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We recently completed our final Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project at Kingswood Parks Primary in Hull. Not sure on what colour its going yet but interior i think all material and dash will go black and all the wood grain will go silver or something like that.
The seats are out of a statesman, i might keep the seats once there in black they would look alright. Pal I am the last person to advise you on painting a car but what I will tell you is think long and hard about changing the colour. Maybe the relief valve on your pump is jamming, what oil pressure is it showing on your gauge? I wasnt going to do a thread on it but i got a hundred questions and rather then a hundred different threads to get confused over i would do one and ask as i go.
FIRST QUESTION, i have decided on wheels and am dead set keen on Convo Pros so i want to know what is the widest wheel to fit without mini tubbing and what is the biggest BS i have have before i need to move the springs?
Got someone to come and roll the guards next weekend to fit the 8.5's under there with out tubs.
Working alongside Sewell Construction and holding regular meetings with both the school and local council, we designed, supplied and installed all of the fitted and loose furniture, which includes a nursery and an early years section and will cater for 315 pupils in when it opens for the first time on the 8th September 2014. The area has been crying out for a dedicated Primary School for some time so it’s quite a milestone for the local community. These look good with a GTS badge on them, but a HZ Kingswood does look better with an original HZ grille.

Radiator looks like a HZ taxi 3 row radiator, and fan may be a viscous one so you should really have a shroud on it, or fit some Falcon thermos.
Unless you really hate the colour it is now just repaint it bacause to change it is a huge job when done properly.
I have just read the whole CNCDAVES HZ build (88 pages) and has somewhat inspired me to get cracking on mine.
I need to get diff rebuilt anyways so it doesnt bother me too much if i need to shorten diff a little bit. While we are at it once i sort out rears can someone fill me in on what the front BS should be for the suitable rim. I live in Murray Bridge, where everyone seems to think they can charge whatever they want for parts.
Been hangin around here for awhile now, and thought i'd show you a couple of pics of my HG, now that it's beginning to look like a car again.
We developed close working relationships with everyone involved in the project, particularly the Sewell Group and the council, to ensure we delivered their vision. I assume you'll fit the mandatory doof doof stereo so fix the rust while you're butchering the rear parcel shelf to fit speakers.
It has a blue motor HEI dizzy too which is good, but it looks like it still has a 9V coil on it so it won't run right hence why it may seem like it needs a tune. But main aim in to get the widest rim with the deepest dish without having to move the leafs.

It may end up a little more expensive after i add my own rubber but i am getting exactly what i want and not multi fit which seem to be easier to get here. The car should help by giving you something to concentrate on and a bit more of a challenge than work can provide.
Chuck the 9V coil and fit an XE Falcon HEI coil in it, and bridge the start and run wires at the ignition switch (pink and yellow). However, if the recon is old and the motor is tired, GEM have a habit of going very big in the bore meaning that you might not have any room to bore further if you were to require a rebuild. It's in desperate need of paint which I'll be trying to do in the coming weeks before the cool weather sets in. The rest of the dozens and dozens have been Belmont, Holden, Premier, Statesman, Monaro and GTS! Don't hate on me, but I'm pretty dead set on using the Dulux Metalshield Premium to smother the old gal. The Killrust actually turned out fairly good, with very little prep as it was a really beat up AU ex-taxi.
Might try my hand at some porting (I've heard I can butcher it and still make an improvement).

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