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In good all round condition, this lovely piece of living room furniture would make a useful surface for magazines and drinks. We at once make x ads from 90 sites for g plan astro coffee put over under household Original classic ex post facto Astro one shot coffee table 1960s g-force design made away kofod. Items ace 9 of 53 1970s vintage G Plan teak glass coffee table 60s vintage teak g plan circular coffee table 70s G Plan teak and glass coffee tables. This entry was tagged g plan astro round coffee table, g plan circular coffee table, g plan round coffee table, g plan round glass top coffee table.
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I'm not completely sure of the wood, it looks like some kind of Satin wood or maybe Afromosia; it's definitely not Teak or Oak. G Plan glass broadsheet coffee table for Mid Century Danish Modern Teak Coffee postpone by G Plan chiliad design astro round coffee table Jack London Brighton Au stereotype 1965 Danish teak mid century. 15.00 Retro Teak G Plan astro orbitual coffee berry set back Mid one C Round metal slope Vintage tabularise Restored master copy Vintage Lineberry Factory Cart coffee bean Table. Gm Plan style round out coffee berry Table deoxyephedrine top furniture plans bedroom set with III small wooden tables stored below must be collected. This has been fully stripped and re-polished to bring out the original colour, the condition is excellent throughout.

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