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The root of the Chicory plant is roasted and mixed with coffee or chocolate to obtain a refined taste of our French Coffee. Cichorium intybus, is a perennial herbaceous plant usually with bright blue flowers, rarely white or pink. The use of Chicory for the beverage was widespread in France ?after Napoleon initiated the ‘Continental Blockade’ in 1808, which deprived the French of most of their coffee. When the blockade was lifted the French continued to use Chicory as an additive because they believed it was good for health and improved the flavor of coffee. Modern herbalists say Chicory increases bile production, ?moderates a rapid heart rate, lowers cholesterol, destroys ?bacteria and is helpful in preventing osteoporosis.
Add smooth and creamy French vanilla flavor to your coffee, tea, or cocoa with this Nestle Coffee-Mate French vanilla coffee creamer shaker!
The iCoffee is the newest coffee maker from Remington, and it boasts coffee as flavorful as a French press, but with the ease of a drip machine. What the iCoffee has that others don’t, according to Burrows, is a proprietary brewing technology called SteamBrew.
In addition to producing great-tasting coffee, Burrows says his machine is eco-friendly with a reusable gold-tone filter rather than requiring disposable paper filters. Burrows claims that iCoffee is better than other coffee-maker options like single serve, drip brewers and French press.

VIDEO: Viewpoints spoke with the makers of iCoffee at the 2013 International Home and Housewares show.
Amina Elahi (51 Posts)Amina Elahi writes about innovations in coffee makers for Viewpoints, drawing upon her interest and passion for coffee, tea and food. I like to use milk in my coffee, but every once in a while I will try a creamer simply because I want my cup of Joe to stay as hot as possible.
Ancient Greeks and Romans used Chicory as a vegetable in salads, gave it the name ‘Friend of the Liver’, because of its stimulating effect on that organ. Rather than pouring hot water over and through the coffee grounds, as do most drip coffeemakers, SteamBrew produces, you guessed it, steam to moisturize and heat the grounds.
Plus, since the coffee gets swirled around and broken down, you use less of it—another opportunity for cost savings.
It will be interesting to see what Viewpoints reviewers have to say when the iCoffee hits the market. Check out this overview of the Viewpoints Category Expert Program, including qualifications, compensation and how to apply. It was a pleasure doing the demonstrations for iCoffee, and it’s nice to see myself on camera! This Baileys french vanilla has a nice subtle taste that absolutely does not take away from the coffee flavors that I enjoy so much.

He recalls the taste, which was more bitter than the percolated coffee his family used to drink, but acknowledges that the speed, ease and convenience of the machine made it attractive. Next, six water jets add more steam to the chamber while tumbling and stirring the coffee further, a process that releases bolder flavor, Burrows says. The exquisite taste was a product of the brewing technique, but he knew the labor involved would prevent this method from becoming popular in American households. Instead, it just adds to it a little bit of a vanilla milk taste that works perfectly fine for me. The powder creamer sweetens any cup of coffee with deliciously creamy, classic vanilla flavor, and it dissolves quickly without diluting or cooling the coffee. Now, Burrows hopes to revolutionize the coffee maker industry again, with a new product called iCoffee.
The large reservoir holds enough water for 12 cups, making it easier for you to brew for a group. Your guests will love the option to enhance their smooth, flavorful hot drinks with the warm and inviting taste of French vanilla!

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