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Garden designers countrywide know Mediatek based in Hadlow, Kent as the place to go for all their printing requirements.
For many years we have been dealing with students doing garden design diplomas and degrees from various educational institutes countrywide and the service we provide ensures that once qualified they keep coming back. We are able to print from PDF, JPEG, TIFF and PSD files, we can scan in your hand rendered plans and print them onto a variety of media and we are able to help you with the printing of your presentations.
Local garden design companies and students can pop in to our premises in Hadlow nr Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells in Kent and we will be sure to offer you friendly advice based on the experience we have gained over the years, a competitive price (student discount applies) and quick turnaround. So if you are looking for a professional way to present your design to your clients, Mediatek can help you by printing your document on A3 on a paper of your choice and we can bind it using either comb, wire or a heat binding process which enables you to use a hard cover.

We can print your “mood boards” using photographic paper and then mount them onto 5mm foam board enabling you to give your client a fabulous visual display of the plants and flowers you intend to utilise. Once you have secured that all important contract, talk to us about printing your plans onto polymeric paper or we can laminate them. We can help garden designers across the whole of the UK with any printing requirements they have. No matter where in the country you are, you can email us with your documents and we will print and send to you via courier, generally with a 24hr turnaround.
Please call us at Mediatek on 01732 850086 to chat with us about what you would like and how we can help.

Ideal for large projects where plans need to be taken all over site and used by numerous people.

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