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Introduction Over the past months I have been using a couple of mice, the Logitech G303, Razer Deathadder Chroma + Taipan, Mionix Naos 7000 and the great Zowie EC-1A. Literally fed up with recent Logitech quality iessues, used to have their products for almost two decades where many of them were top of the range. Hi guys, I have posted this in a couple of other forums so I apologise in advance if you have seen it before. I wanted something that was custom made to suit me, so I mounted a chair to the old exercycle frame and built a desk around myself.
The footrest comes up at the same time as the desk comes down, the springs underneath are to help with the weight of the desk. The keyboard is held on by magnets I have glued to the bottom and there is a metal plate on the desk to hold it in position, that way I can still move it around for comfort. The original desk was modified several times before I found a shape I liked that worked well, I will link the videos I made at the end of this post so you can see how it all began. I added handles to hold the weight of the desk when it is in the closed position, this was so that it was easier to pull down and also so I had some slight adjustment in height. When we shifted house I decided to upgrade everything and in our previous house the chair had warped the floorboards out of shape from its weight so I decided to lighten it as much as my budget would alow me to.
After the modifications I wire brushed it, sanded it, wiped it down with turps and painted it in a rust protecting matte black. Very nice, I was indeed expecting to have seen something like this before but this is an ingenious new spin The finished product looks remarkably clean!
Hi, I want to say thank you for an informative site about a subject I have had an interest in for a long time now.
The quest for the perfect workspace has been vexing for a great many geeks, but one man has taken things to a completely unheard of level.

I used the desk in its previous incarnation for a year and it worked fine but there was a lot of tidying up to be done, so when we shifted to a nicer house I decided to upgrade the desk so I didn't feel so bad keeping it in the lounge. I still need to find some slightly stronger springs that are in between the current springs in the picture and the garage door springs that I used previously.
After I got it all working I used it for just over a year and had no problems whatsoever with it other than the noise of the garage door springs when I opened and closed it and the fact that they were a bit strong.
Please excuse the mousepad, I knew it was being replaced so I used a crappy one in case it was destroyed when removing it from the metal plate.
I realise that I could have gone to lighter steel or even wood to replace some parts but this steel was free and to this day the whole thing has only cost me about $300 - $500 if you dont count the tools I bought. I may change the colour one day but black works for now, I want to do it in metallic purple and white if I ever upgrade it again.
I have been lurking and reading the posts avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. Fans are mounted in strategic spots, but most of the cooling is handled by a water cooling rig that, again, is completely integrated with the design.
You can and should check out the forum thread linked below, not so you can replicate what he’s done, but so you can marvel at how much cooler his PC is than yours.
I am considering changing to hydraulic rams (like on a hatchback car) rather than springs but I need to find someone to advise me on that yet.
The current desktop is painted plywood but I am replacing it with a polished wood desktop that I will make at the same time as the new side table. I designed it so that I could adjust the springs at both ends as you can probably see in the photos. My solution to the weight problem was to remove any parts that were no longer needed and put holes in what was left.

Using Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings and pipe and parts from Sketchup Library of Simplified Building, he built a structure that can support the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and chair. I look forward to more, and taking a more active role in the discussions here, whilst learning too!! Paslis started with some 3D renders of the finished product, then he got to fabricating the frame.
In fact, the reservoirs for the water are stylish custom pieces of wood and metal fit for any art gallery. They frequently spend their time in several hours sitting on chair in front of many kinds of gadgets such as computer, laptop, and many others in every day. The side table will be a PC case as well as having a place for my mouse cradle, USB hub, volume controls, iPhone dock and a place for my coffee. I am not really sure how much weight I have saved but it is a lot easier to move around now.
Unfortunately, they are not aware with the health problems which can be arisen from such that bad habit. I will do another post about it when it is finished as I have only just started on the design. The legs of the Next Level can extend or compress allowing it to go from being a regular sitting desk, to a trendy standing workstation. The health problems that usually the gamers suffer from are the back pain, neck pain, and also some problems with their eyes such as the lack of vision ability and maybe eyes irritation.

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