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A Wrap-Around Tree Bench This comfortable, shaded tree with the landscape without harming the tree.
Two sturdy wooden garden benches, lovingly home-made from recycled timber, mark my first serious flirtation with rustic garden furniture. For my first serious rustic furniture fling I chose simple, flat surfaces and basic right angles.
The rustic benches sit at right angles to each other in a little sunken square 'courtyard', with a potted variegated cordyline perched in-between. We came across some interesting landscape designing concepts from London based designers MyLandscapes. Lighting plays a serious role in creating depth and composition, setting a mood, providing security and highlighting a pathway. For a modern edge, you can use white rocks or sand to create contrast against the foliage by highlighting the plant forms and colors in your garden. Rock gardens are good for the green-thumb challenged and provide a beautiful organic element to an otherwise stark modern space.
Consider using perennials first so that your garden will look good with or without annual plants. Before you get started, take measurements and create a plan that will help you allocate your budget for materials as well as figure where to place plants, fountains, ornaments, walkways and seating areas in your garden.
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My very first rustic furniture attempt resulted in a picnic table with seating benches attached. Two winters later my rustic creation was consigned to garden obscurity, its future definitely ornamental. I thought that NGP would be more easily conned if I kept curves and shaping out of the design. I showed him a prototype in a garden nursery (four hundred dollars for a pair), and together we hit the demolition yard, tape measure in hand.
The bench arms are perfect for balancing coffee cups, and the seats are jolly comfortable - with or without padding! I've planted low growing Rosemary, some late spring flowering Philadelphus shrubs, and several 'new old' roses. The original images, graphics, and text herein contain the proprietary information of Forest Street Designs. Whether you’re a city dweller or a southern bell, we know everyone enjoys a place where they can sit, relax and self-reflect.
One way to achieve high drama is to use subtle accent up-lights to feature a beautiful wall, sculpture or tree. Pine trees can be really ornate (ever see Edward Scissorhands?) and will stay green all year round! Take into account the flow of traffic and how you will define the space as well, whether by fence, wall, trees, etc. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.

A Wrap-Around Tree Bench: This comfortable methodology behind its construction is very similar to that of the standard Adirondack chair. No pattern or plans - I made it all up, using willow branches (too soft) and ordinary nails (too rusty).
And even better - my cats can easily find me, should they feel like some good gardener-company. So we are sure that you will appreciate the beautiful contemporary roof top terraces and gardens we have featured below. I also know that seats need to be sturdy and stay in one piece - collapsing into the marigolds is not a cheerful option for the aging gardener. Assuming they will probably leave you curious to know more about the achievement of mastery in the great design and mood of these outdoor spaces, we’ll provide you with some guidelines that will help you design your own landscapes and create garden scenes that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years, using essential elements to create that WOW factor.
Free tree house plans including tree bench plans, how to build a tree house, treeless treehouse plans, and tree seat plans.
And most of all - I recognise that useable rustic furniture has to be robustly designed and expertly built. Build a Bench around a Tree Take advantage of the shade beneath your Plan for tree growth when you install the bench. Which is where a Non Gardening Partner with a construction-engineering bent comes in handy!

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