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Envisioned by Goss Visualisations, project Woodpeckers is a visualization for Strom Architects, soon to be developed in New Forest, Hampshire, England.
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Modern living is centred around the kitchen, which is now as much a social space as an area for cooking. If you have any sketches or photographs that help to convey your requirements, then send us your enquiry today. Those who wish to read more will be interested in this magazine article on a bespoke kitchen crafted by Medullary Ray.
We cover most of the south of England including Hampshire, Wiltshire, New Forest, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Somerset, and all areas of London. Based at our forge in Ash, Hampshire Metalcraft undertakes commissions from clients across the UK and is the premier choice for Hampshire, Surrey and the surrounding area.

Decorative wrought iron and steel by Hampshire Metalcraft, a company producing the highest quality ornamental and architectural metalwork.
Whether you are looking for decorative internal ironwork, exterior gates or railings or you have a larger project in mind, Cliff delivers a complete service from creating initial designs for the commission through to installation. The residence will serve as a holiday retreat in a rural site with many building restrictions. Great kitchens make perfect use of the available space and cater for the needs of all members of the household, both young and old. We can help develop your ideas and provide samples of finishes and standard designs to move the project forward quickly. Cliff has also often been asked to combine a clients' existing period metalwork into their new project.
Cliff's work utilises traditional blacksmithing skills combined with modern metalworking techniques.

The result of dealing with all architecture and function-related challenges is “a superstructure is a simple timber frame that will be pre-fabricated allowing a short erection time on site. We want you to feel at home in your kitchen and will go to great lengths in order to achieve this vision. Spans, such as the width of the house, are decided by the performance restrictions of standard timber truss components.
An open plan living and dining space will be connected to the backyard terrace, allowing natural ventilation during warm summer days, not to mention a high amount of natural light. Interiors are spacious and welcoming, with furniture arrangements reflecting elegance and minimalist.

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