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I picked this funky coffee table for its beautiful zen like design.  It is part of the Pine Riley range of furniture that you can easily purchase online. You got to love this cassette tape design that looks very funky, especially when matched with other music themed furniture pieces you might have in your home.  Designed by Jeff Skierka, it is an awesome piece of furniture for your funky home. Inspired by his travels on the way, this funky coffee table is designed to look like a real suitcase.
A rather elegant piece of design that uses a tree shape to add some funkiness to the overall look. If you’re looking for a seriously cool coffee table that just oozes nostalgia than this NES controller coffee table will do just the trick. It makes for a great addition to the home of any geek or gamer and is perfect for anyone looking to pimp out their bachelor pad.
Heavy Duty Hardwearing Machine Washable Dirt Grabber and Absorbent Mats Available In 2 Sizes. Sometimes it feels as if there is a bit of a 'merry-go-round' of cafes and breakfast spots in the Brisbane inner city suburb of Paddington. The Funky Monkey is one of the newer cafes that has moved into a recycled business, right where a little chocolate cafe used to be.

We had no trouble at all finding the Funky Monkey, it's pretty much front and centre in Paddington Central and we were early enough to be able to score a street park. With practically every seat available, I dithered about looking for the right table to sit at, it seemed as if I was having a 'Sheldon Cooper' moment, but eventually we settled down at a table that had the right ambiance.
The Funky Monkey has an aim to nourish customers with honest, wholesome and healthy food, with a distinct paleo and gluten free feel, but also caters to vegetarians and vegans. As we looked over the menu, it was clear that the Funky Monkey was aiming at a broad range of customers. We're not sure why this has not been done before (that we've seen) but the Funky Monkey has what is called a Baby Benny on the menu.
Slipping back into a more traditional breakfast after my experiment with baked eggs for my last breakfast (see post here), I went for the scrambled eggs on toast with a few extras. It was a quick breakfast with our food coming along shortly after ordering, which I guess was a reflection of how many people were there for breakfast, not a heap. In a suburb that has probably seen a few cafes come and go, you'd hope that the Funky Monkey can find its niche. Food Me Up Scotty 2015 Top Ten It's hard to believe that my first year in Hong Kong is at an end.

The important thing is to pick one that blends very well in your home decor or your existing furniture set. Then you might to consider this cool coffee table design that has a jigsaw puzzle design on its surface.  It comes from the creative mind of London designer Lee J Rowland. The result is very contemporary piece of furniture design that functions as well as it looks. The functional version is a higer priced table that can also be used to play games when the glass is removed whilst the nonfunctional is a lot cheaper but cannot be used to play games. There are some mainstay cafes that seem to be able to weather the storm, such as the Java Lounge (see post here) and Sassafrass (see post here), and stay around for generations. It features a nice black and white stripes running underneath the coffee top for a wonderful retro and funky feel.
The real standout on the dish was the supremely roasted tomatoes, which were just about as good as they get as well as the tasty bacon.

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