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Best of all, you don't have to be like Martha Stewart or Bob Vila to create a pleasing front porch.
Small porch designs are based on mostly these visual structural features: the roof, porch columns, and porch railings.
Change any one and you change the overall attractiveness of not only your porch, but also your home as well. The same architectural style can have different affects as depicted in the three photos above. The above pictures remind us of a question from a reader about constructing a small arched porch roof on his existing entranceway. Porch design with a combination gable roof over the entrance and shed roof spanning the remaining porch. The detailed plans may be sufficient to preclude paying additional plan fees for your project.
Mary and I recommend that you consult with a licensed contractor and your local building codes department before beginning construction. Use our small porch pictures along with our small front porch ideas to dress up your front porch. Changing out, wrapping, or painting your porch columns can help transform the look of your porch too. See how these homeowners turned an ordinary small porch into a truly pleasing porch by adding a new walkway, steps, and great landscaping. Susan's beautiful front porch is not large, but it certainly is abundantly charming and inviting.
Her new front porch was inspired by a couple pictures from Southern Home magazine that she carried around with her for a long time. After being on the market for quite some time, this home soon had more showings and sold within weeks. The photo below is an excellent example of extending a small porch with an adjacent patio area. A patio extension allows for adequate seating and improves your home's curb appeal at the same time. The porch extension above is covered with a porch awning while landscaping provides privacy. So after searching Houzz, I found one picture that just really made me smile.  I LOVE how this front porch looks, and how it really emphasizes the front door.
A commenter left a link to this front porch by Porchco (thanks, Tracy!), and I love how this looks.

I like it and in response to your gable issues – am wondering if you expanded the center gable to include the whole porch – made it a bit higher and a lot wider if that would solve it? Still, you have a gable already – so what if it were extended to create a wider taller gable that covered the door on the porch? If you take the Austin stone off just in the peak above the window of your office, it would then match the peak above the gable over the front door.
I quite like the idea of having two gables, which is weird coming from me, as I normally love symmetrical designs. I really like your photoshopped picture with the porch bump-out but I also understand your not liking the double gable.
I am thinking trim both gables out in wood and paint them white as in the farmhouse exterior by New Hope Builders photo, so the gables will coordinate.
I think the two gables next to each other work, as long as the porch over the door juts further out. I like the stone better than the siding, but I think they both live in harmony with that jutting porch running visual interference. I am going to go totally off the reservation here and everyone else will probably hate the idea, but I’m not photoshopping just trying to imagine. Yes, our mini porch is annoying in our house- No room for another light over the doorway- just a half-hidden porchlight.
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Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands. A house's front door and the decoration around it give visitors a strong sense of the building's style. The curb appeal is boosted and it also adds some privacy and a bit of filtering for sunlight. The diagrams show everything from foundation to roof structure giving you enough information upon which to assess your own abilities.

Assessments must be made to ensure the plan will work on your specific home; each home has its own unique issues when considering such a construction project. I like the look of your double gable design, but I wonder if that would be more prone to leaking?
I would think dressing up the porch with new siding like you already mentioned would go a long way towards making the front door more prominent. I do envy you a porch and grand entrance (a bit; I mean, you totally deserve that!!) as we have no such option on our house and it makes me a little sad sometimes because there is something so inviting and welcoming about it. I think the extended roof over the porch makes the siding recede so it’s not so obvious that the two sides of the house have different finishes. I’m toying with vaulting the ceiling over the porch, but not convinced our peak will allow that. All that rain water from the two gables and the peak behind it being funneled down into one narrow valley? I also find the idea intriguing to extend the gable from the door to cover the entire porch to the right and perhaps you can incorporate the existing gable resp. Move your office to the far right end of the living room and make your current office and half the current living room the living room. I’ve always heard the valleys of gabled roofs are more prone to leak and I know mine on my townhouse had to be fixed once by me and (at least) once by the person before me. She literally “raised the roof” so there is an extra foot above the windows and front door!
When doing the second gable over the front door raise it enough so it’s above the roof line which will extend across that whole side of the house? That is why many homes have brick on the public sides and siding in the hidden backyard.) Matching the stone for the rest of the house front could really increase the house value. Also, thank you for completing 95% of a space before moving in, that way, we can share the journey from the idea of your vision, to it’s realization!
Buy a totally kick butt fancy front door, extend the porch out beyond where it currently is at the doorway and cover with an awning of some sort, not a trashy one but a killer one that I am trying to imagine.

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