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Using the grid diagram in the plans as a guide, transfer the curves onto the back and sides. Show your student how to cut these curves using a scrollsaw, or clamp the pieces in a vise and go at it with a fret or coping saw.
Here is a mission style cabinet which can form part of the core furnishings in a living room. The design features of this DVD cabinet are three drawers to hold DVD's and a large open space in the bottom to hold the sub woofer for a sound system. This little Dachshund makes a great CD Holder and is not only easy to build, its also fun! This shelf case is designed specifically for DVD's but you can alter the dimensions and basic design to suit whatever you want it to hold. The total cost using construction grade boards is about $45, plus 1 hour to sort through a pile of boards. If not, you could make a longer plywood cutting jig, or you could cut it the not-so-accurate way of following your pencil line.

May you feel a sense of accomplishment every time you look at your completed Kreg bookcase project!
But if you are that experienced woodworker, check out our review of these wood plant stand plans.
We have built many bird feeders from the free Kreg bird feeder plans, because they make great gifts! If you own a pocket hole jig, maybe one of the Kreg jig plans on this pocket hole plans CD are right for you. Go from Kreg Jig Plans to the 'Free Wood Project Plans" we have designed for Kreg pocket screws. If you have space for a workbench, the a€?Kreg Workbench Project Plana€? is a great beginner wood working project. The a€?Kreg Student Desk Project Plana€? is constructed in 3 separate components, making it a very easy, free, Kreg jig plan to build and to move.
Check out the list of woodworking tools in our summary, which you can reach by clicking on the photo or the link.

Once you make the a€?Kreg Wall Cabinet Project Plana€?, you and everybody in your family will have ideas for cabinets you could make for them. The a€?Kreg Toy Box Project Plana€? would be a very practical option for getting started with your Kreg pocket jig. To view the free Kreg project plans we have designed, click here or on the photo of the Shaker style foot stool with handle. To see more wood working projects designed for Kreg, click here or on the photo of the bookcase.
Once the cuts are made, smooth any uneven curves using a spindle sander, or sand by hand using 150-grit paper. If you and your helper feel ambitious, try making several holders and finish them in different colours.

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