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With this tips in mind, you will be able to always choose the best home furniture design for you bedroom.
This project was done together with my employer, we were approach by a couple with a big family of 7 members (Couple, 4 x children and 1 sister staying together) to help them design and build the new 5 room HDB flat at Ghim Moh area. During this project, we were tasked to renovate the whole house which includes rewiring of the area (Especially the living area where it will be the main focus point for children to study.), repairing of the house, hacking down of wall to create bigger stage for the children and lastly the featured study table.
MODERN BEDROOM FURNITURE - Italian bedroom furniture,modern designer bedroom furniture,designer beds,modern beds,Italian beds.
High quality modern beds with the Italian taste and from the most prominent Italian designers.
Minimalistic modern looking bedroom set, a modern design which is a safe choice to keep your modern bedroom as clean looking as possible; the bed almost seems to be floating from the floor and suspended in the space. If you are keen to soft cushioning for your modern bed our modern upholstered bedroom furniture represent the perfect solution to get a modern bed with soft edges and headboards. The color of your furniture should match the color of your floor, fabric, carpet, curtains and walls.
The most challenging part of the project is the construction of the designed full length featured study table. Finishes: light oak - tobacco oak - coke oak - open pores lacquered oak in different colors - national walnut - canaletto walnut - matt lacquer - setasil lacquer - high gloss lacquer.

Appealing simple clean look design which holds some of the finest details, such the curved angle headboard and the same repeat on the legs and bedframe. Finishes: light oak - tobacco oak - coke oak - open pores lacquered oak in different colors - canaletto walnut - matt lacquer - setasil lacquer . Finishes: light oak - tobacco oak - coke oak - open pores lacquered oak in different colors - national walnut - canaletto walnut - matt lacquer - setasil lacquer . If you want to maximize as much space as possible, there are many solutions, even for limited spaces. This include a full length featured study table that consisted of 4 convertible study table, 2 Book Shelves with 6 sliding door panels at the main living area. Choose between our variety of wood finishes, trendy glossy or matt lacquer colors, new ultra rich details and fashion decors, soft or thick Italian leather, smooth or rich modern fabric selection. Equipped with leather adjustable headboard and side shelves, bedside tables and modern chests .
Also, this modern bed comes with wood headrest or a thich upholstered two cushions headboard which looks magnificent in the wood-leather combo. As the pictures emphasize, there are many ideas in the field of design, which can satisfy even the most critical eye.View in galleryBedrooms are very important, no matter the size of the house and they have to be cozy and welcoming. This modern bed features two headboard cushions which are reclinable at different positions.

If you are looking to create a modern clean design space for your bedroom furniture, this bed is the perfect choice.
It is definitely the case here: the cool, minimalist and modern design in the picture is an indisputable proof. A small bed will make your room look awkward, while a bed that is too large may make your bedroom seem too crowded. Combine this bed with the modern bedroom complements both available in leather-wood combo or all in wood.
Choose a bed that leaves some area for placing other important pieces of furniture and for some walking space.
The general contemporary bedroom design is suitable for kids, teenagers, but also for a couple or a family.
No matter the color of the furniture, the type of bed or the shape of the desk, this kind of minimalist and modern bedroom definitely makes you dream about your own contemporary bedroom!

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