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A planter bench is a great addition for decks and small gardens, as they add character and enhance the look of any backyard.
To Tip: You should adjust the size of the bench planter to your needs, but use the same carpentry techniques to get the job done.
You can also add some 1×4 pieces under the frame to create a small clearance space between the ground and the frame. Fit 2×2 supports under the frame, if you really want to enhance the rigidity of the frame. As you can see you can learn how to build this garden bench in just one weekend, if you follow my step by step plans and instructions. The secret for a neat result is to select perfectly straight slats and to take accurate measurements before making the cuts. Top Tip: Apply several coats of wood stain to protect the wood from rot and to enhance its rustic appearance.
My 9 year old son and I built this in a weekend, because I needed to get him away from screens. If you are all about saving money and minimize waste, you could make the slats for the planters 24″. Garden walls and walkways are a couple of the ways we create curb appeal, but sometimes we often overlook these places around our homes and gardens, especially in smaller spaces or lots, that can add interest and details to our homes.
A pleasing combination of Asian inspired elements and eclectic decor items like the mirrors, with the plants-all attached to the fence to make it interesting for the homeowner or visitor. This certainly would not be an terribly attractive fence by itself, but with the simple addition of shutters and a plant stand, watering cans and a few plants, it is transformed.
Imagine standing at the bottom of these stairs and facing the wall that connects the house to the garage without the shrubs or the singular yet colorful piece of art. This looks to be a courtyard and it is certainly a happy way to welcome visitors from the street via a colorful walled entry. If you were walking between spaces in this yard, it would not be nearly so interesting as it is because the owners have chosen to break up a long brick wall with a lattice planter.
In between these very tall walls, containers add not just interest, but the varied plants add texture and beautiful, cooling variable green color. Another creative use of framed boxes along a fence wall, this a bit more complex than the one above. Here the owners created a privacy fence between garden and drive by using planting boxes with climbing vines to obscure the view as well as create a more intimate space. These owners did the same thing, but with the addition of benches, and by putting the flower boxes on top!
Instead of the usual open space on this porch, or the often used privacy curtain or shade, the easy addition of lattice and a metal table filled with blue and lavender plants makes for a more inviting and serene space.
In a big space or a small space, adding this planter with herbs makes going between house and garden a pleasure.
Look here and think how totally uninteresting this wall would be without these simple additions. In a long expanse of wall, or along the side of a garage or side of a house, the addition of a single area of espalier like this can create a far more interesting connection between buildings and gardens.
Although I am not wild about the white stone and pavers, this is still a good example of how a narrow space between two buildings can be transformed by greenery.
If you have a wall or side of a building, even placing a colorful old chair and a potted plant breaks up an expanse of boring. This owner decided to not just decorate the wall, but to also paint the wall with a bright color to serve as a background for an old door and potted climbing vines.
From cottage to modern, this wall is transformed by the addition of a sleek and contemporary box with uplighting that must surely be dramatic at night. A bit more complicated, but a wonderful way to connect two buildings and create a welcoming entrance that leads to both.
Here we have two completely different walls, one of wood, one of stone, but symmetry is created by the alle of trees on each side that form a welcoming canopy, as well as the centered stone and pebble walkway bordered by plants and plant covered benches. And if all you have is a small corner or short expanse of fence, you can still pretty it up.
Color blocking the fence here really works, especially because the house behind it is a cream color.
This is one of the most creative ways I have seen in a long time to break up a tall and long fence. I am not sure this really qualifies for the intent of this post, but I just love New England, and I just loved how the use of a long row of pots on each side of the walkway leads one to the beautiful front entrance.
This space would be beautiful even without the table, but the decorated table vignette makes it outstanding.
SORRY Emma, I was relying to another comment and thought I was replying to them, but it was yours, to which I had already applied when you commented! 12 outstanding diy planter box plans, designs and ideas, 1-a simple window planter boxes for your verandah. Free planter plans, build it yourself projects, Build your own planter, free easy to build, patio planter boxes and benches..
Outdoor bench plans – free plans for garden benches you, Here is a page of free and simple outdoor bench plans that you can get easily right now.
Planter plans – wood store, You can locate this easy-to-build planter box anywhere in your yard. Download to obtain the non-exclusive right to use Eezy files to create new, derivative, unique works, however the original Eezy file or artwork must be largely unrecognizable. Offer any Eezy artwork or file for download in any way - whether as is or encased in another or larger work..

For more info, visit our FAQ page, please read our Terms of Use, and visit our Support page to see acceptable examples of uses. The large timber, trellis backed planter is a nice, feature sized planter sure to brighten up the garden or screen off an area. HOW TO BUILD A PYRAMID STRAWBERRY PLANTERHere is a unique tower for growing strawberries, flowers, herbs, and other garden plants. ILLUSTRATED PLANS WITH PHOTOSWood plans include step by step instructions, measurements, angles, and photos from start to finish. After purchase, the page will instruct you how to easily download the file to your computer. How to grow strawberries - Not only do strawberries taste good, they contain antioxidants and nutrients that help improve the body's immune system.
June Bearing Strawberries produce a single crop in June (or early spring), depending upon the area. Everbearing Strawberries have two to three harvests: June, late summer and early in the fall. In order to build a durable planter, choose lumber designed for outdoor use, such as cedar, redwood or pressure-treated. There are many planter box designs, shapes and sizes to choose from, but in this step by step tutorial, we show how how to build simple planter boxes. First of all, you have to build the components of the planter box, by cutting the 1×8 lumber with a circular saw, along the cut lines. Top Tip: If you want to build the rectangular planter in a professional manner, use a miter saw to cut the sides of the bottom component at 5?.
The first step of the assembly process is to join the sides of the planter with the front component. Top Tip: Drill pilot holes in the lumber before inserting the nails, to prevent the wood from splitting. After you have assembled the rectangular planter box, you should take care of the finishing touches. As you can see in the image, you have to miter cut the ends of the trims, in order to get a planter with a nice appearance.
Fill the holes and the gaps with wood filler and let the compound to dry out for several hours. Top Tip: In order to protect the wood from water damage and decay, you should apply several coats of an appropriate varnish.
If you like to spend time in your garden, but a simple outdoor bench is a little too common for your tastes, you should consider building a nice wooden bench with two planters attached on both sides.
There are many designs and shapes you could choose from, starting with a simple bench adjacent to a large planter, up to more complex constructions, such as a wooden bench attached to two planters.
Work with good judgement, making sure all the components are aligned, before driving in the screws.
In order to add personality to the planter bench, we recommend you to build the trims from 2×4 lumber.
Make sure the large planters are aligned properly, before building the wooden bench between them. This outdoor bench is extremely sturdy and if you invest in weather resistant lumber, such as cedar or redwood, it will be the attraction point of your backyard for many years in a row.
In addition, you need to make sure the edges are perfectly flush before inserting the screws and nails. You don’t have to fit large containers to the planters, as you have an easier alternative to fill them with lively flowers. Therefore, fill the head of the screws with a good wood putty and let it dry out properly for several hours. If this design is not what you are looking for, I suggest you to take a look over my other projects. If you want to see more outdoor plans, check out the rest of our step by step projects and follow the instructions to obtain a professional result. I would be thrilled to see how your planter bench looks like so feel free to send a few images. Another method would be to assemble the panels by attaching the braces to the slats and them joint the four sides together. These areas often connect various buildings or outdoor spaces, yet without embellishment these areas can seem disconnected. This is a mix of things that ordinarily wouldn’t be put together, yet the arrangement is quit pleasing, again along a fence.
The old corbels flank an equally old shutter, and the grays are a perfect backdrop for the purple and green of the plants. However, all the color on the wall and the floor seems to be somewhat visually balanced by all blue pottery and just green and white plants, allowing the eyes to rest, even among all the pattern and color. Although the stone path and beautiful walls are lovely, the walkway is greatly enhanced by these additions. What makes it work is the variation in the size of these simple framed boxes, and also all the containers being one color tone with an additional pop of white. Old windows and shutters placed on the wall, with vines and climbing flowers, metal flowerpot hangers, together create a vignette in purple. The plain white brick walls behind that amazing outdoor sectional, would be incredibly sterile without the plants.
Living sculpture like this is fun, whimsical and serves  up interest in even the smallest of spaces. With a little imagination, this person recycled some cups and mugs onto a mosaic and created tons of fun in a tiny space.
Instead of scattering the furniture around the yard, concentrating them along the wall, with the addition of a few colorful pillows and a mirror, almost calls to you to come and sit a few minutes.

Pinks and blues combine to lend a sweet, cottage feel to a leaning old window transitioned to a bulletin board and decorated with blue colored photos. The plantings on each side soften the edges and the lights in the ceiling must be lovely at night while adding visual interest to this structure.
A compact, pyramid-shaped design that is perfect for those with little room for a garden - the towers can even be placed on a deck or patio.
These strawberries don't have as many runners and are a smaller berry than the June Bearing berries.
The planters come in many shapes and designs, therefore you should know the features of the plants and the try to harmonize the flower box with the rest of the deck furniture. These varieties of lumber have a nice appearance and are resistant to water damage and wood decay. Before beginning the actual project, you have to plan everything to the littlest detail, making sure the planter box fits you needs and matches the design of your garden. In addition, make window planters, deck planters and trellises to enhance the look of your outdoor landscaping.
Make sure you pay attention to dimensions of the wooden components, otherwise they won’t fit together easily.
In order to enhance the bond between the components, apply a good wood glue along their edges. Therefore, we recommend you to cut 1×2 wooden trims and to install them into place with finishing nails.
If you need more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects.
After selecting the right plans for your needs, you should buy quality materials for the job, such as cedar, redwood or pine slats. Work with great care, making sure the corners are square and the joists perfectly aligned one with another. Use a spirit level to make sure the walls are perfectly plumb, otherwise the planter won’t be symmetrical. Use a spirit level to plumb the supports before securing them with screws to the planters, otherwise the seat won’t be perfectly horizontal. Drill pilot holes trough the slats, countersink them and insert the 2” screws, or drive the screws trough the supports in the slats. You can 1×2 fit cleats to the interior of the planters and then create a false bottom just a few inches from the top. Look closely and you will see an alligator hanging on the shutter, right next to a head of a child!
The clever use of a solid concrete wall placed in between the wood fencing acts like a frame for the art. The combinations of blues and greens and different varieties of plants and shrubs appears almost like a giant work of art. The variety of color in the plastic bottles and caps and their shear numbers makes this so cool.
A rectangular box is one of the most popular planters as it is easy to build and it would enhance the look of your backyard. Check the lumber condition with great care, making sure the boards are straight and don’t have any kind of visible flaws (knots, decays, twists, wanes). Make sure the wooden components are perfectly straight and in good condition, before starting your project. Moreover, don’t forget to countersink the head of the screws, before inserting the wooden screws. The best part is it looks great on my deck, my wife loves it, and I may have started a new passion with my son. A blank wall on your home or garage or walkway-path, that could use some additional details that might add curb appeal or architectural detail to a bland space? Look at the bottom of the shutter and there is a baby elephant statue and all sorts of quirky accessories. The gray wall is smooth while the fencing is highly textured, adding dimension and further interest. Before starting the project, we recommend you to assess the needs of the plants you are going to grow, and decide the most appropriate size. After you get the job done, you can enhance the look of the planter box, by applying several coats of varnish or paint. Last but not least, add a good wood glue to the edges of the components, in order to enhance the bond of the joints. I absolutely love the table and the placement of even more potted plants, yet still lots of room for people to sit and enjoy drinks and food.
These DIY project plans will show you how to build these wooden pyramid strawberry planters from start to finish, with photos at every step!
If you plant them in the towers you see above, they'll eventually spread to the ground and produce an area with even more plants.
I take the runners and replant them in adjacent tiers - they'll grow roots once they're in the soil. The only other thing to keep in mind is that wildlife and birds like strawberries as much as we do, so be prepared to fend them off or use netting as necessary! Pinch off the flower buds on the June Bearing plants during the first year, and start harvesting the 2nd year.

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