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Dit sierlijke bloemenprint-behang van rozen en pioenen is een schilderkunstige recreatie van een bloeiende tuin vol van kleur en leven.
Every garden should offer a visitor opportunities to escape the frenzy of the world outside its gates.
Perhaps your own city has a garden inspired by Japanese traditions.  There are several in our area including the Japanese Garden at Como park, just a few miles from our office.
Each of these special public gardens has traditional elements that you may find appropriate in your own home landscape.  This could simply be the right bench, placed where you can see it while sheltered inside, yet, be able travel there in your mind, even when you are too busy to go and sit there to unwind. EnergyScapes’ commitment to quality and collaboration are part of the company’s Core Values and are demonstrated in each and every project. Jenny, Unfortunately, here in CT you don’t often see water features in gardens unless they are full blown pools. Sign up for my monthly newsletter — I promise never to spam you, sell or loan your email address, or otherwise annoy you. Indoor Plant Decor, written by Jenny Peterson with co-author Kylee Baumle, can be yours now! Who can deny that when a garden features a bridge over water, it’s hard to resist walking over it.
They’re cooling on a hot summer day, and just the sound of water in the garden is relaxing and refreshing.

There’s an underground reservoir with a fountain head bubbling up through the gravel in this courtyard.
Many apartment dwellers have exterior walls with siding that will not hold the weight of a real iron fountain, so thank goodness there are lightweight options out there. Hill Country Water Gardens in Cedar Park, TX, specializes in this type of water feature, often holding workshops to teach homeowners how to build their own. I am always leery of designing water features for exactly the reasons you mention – but my favorite is re-purposing glazed ceramic pots.
I agree 100% that water in some form is essential for every great garden and absolutely doable!
I am designing a small garden for a client and I’m trying to convince her to put in a simple urn water feature ($$ does seem to be the issue) so I will definitely be showing her your photos so she can see more options. I’m particularly taken with the disappearing pond and the fountain made from pottery, though your own resin fountain is very nice indeed.
Every bridge is individually designed and commands attention in its own right by seamlessly blending within the water garden and surroundings.
This one was a couple hundred dollars, but we also built the false wall with faux painting to hang the fountain on. Now you’re getting into a bit more serious money, but again, it depends upon the size of your pond.

This is really making me consider what I might do when I take my whole back lawn out…hmmmm.
The sound of the burble and bubbling of water adds such a lovely layer to a garden, and it SHOULD be available at every price! I would say that there is usually a water feature for most budgets, and I’m going to show you some of my favorites at every price point. For the liner, pump, river rock and boulders, a DIYer should plan to budget at least $1000-$2000 and up. If you choose a feature like this, be sure to place it close by a seating area where it can be properly appreciated, otherwise the effect is lost. If you like this look but want to keep costs down, you could forego the basin and simply add smooth river rock at the base. If you go that route, plan on at least $500 for your fountain, but double or triple that if you want the basin.

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