need to know this, I need to know this.
And that’s where I was when I first met you not too long ago when I was like “Oh I don’t know.
I mean in all honesty, the more you understand about it probably, you know that it’s going to be for naught. And a project plan and a lot of people will talk about all kinds of software that you can use. Or conversely we can see when—we can start this other thing because we know we finished that bit. Next is who does it and knowing who does what when is awesome because you guys aren’t living in the same house.
You just got to realize that you need to go through that process and make a mental note that you need to or we’ll make an actual note that these are the critical areas that you need to look at.
And I’ve spoken to you guys about it already but doing some tests to people that we think we’re going to employ for the whole project so that you don’t get burned early.
In previous posts we have reviewed many online collaboration web services such as Yodiz, Salespod and Asana. This can give you more enhanced functionality for managing your website and integrating new features to it. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 6 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. A clear Communications Plan is important to the success of the project to ensure that all project resources are working towards the stated project objectives and that any hurdles are overcome in a well planned and informed manner.
After the Communications Plan has been agreed, the Communication Management Process is invoked to ensure that all communication events are undertaken in accordance with the Communications Plan.
Even if you do not have any primavera skills you will be able to create a professional schedule with this excel tool. Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full phase of the moon moon on visibility and pop off beyond traditional chore and envision management. The idea is that they build a profitable online business and you get to learn along with us. As you will see, Spencer and Darcy are two regular guys who work corporate day jobs but have big dreams and a big idea.
My name is Quinn and today I have with me two really special guys who I’ll be working with each week to help build their businesses from the early stages to a profitable one. It was a really unique conference and there was a ton of people from Toronto and found out that Quinn just lived down the street from where I was living. You can build businesses where you’re not in it but a lot of people, they find the opportunity just from their daily lives like and run with it. And also I want to point out I find it interesting you guys are quite business savvy and also technically savvy in some respects. I could see that we were missing this integral piece and then I was like I don’t know how we’re going to get this done. I really want to know if I can pry a little bit and sort of understand your deeper motivations to be successful with this. And so when I went to—came to Saint Lawrence College, I was immediately looking for something to get involved in. I was actually like pretty distraught and I’m trying to find things to do to get me motivated and pumped up.
I put myself at enough positions of leadership and opportunities that the dean, a really progressive dean who is really trying to like get students to get experience not just to sit in the classroom, brought forward to me. I saw this opportunity that I’d start my own summer company business, like a funded program by the government.
And gradually, we just kind of realized that and this was in a large part because of the coaching. Since I was a kid, I’d been like paying attention to the internet more than like the average person was.
Building a project plan is exciting because it enables you to start to visualize how this is going to actually happen. Let’s get over the next week we’ll get your project sorted out and I guarantee you’ll start getting excited even as you’re doing it. Understanding your target market is one that we have spoken about and you guys have already actually started working on that because of how important it is. I am sure you can add a lot to this conversation and I really think this is such an important (yet under-utilized) part of building an online business. You can track your projects both at the organizational or departmental level so that the available information is not badly mixed up or difficult to organize. It must be noted that iCoordinator currently appears to be undergoing development and we might see more features and perhaps a free version in the near future. And each week we’re going to tackle a subject important to them and the idea is that anybody listening or watching this recording can gain something really valuable each week that you can use to build your own business.
It’s just a conference that kind of brings together a bunch of people with that same mindset of wanting to start or pursue starting a responsible business that’s going to make them some sort of profit in the long-term.
So we got talking and he recognized immediately that there was a fit and then I got excited about doing this whole podcast thing and so that’s here we are. And the dean approached me about starting, founding one of the chapters there, and in the process of that Spencer was actually one of the first, if not the first, member to join the organization. And just finding out that making websites is actually something that I like which was not really the initial goal. But you’re also from our conversations, I know that there’s some areas where we’re going to need to find people to help us out some critical points. And then when we had a conversation, you were saying, “Well I don’t know how to code either but I built my businesses by just getting, hiring other people to do the jobs that I couldn’t do.” And that’s kind of what sparked the conversation.
And that’s kind of why I was one of the first guys who joined Scythe and which now obviously is Enactus but I really saw it as something that was exciting, that we could actually build something and grow together as a group of students. He’s like “There’s this opportunity and I think you’d be one of the people that should start this” which was Scythe. I’ve known about all the get-rich quick schemes where you’re selling domains, where you’re making these fake websites that I’d like to blossom up and get revenue where people are ignorant and just don’t understand what’s going on.
They have a drive that’s it about you know what, it’s not a financial… It’s more of I want to do something special.
And I think one of the things that I really believe is important for anyone starting a business, so they’ve got the idea and they want to just see if it’s going to fly and they’ve got some time-frames.
So if you’re listening to a podcast, you do not need to take notes and if you’re driving specially. You’re also going to get a bit freaked out because you’re going to see how much has to be done. Obviously if we find someone awesome and they nail it the first time, that’s what we’re going for but coding is challenging because we’re dealing with often language barriers, technology issues. The document management functionality of iCoordinator provides web based document management like Google Drive and allows users to edit and manage files by collaborating online.
When I first met Spencer for example he told me that he was trying to learn coding from scratch! But it’s also going to give back to whatever community that they consider themselves part of. And one of the things they were doing is they were bringing in the software that allowed students to run this virtual business against their peers in the same class. So I just want to point out for people who are maybe tackling something like this themselves that you really don’t necessarily need the technical skills. Putting together this camera equipment for this was a struggle for me like serious struggle. Yeah maybe the time-frames are to make some money within a certain time-frame or to get to a beta position with their product or whatever.

Like we’ll do a business page possibly, I think that we should do that actually but this is more important. Darcy’s working on this and we’re outsourcing this and we need this to be delivered by this date, who’s managing that person or what-have-you. You got your main activities, second column is who’s doing it, third column is instructions. We really appreciate your time and we’re sure that everyone listening has enjoyed hearing your stories.
Furthermore, you can even import and export of MS Project plans within your activity planner, which gives you the complete functionality found in interactive Gantt Charts. I’ve compiled axerophthol atilt of the six meliorate free project management Rachel is character A cognitive content Marketing Analyst for Capterra a justify online. I mean it provides a lot of amazing things, and well since I was like eight years old, I decided that Toronto was where I was going to first move in to.
And it kind of turned the lesson into a game and you really became motivated to succeed and to kind of beat out your competition which was your other peers. At the time you don’t know much booking all these jobs and everything was great, and then suddenly when the snow melts and you got to pay this stuff, oh well that wasn’t there.
Because I’m not the person who likes going to school even though I did seven years of school.
Doesn’t like to take the risk and to me I’m like the kind of person like I want to prove you wrong, mom.
And their coaching kind of gradually got us to the point where we realized everybody has those different skills and it’s not so much about you necessarily already having all that skill.
I had to sit in the waiting room to rent some equipment today because they didn’t have it to buy.
But what we really need to do is to understand who’s doing what, when and what needs to get done within the time-frame so that we’re hitting the milestones along the way.
Because you have to see if your time-frames are realistic for a start or you know that you need to get this done in this time-frame or you’re not going to make your goal. And then each column after that is what the date of the week ending or week beginning whichever way you want to run it. You know even if I’m just building a little website with content and I’m trying to make a little bit of money on the side from it, this is exactly what I do. The kind of data that can be derived via iCoordinator can also be used to present in PowerPoint presentations, as its activity planner provides Gantt chart functionality. So it was a really good environment but what I noticed really quickly was that, all this software was built on what looked like old 90’s era platforms. Our faculty adviser was really, really part of that process in terms of helping us grow from when we started to even after we were part of the group. And so I literally just kind of went to be like I can do this and prove to myself I can do it, I can make the money. But we need to get to some of the issues that you’re dealing with right now and I want to leave people with something that they can use themselves in their businesses that is critical at the start of getting a business going and something that… Can you tell me what some of the challenges are that you’re currently dealing with? Doing a project plan at this point is a little bit challenging because you have to make some assumptions about how long things are going to take and who’s going to be doing them. And this is the only way to really start to see progress with your business and also you’ll start to have those early wins and you’ll start to think oh okay this is leaning in the right direction of starting to, this massive project that I’ve got, if we’re doing the right things at the right time, it all makes sense. If you guys are meeting on a Friday and you’re going over what you’ve done over the week and you’re trying to plan the next week out, then you just put it on that date and you structure around that. Delegating and outsourcing anything but specifically in your guys’ case will be coding which is the hardest thing to outsource, if I’m honest with you. There was a lot of time spent figuring out what you needed to tell the software to do to get it to execute your strategy rather than figuring out what your strategy needed to do and then just quickly putting it in the software. I’m still in contact with her and we still kind of talk about things and she helps me, guides me along my way. And I did that and I’ve just been like more and more dedicated towards… You know, I’m an entrepreneur, I want to find that great opportunity to make something and Spencer kind of came to me with this project and I’ve been proposed by tons of people with different business ideas and what-not. But it also helps you to realize where the real issues are that we need to start to work on and start to think about.
I also want to get into mental or your masterminding and that could probably happen in a slightly later stage but it’s certainly something pretty powerful that I’ve been doing myself personally, more recently.
I recognized that early on and then I went and joined a team that went and competed in Colona which was the same kind of thing, different software. So it’s—but it taught me a lot about dealing with stuff that you just couldn’t foresee and planning for that.
I want to do something special in the world and not just want to be punching cards and pushing buttons. And I saw it as an opportunity to one, prove to myself that I could actually lead something that would be really hard and would have to actually achieve and the teams compete every year to kind of as a motivational thing.
And if I could win awards, they have never been won before at a really fast rate, I could really prove to myself that I could do something amazing. But this one, I was like yeah I see this and I see how I can give my viewpoint from US perspective and what-not and leadership there. Other things we plan to cover off, some of the other things that we’re going to be covering in future weeks just to give you an idea. Guys, if you can make your way over to iTunes and give an honest review, I really appreciate it.
I think when you start playing with that and exercising those muscles in filing and then just getting back up and trying again, good things start happening and you know.
Plus I also wanted to actually change the culture of the school because a lot of people were reporting to class than do nothing else.
You have to go to the other building and… My point is that you don’t need any skills if you’ve got the drive that you guys are talking about and you recognize that you’ve got some strengths and you got some weaknesses and you need to just fill in those gaps.
I’ve got some notes here to make sure I say the right things but column A is the main activities. I mean this is a little bit loose but from our conversations I think they’re going to be pretty important. I came home and I ended up, because I had to work that off, So I ended up working for Pepsi for about eight months as a merchandiser which is basically a glorified term for a guy who drives all across the region and stocks people’s shelves for them and gets yelled at by its stores because the store wants you here and that store wants you there. If it’s a complex project, this is a relatively complex project, you’ll break this into sub-headings. We’re now going to create a one-page business plan and it’ll be much easier after we’ve done this, go through this process. If you’re watching it on video, head over to iTunes as well because you just watched or listened to the same thing anyway. And then not really told me that I really needed to be either my own boss or completely independent.
And figuring out later on that their copyright laws would incur that I would have to pay a minimum of $250,000 to United States and I was like, okay that’s not going to work.
That mathematical genius mindset to be able to like if he wasn’t on the other side it wouldn’t go anywhere. The only major difference is that with project management, the flow of the processes is sequential and moves from one step to the other systematically. And I knew that there was, you know, it wasn’t really that far away IT create something really really great. I was telling Darcy about this and I was saying, you know I know that there’s a way to create a better product out here. The company was good but there was so much being at the bottom of that totem pole that all this stuff lands on you. So it’ll still fit in within the main project and then underneath those, we need to de-construct what needs to happen. Although there are some delays that can be understood such as unexpected poor weather, there are others that cannot be taken lightly. And then you end up having to do like a 12 to 13-hour day just to make status quo and there’s just nothing you can do about it.

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