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However, decorative boxes are some of the coolest projects out there, and they can help you hone your woodworking skills like nothing else. While you may not be a big fan of decorative boxes, there are some very good reasons to give them a go.
Good post – I am considering making something for my Mom for Christmas and have thought about a box. I’m also in between projects and have tons of smaller pieces of stock around the shop. I figured out that Home Depot has it mixed in with their aspen boards (at the same price too!) I’ve been to multiple stores and all of them have it. I have a few ones on the horizon I need to start on, and after a busy December and January, I’m still sharpening, cleaning and doing other general tidying up.
If you have some treasured scrap offcuts cluttering your shop, they are perfect for a decorative box. Last summer, I spent a lot of time hauling big cabinet boxes around for my friend Paul’s home office.

Sure, it’s only March, and it seems as if we just came out of a major gift-giving season. You might just be surprised how much fun you have building them – and how much you will learn in the process. Techniques you would use for larger pieces may not translate well into smaller pieces… For instance, when I build larger pieces, I clamp my Keller jig to the workpiece set up in a vise and use a hand held router. It’s labeled white hobby wood, but it sure looks like maple and is much harder than the aspen in the same bins.
Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. Besides, if you really get fouled up, you can trim off the bad parts and build a smaller box (been there, done that, got the t-shirt). Small boxes can be moved around the shop with little effort, and can be milled, joined, assembled and finished on a corner of your bench. Even fewer will attempt to pull down a wall-mounted cabinet to see how you attached the back.

But, graduations are coming soon, as is the traditional wedding season in spring and early summer. But, for small pieces, it makes more sense to clamp the piece to the jig and use a table based router….
It’s never too soon to start thinking about building something if you have a big event ahead. Smaller projects with fewer pieces give you the opportunity to really take your time, but still finish before you grow tired of the project.

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