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4,000+ free lesson plans in math, social stus, art, language arts, music, PE, reading, writing, and more! Then, for the majority of my lessons I have a template that I use that has all of the specifics (standards, materials, questions, differentiation, etc).
I recently started my own blog, "Adventures of a Future Teacher," and would love for you to follow it and give me any feedback you can about teaching!
I have file folders for each unit that I teach though, and I try to write ideas inside the jacket, along with books, videos, websites that I used. I have a new blog, but I don't know how to make the cute papers that I see everyone doing yet.
About 5 years ago while I was grocery shopping with my trusty store ad in hand, I had an idea.

It took me some time to plan out how to relate it to our 5th grade standards to make it an authentic activity- not just a time killer. To project-based learning activities were born: Plan a Holiday Party (Modified for 4th as well) and Holiday Cookie Exchange. The activities have grown every year and I finally decided to put them online two years ago. I kept a binder last year but your organization all the way to the week blows mine out of the water!!
Looking to get more organized with my units too, could you send me your lesson planning sheet via email?
Please contact me for permission before using any of my images or content on your blog or website.

I suppose since our Prescribed Learning Outcomes are vague and open ended we have more flexibility than having the lesson plans this specific.
Content can be shared for professional development purposes as long as it does not financially benefit the person sharing it, and there must be credit given to my brand and blog.
Downloadable teaching resources may not be redistributed and you must purchase a license for each classroom using a paid resource.
I started designing curriculum to provide fun, high-interest activities for students that need a little extra motivation.

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