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Here are your search results for GAZEBO, OUTDOOR KITCHEN PAVILLION (PDF) woodworking plans and informationThe Internet's Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects links database. Use 2x2 cleats to hold the hardware cloth in place; the 2x2s support the hatch lid flush with the surface.
Cut notches from each end of the front two bottom shelf boards to fit around the front legs. Use shims to keep the boards properly spaced while driving galvanized deck screws into the redwood. Spring is around the corner, seeds are in the Burpees "greenhouse" and I'd love to be sifting my compost through the potting bench screen. Also, if you could include a drawing or two of the steps so beginner level carpenters could better visualize how they fit together mare precisely?
WoodworkersWorkshop®, its variations in phrase and the site logo are registered trademarks. Click here to download the materials list, cut list, detailed drawing, and step-by-step instructions in pdf format.
I chose redwood because it’s readily available on the West Coast, and because it naturally resists rot. A new related article will have a materials list, a cut list, and a detailed plan drawing with step-by-step instructions.
Updated daily, there is a lot to offer.Below you will find categories and links to woodworking resources across the Internet. It is designed to hold everything a gourmetcook needs: a refrigerator, cupboards,shelves, a sink and over 14 feet of counter space for extensive food preparation. Using two screws at each connection, attach the outer cross members to the rails, making sure the front overlaps the sides by 1-1⁄2 in.
This 8- x 12-foot do-it-yourself kitchen unit is sheathed in APA Texture 1-11 plywood siding, and fully trimmed for a professional, finished appearance. It can be used year-round, though there will be times when it stands still and orderly, its surface swept and tidy, tools, pots, labels, scissors, and soil all in their place.

I used B-select redwood for the entire bench because it seemed to have the best combination of quality and affordability (materials in the mid-1990s cost about $160 on the West Coast). An attractive semicircular, 6- x 12-ft Redwood deck, featuring an outdoor bar, expands both the size and efficiency of the pavilion.
As a carpenter, I have come across a number of potting benches, some bluntly utilitarian, some detailed like fine furniture.
When choosing wood, look for pieces that are relatively straight, dry, and knot-free.If redwood is unavailable, consider cedar, another good weather-resistant wood. Now, using a utility knife, cut the corners of one of the pieces so that when you look at it from the end, it looks like an octagon. The original design concept for this bench emerged during the give and take between carpenter and client. After these boards have been screwed down, place the remaining four boards on the frame, line up the ends, and space evenly. Place the tapered end of the peg into the hole and turn the peg so that the diagonal axis of the square is parallel to the grain of the wood in the bench, giving it a diamond shape. Their placement and size can vary.The lower frame is similar to the top except that the front and back are both 66 in.
You can use cedar shims as spacers between adjoining boards to adjust the gaps and hold the boards in place while you screw them down.The work surface boards, one 66 in.
These cleats hold the hardware cloth in place and support the lid, so make sure they are securely attached. For a rustic look, you can drive the screws flush with the surface and just leave them exposed.
I added a hatch with hardware cloth, duplicating a feature she had seen on another potting bench. But for a more elegant look, the screws can be counter-bored so the heads are 1⁄4 in.
Sight down through the cracks to the underside of the work surface to line up along the inside edge of the hatch cross-members.

The hardware cloth provides a potting surface that allows excess soil to fall through to a bin on the shelf below. If you want to avoid having to drive the screws in at an awkward angle, make sure the dividers do not line up with the supports.Once the dividers are attached to the top shelf, flip it upside down and attach the dividers to the bottom shelf. If not, drill a hole next to the line to insert the blade.To assemble the hatch, take the five pieces that are cut out and lay them on top of the bench, upside down. Filling the holes gives you a bench that is more like a piece of furniture than a work bench. The shelf unit should now slide snugly between the two back legs and can be attached with two screws driven into each leg. Your bench is now complete.Putting a square peg in a round holeThe final step is to make pegs for the screw holes. I learned at a very early age that you could not put a square plug in a round hole, but several years of cabinet making have shown me otherwise. The first mark indicates the location of the lower frame and the second mark, the upper frame.Once the legs have been cut and the top and bottom frames constructed, they can be connected to provide the basic structure of the bench. The easiest way to attach the legs is to lay the two frames on the ground, standing them on their backs, 10 in. For the front legs, line up the lower frame with the mark on the leg, and align the top edge of the upper frame with the top of the leg. Install the 66-in.-long piece first, between the back legs and flush with the back edge of the frame.

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