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With LibrePlan you identify the tasks which make up a project and estimate the hours needed to accomplish them. LibrePlan gives you the flexibility to choose the level of the WBS tree at which you create Gantt tasks.
Once created the planning tasks you are provided with an interactive interface to create the Gantt chart. In real world things are not many times as perfect as in theory because there are variables imposible to know in advance. LibrePlan helps you in this field providing a Monte Carlo simulation which estimates the probability density function of the project duration using the PERT optimistic, most likely and pessimistic times of the tasks belonging to the critical path.

LibrePlan allows you to create the project WBS starting from zero or by applying project templates.
You as project manager can improve your estimations for future projects by querying the statistic results of template applications. One of the key factors to successfully outsourcing projects is the creation of a good project plan. You do it by creating hierarchical structures (WBS) with containers and leafs in a graphical and powerful way. You just select the conditions (criteria) that resources have to satisfy and the planning engine allocates the less loaded ones that satisfy the conditions required.

You can specify at several zoom levels the amount of hours to allocate at date period cells between the start and end of tasks. A project plan should define the objectives and scope of your project and detail the technical specifications and tasks for the project.

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