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It only makes sense that you could learn from the techniques used by professional project managers. The exact steps in a typical project management process vary depending on who is doing the work and on the project requirements, but some project management steps are common to most projects.
In this post, I identify five professional project management techniques that freelancers can use. Every professional project manager understands the importance of getting a detailed description of the work to be done before starting. Professional project managers don’t allow clients to constantly change their minds and neither should freelancers. A good change control practice for freelancers would be to limit the number of revisions they will perform on a project.
Freelancers often overlook the importance of setting milestones because their projects are smaller or because they don’t have project management experience. Good project managers know approximately how long most specific tasks in a project will take. Keeping good metrics not only helps you to estimate how much time you need to work on a freelance project, it can also help you when you quote the right price for that project. Analyzing the lessons learned from each freelancing project can ultimately save you time and money.
FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. Vector self employed man in flat style - sitting at computer and working on freelance project - infographic with icons and signs.
Project management apps are essentially meant to save you time and get on top of all activities going on in your business or projects.
Get work done with your co-workers in workspaces or create workspaces for your clients, contractors and suppliers. AtTask provides a feature-rich interactive Gantt chart, powerful real-time reporting, and custom project dashboards and views that give managers complete visibility to manage and bring projects in on-time and on-budget.
It’s the first web app that provides team-centric task management without falling off the ledge and into the bottomless pit of project management.
Planbox is a web based project management software and tool which enables you to plan, monitor your projects online. It is web-based and works on newer versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It is a leading file storage, project management and collaboration online software used to manage people, projects and information inside and outside of your business.
Teamly is a new kind of productivity tool that helps you and your staff move beyond your mile-long to-do lists and focus on the truly important stuff, your top 5 priorities for the day, week and month. Goplan lets you keep track of your projects and collaborate with your colleagues securely through an intuitive user interface.
A: Ideally, your client will allocate ample time for project development, allowing you the luxury of setting your own production schedule.
Sending a specific and detailed schedule like the one above sets realistic client expectations and prevents clients from calling you daily for project updates. About LAUREN KACZMARSKILauren is a designer & blogger based in Charlotte who loves photography, typography and eating Nutella straight out of the jar. A big thing that’s helped me is setting up a long-term schedule with clients that I work with consistently. When I first started freelancing I had a lot of time on my hands and was able to turn around work suuuuper fast. Also from my experience as you as you bring up the words rush fee clients back up and give you a few extra days days without much fuss. Hi y'all, I'm Ciera, graphic designer and co-founder of VenturePop creative conference. When I’m not designing for my amazing clients, writing blog posts or bringing people together through local events, I thrive on exploring my creative spirit.
Ciera has an incredible ability for taking an existing brand identity and pushing it to the next level. Shirilana HansonOwner, Sweet Tea and Co.Using her wonderful sense of creativity, Ciera came up with a beautiful logo that has just the right refined elegance I was aiming for. Her ideas and expertise in every little detail made for a beautifully finished product that I am proud to show off! CreativeMarket Aircraft cockpit pilots airplane 443177Aircraft cockpit pilots airplane captain pop art retro style. CreativeMarket Airplane cockpit illustration 159825Airplane cockpit illustration The pack comes with EPS10 & AICS5, which you can edit and use for any purpose. CreativeMarket Project management 59071Vector illustration of project management flat design concept. CreativeMarket Entrepreneur Working on Freelance 459199Entrepreneur sitting at table and working on freelance project on the stylish colored background. CreativeMarket Project Management 304107Business concept in flat design of project management with portfolio as LCD monitor of desktop computer, stationery and tools. CreativeMarket Project and Time Management 292645Business concept in flat design for project and time management with idea, timing and business symbols. CreativeMarket Project Management and Creative 267185Flat design of project management and creative process on banners. CreativeMarket Freelance vector seamless background 430952Seamless vector pattern with symbols and signs for freelance. CreativeMarket Scrum Project Management Icons 36632137 Scrum Agile Project Management Icons Describe how your developers team work to clients is hard, lets these pixel perfect icon sets help you.
CreativeMarket Adaptive Development and Management 249359Icons for adaptive development and project management in flat design. CreativeMarket Portfolio and Freelance Concept 302608Flat design set of concepts for freelance working, working at home and portfolio with freelancer workplace, briefcase, laptop. Regarded as one of the most challenging tasks, project management is quite a feat to attempt. Programmers and engineers have created a variety of tools to make our lives easier when it comes to project management.
LiquidPlanner is an online project management tool that provides users with sustainable functionalities to effectively manage projects.
The service is now extended to mobile platforms namely iOS and Android platforms and it is free to try on a 30-day basis, but even under a paid pricing plan, it’s less than a dollar a day.

For freelancers who face difficulties on getting things done, this tool can be very helpful. Sometimes it is challenging to successfully complete a client’s project within a certain time frame and with a fixed budget. To view clearly the progress of your project, ZohoProjects is equipped with a Gantt chart feature that allows you to have the full picture and reports of the projects you are working. Podio is a powerful tool that aims to help the users to manage projects, tasks, events and meetings. Podio is a litte different when it comes to pricing plans as it charges by user rather than by projects. Wrike not only allows you to manage projects and tasks professionally but it also provides you integrated functionalities with Google Apps, emails, mobile and spreadsheets.
Wrike the app is also available for iOS and Android, and you can start using it for free for up to 5 users per team.
Managing projects involving groups of individuals can be very challenging and sometimes stressful. One; how often is this backed up and if I decide to move on to another system, can I export my records easily?
I don't want to appear negative but, like I said, this looks great and I do want to switch over to it. Creativebits is a blog about Creativity, Graphic Design, Adobe, Apple and other related subjects.
Pick a pre-made design from a collection of 50,000+ logos that will be customized to your business name for free. That’s probably why 10 Free Project Management Applications is one of the most popular posts here on Freelance Folder.
Even if you are the only one doing the work, you can still benefit from some project management techniques and simple project management software.
To successfully deliver a project, you must first understand exactly what it is you need to deliver.
Project changes can eat up your time and make what seemed like a profitable project into a financial nightmare.
My contracts often state that an initial client meeting is included in the project cost, but additional meetings will be billed at an hourly rate. A freelance writer writing an eBook might set a milestone for the outline of the eBook, more milestones for the completion of each chapter, and the final milestone would be the project deadline. Unfortunately, many freelancers have no idea how long specific tasks in their project will take. They may think they are quoting a good price, when actually they are severely underselling themselves.
It include estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, quality management and administration systems.
ManyMoon is one of the best free online project management and free online task management application for Google Apps. Projects go well when people talk to each other, discuss issues openly, and communicate clearly. Planbox is an Agile project management tool and issue tracker that allows members of multiple business functions to plan, collaborate and deliver projects. Though by and large, I’d argue that each of above mentioned tools caters to different set of project management requirements (customer segment, features hence flexibility, pricing, ease of use, training and deployment, etc).
For example, a client needs a sales sheet completed and printed for an upcoming trade show. Do you get the feeling that it is because the client is disorganized and waited until the last minute, or was it more outside the client’s control?
We would all like a steady and consistent stream of projects, but the reality is that there are typically dry spells when you are wishing for more work and then BAM – multiple projects hit and you end up running around like a crazy person.
These are all challenges that took a while for me to get a handle on, especially since I do freelance work outside of a full-time job.
I’m glad I stayed on to read it, I picked up some useful advice and some more again from the link. A graphic designer needs to have good time management skill in order to ensure the quality of success they can give to their clients. I feel like there’s so much to do and so little time to do it in that it gets overwhelming. We feel that it is because of Ciera’s design ability that we have been named by Travel and Leisure and Martha Stewart Wedding as one of the most spectacular wedding venues available. All the elements are vectors and there are separated in groups for easy editing and color changing. Management team, leadership and business, management icon, business management, manager businessman, office and teamwork illustration. Can be used for web banners, animation, marketing and promotional materials, presentation templates. Whether you are a freelancer, or simply an owner of a small business, it comes in handy to know what is required and needed in order to manage a client’s project successfully. When you work with global co-workers, who may be difficult to put into the same room together, project management apps like those in this list are even more crucial to the business.
In this article are 10 tools you should certainly give a go if you need help in managing your future projects. It allows you to have full access and display of your project branches by integrating it with a variety of features.
Educational bodies can apply to use it in class for free and there is a 50% discount for nonprofit organizations. There is a 30% discount for nonprofit organizations but if you just want to give it a go, it is free for the first 14 days. Project Bubble can help with that by keeping track of your precious time and budget, while keeping it encrypted, and providing a great environment with simple features to better manage your team and collaborate with them.
The tool also has an app for iPhone users as well as a mobile version for iPad and Android users. With close to a decade of experience under its belt, BaseCamp features a clean and robust UI, allowing you to have a full view of all your projects, tools, files and collaborators, all in one page.

It features a user-friendly interface with a dashboard that allows the users to plan, keep track, and analyze project development with flexibility. Alongside this tool you can handle recruitment matters of your future team members in a dedicated workspace. You can start with a team of 5 for free, or pay $19 per user each month under the Podio Team pricing plan.
With Clarizen, you have the appropriate environment to collaborate with other freelancers and was built with exclusive features, such as, project roadmap functionality, project monitoring, resource management tools, and even success kits to help project managers be more efficient. You can try Clarizen for 30 days then opt for a paid plan which gets cheaper the longer you sign on to their service. There are also loads of features such as, budgeting and task management, dynamic Gantt charts functionality and other team collaboration tools to make your life easier.
Paid plans start at $49 for 5 users and 5 GB storage, to up to $199 per month for 50 users and 100 GB storage. If invoicing to your clients is still a thorny and intricate task, this app can help you a lot with these matters. You can register for a trial with your email, or social accounts namely Twitter, G+ or Facebook.
This tool was built with a flexible interface that permits the users to drag and drop menus and have a full picture of the project they are handling.
Viewpath functions on a 1-month, 6-month and 12-month subscription modal with discounts available for multiple user signups.
To get everyone working on the same page, there has to be communication and co-operation plus a working and running schedule to make sure everyone’s progress is charted and on schedule. The tool also has an app for iPhone users as well as a mobile version for iPad and Android users. With Clarizen, you have the appropriate environment to collaborate with other freelancers and was built with exclusive features, such as, project roadmap functionality, project monitoring, resource management tools, and even success kits to help project managers be more efficient. This is a welcome change from most of the solutions out there that look like accounting software. I almost instantly signed up for this but two things stopped me, hopefully you'll convince me to change my mind.
You could decide that you don't want to offer the service any more and simply stop supporting it - this does happen. Online Project Management software helps you in planning, monitoring and reporting on your projects.
Basecamp is arguably the most well-known and well-used of online project and team management web apps. Nothing is worse than waiting weeks for a client to get back to you with feedback and then them expecting the original delivery date.
If you know the deadline would require pulling all-nighters and working weekends, you may consider charging a rush fee to complete the project in the required time frame.
When you are balancing multiple deadlines, I suggest taking out your calendar and prioritizing. I’ll definitely be sharing this with the users of Webydo, all graphic designers.Thanks!
Many freelancers (new ones especially!) are wary about turning down work – but going with your gut is so important for stress levels! But you don’t have to go at it alone, especially when help is readily available online. Some of these software have extended their reach to mobile versions so you can watch over your projects and businesses while on the go. LiquidPlanner features team planning tools, project scheduling options, project reporting, dynamic collaboration tools, drag-n-drop scheduling, estimate cases, all displayed to you in a single page. Projecturf comes with a boatload of features, such as dynamic Gantt chart display, robust drag and drop control, time and budget tracking system, advanced lay-outs, customizable templates and many others. Keep your workspace clutter-free, everything within reach, schedules and calendars updated and in sync, and constant access to team members even if they are halfway around the world.
Each package include daily online backups and data encryption, and it is now available for the iPhone in the App Store. You can also sync your ZohoProjects account with Dropbox to have access to your files from everywhere. The interface is easy to use and provides features such as task management, instant messaging and integration with SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox to help you better access your freelance projects. It even has its own marketplace featuring add-ons and mobile apps that suit a variety of needs.
Just like Project Bubble, this tool has a time- and budget-tracking system which is very organized and dynamic to use.
Project timeline, inline editing, drag and drop Gantt chart, and daily activity dashboard are features to ensure you will finish your projects successfully. If a user fails to clear payment in time, they will just be downgraded to the starter pack rather than lose all their data or project progress. The mobile version of Basecamp is also optimized for Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS tablets.
The full display of the project is very robust incorporating the project progress, contract and deadlines. If you have a 24-page newsletter you are designing, set a goal of completing 6 pages by a specific date. If you take on the project and do not charge a rush fee, the client will continue to manage future projects in the same manner – rushed and last-minute. You can render any resolution JPG or PNG image from vector file Zip file contains: EPS and high resolution JPG format files.

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